Dakar: The Dakar mourns Portuguese rider Paulo Goncalves on stage 7

Dakar: The Dakar mourns Portuguese rider Paulo Goncalves on stage 7

Jan 12th– Stage 7 was marked by a crash that claimed the life of Paulo Gonçalves, who was taking part in his 13th Dakar. The victories of Kevin Benavides (motorbikes) and Carlos Sainz (cars) take second place, leaving the centre stage to a memorial to Team Hero’s Portuguese rider to be held during the daily briefing with all competitors present.

The essentials

The Dakar mourns Paulo Gonçalves, one of the most experienced and beloved champions of the rally-raid family. The runner-up of the 2015 edition and 2013 cross-country rallies world champion crashed 276 km into a special that was ultimately won by his former teammate Kevin Benavides, who tried in vain to assist the Portuguese rider together with Toby Price, the first competitor to reach the scene of the accident. It was a nice tribute on the part of the Argentinian biker, who beat Joan Barreda and Matthias Walkner to claim his first stage win in 2020 after falling out of contention for the overall. Ricky Brabec remains in control of the general classification. In the quad category, Ignacio Casale also defended his lead in spite of Frenchman Simon Vitse’s second stage win in a row. The car race again boiled down to a three-way fight featuring Carlos Sainz, Nasser Al-Attiyah and Stéphane Peterhansel, with the Spanish leader of the general classification taking the spoils in Wadi Al-Dawasir thanks to a rock-solid performance. “Chaleco” López surrendered the lead in the SSV category to American Casey Currie, who finished second right behind Blade Hildebrand, now racing under Dakar Experience rules. Finally, Andrey Karginov won the battle of the juggernauts by a slim margin over teammate Dmitry Sotnikov and strengthened his grip on the overall.

Performance of the day

After coming close to a top 10 finish in Wadi Al-Dawasir, Dakar first-timer Martin Michek continued his progression and wrested the position of top rookie in the general classification from Jaume Betriu with 14th place overall. The Czech, one of the rising stars of the sport after a long career in motocross at the global level, has made no mistakes so far. However, a meagre 37 seconds separate Michek from Betriu, promising a fierce battle between the two men for the title of best Dakar rookie.

Stat of the day

3 seconds. The difference between truck stage winner Andrey Karginov and runner-up Dmitry Sotnikov after 546 km of racing! A wafer-thin margin that amounts to a distance of just 90 metres between the two Kamaz trucks after completing the stage at an average speed of almost 109 km/h…

Stage 8-January 13th 2020 

In the absence of the bikes opening the way following the cancellation of their stage in homage to Paulo Gonçalves, the usual leading lights of the car category had a difficult time with navigation. This allowed new names to come to the fore in the classification of the stage, which was won by a devilishly fast amateur driver, Mathieu Serradori.

Wadi, the valley in Arabic, is a fairly good way to describe the stage in which the cars, SSVs and trucks took part today. The crews did not get to see much relief, apart from around one hundred kilometres on the Wajid plateau where several impressive canyons provided variation from the pleasure of driving among the dunes. Indeed, for most of the stage, all that changed was the shades of the sand for the competitors on the Dakar: ochre, orange, mustard yellow or light beige depending on their position in relation to the sun. Following a fast, straight portion over the first fifty kilometres, they had to overcome a sequence of small chains of dunes before reaching the finishing line. In this domain, the usual specialists were not troubled.

The essentials
Although he got stuck in the sand in the first kilometres of yesterday’s special, Mathieu Serradori gave a perfect reaction on stage 8 with a genuine demonstration. The former biker took advantage of the tracks made by Carlos Sainz, Nasser Al-Attiyah and Stéphane Peterhansel, who lost time navigating, to put in a perfect performance and taste victory 4 minutes ahead of surely a future grandee in the category: Fernando Alonso. Mitchell Guthrie is also probably the future of the SSV discipline, but the 50-hour penalty applied for recovering the engine of Cyril Despres means that he is deprived of a second stage victory. Reinaldo Varela therefore won in Wadi Al-Dawasir, whilst Chaleco López had plenty to cheer about in the general standings by making up half the time between himself and rally leader Casey Currie. In the truck race, the general standings are still dominated by Andrey Karginov, thanks to the third successive stage victory of the Kamaz driver who is head and shoulders above his rivals in Saudi Arabia.

