Paul Moz Owen and Bruce Anstey

Aug 10, 2016- Time marches on and it seems like 2016 has got some legs on it, we are already coming up to one of the main races of the road racing season, namely the Ulster Grand Prix where all the world’s top road racers will vie for the top step of the podium.

Two riders who were injured during their last races are Paul Moz Owen and Bruce Anstey, the former being knocked off and suffering bruising and none threatening injuries and who has now fully recovered and the latter whom suffered a broken ankle.

Both riders are recovered and are in good spirits, I had the opportunity to speak to both riders prior to them leaving to catch the ferry to Belfast today.

Paul said,

“ It’s been a hard road back since I was knocked off at Olivers mount and have had to miss the Aberdare Races which took place last week to give myself more recovery time in readiness for the UGP and the Manx Festival.

I am fully fit now and intend to go out there give it my best shot and enjoy the racing, although I have come down a level from International racing to national level I am still racing and enjoying it, yes the off at Olivers was a setback and it costs a lot to repair your machines especially when you are a privateer like myself, but then that’s racing.

I