Dakar 2020 – Stage 6 – Hail – Riad – David Castera and Fernando Alonso 310

Performance of the day
With second place in Wadi Al-Dawasir despite a puncture, Fernando Alonso has obtained his best result on the Dakar after 8 stages. The two-time Formula 1 World Champion has adapted quickly to his new discipline, much like he did in endurance racing with two victories at the Le Mans 24 Hours race and the title of World Champion in the category. Rally-raids are, nevertheless, a completely different matter, though one increasingly more appreciated by the Spaniard, who may not have to wait too long before picking up his first taste of success on the Dakar. And what about becoming a pretender for the title in the years to come?

A crushing blow
Following second place overall last year for his first participation in the SSV race after 11 Dakar rallies on a bike, Gerard Farrés had high hopes for the first Dakar in Saudi Arabia. However, the rally soon became difficult for the Spanish driver, who found himself out of the reckoning for the general standings despite two fine stage victories. The 400 kilometres of the day’s special threw another spanner in the works of his rally, following a crash with another competitor which pushed him even further down in the classification. Farrés will have to console himself with the top two places in the general standings occupied by his South Racing team-mates…

Stat of the day
32: Mathieu Serradori, the winner of the stage in the car race, is first and foremost the manager of a company specialised in electricity… who spends his holidays on the Dakar. He is the first amateur driver to beat the professional drivers and teams for 32 years. The last competitor to achieve a similar feat was Belgian garage owner Guy Deladrière, who achieved the best time in Senegal on the penultimate special on the Dakar 1988.

Quote of the day
Mathieu Serradori: “I’m absolutely delighted. It’s a wonderful story. Yesterday’s stage was very complicated – we made a mistake and paid a heavy price. This morning, we pulled our socks up and left everyone behind us. I’d like to dedicate this victory to Paulo because I’m a former biker. It’s not easy to get motivated after a day like that and my co-pilot Fabien was there as well. But there are two fighters in the car and I’m very happy with this result”.


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Gosh, that livery is amazing. LOVE the helmet!

It's time to rise again USA 😀

La famille roberts Grand nom de la MotoGP du père kenny Robert puis kenny Robert jr champion du monde avec Suzuki et maintena t le fiston! En lui espérant la même carrière que ses aînés!

Hate it when you do this, he has 1 podium and now all eyes are on him so he is gunna feel a mountain of pressure and if he fails that's the end of his career you guys got to stop making a big deal so early all the time what if he can't take the pressure of everyone focused on him 😒

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What, no umbrellas or wellington boots?!

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Is he reading that out for someone coz this guy couldn't control a shopping kart

I used to love this driver, great talent but now he’s just unpredictable driver.

Karim: "Being able to CRASH a 700kg, 1000 horsepower car only with your hands and your feet is... it's the best thing" - we hear you, Romain Grosjean"

Of course I can't drive as well as Grosjean, but I can still differ a good race driver from a bad one.

Not the best driver, but a generally good guy.

Ah the hate and cheap jokes on Romain Grosjean. I bet the majority of the haters here can’t even ride a tricycle without going flat on their faces! Get a life, kids.

The problem is you are not good enough. You crash even under saftycar rules.

U hit the barrier under safety car 😦 Can’t exit pitlane 😴 Let someone else drive

Since the 2020 F1 season is pretty much cancelled, Grojean took on a warehouse job..

The problem is there Romain you can't control a 700 kg car with 1000 horsepower, Mr Gunter has had enough of you and Kevin 🤣

Yeah takes a special kind of talent to spin a car in pit lane and end up facing the wrong way.

one of biggest misunderstandings of F2 in 21st century. still driving...

Just exactly what the hell is left to control the car with? Is there a lesser-known control system that uses, exclusively, ear muscles, armpits, and hip flexors?????

Ironically from the driver who tends not to control his car! 🙄🤔

Ironically the only F1 driver who can’t control a 700kg 1000hp car 🤔

But he can’t control it lol. Poor romain. Give me the wheel I’ll show you 🙃

Wreck it Roman, coming to a safety barrier near you

Grosjean and car handling? April Fools, I got it.

All the expert race car drivers on this post 😂🤣😂🤣 Yeah, Grosjean isn't the best, but he's certainly better than all you facebookers knocking him 😉

Goes to show what you think you can realise, no matter how far-fetched! Just look at Romain Grosjean.... An F1 driver.... Still... Wow...

The best driver on the grid that knows how to crash

‼️It’s super cool as long as he doesn’t crash into another😬😅‼️

Too bad there are no racing series like that...

“Being able to control.”

well, he is the one who "can" control it the least from all the grid 🙂

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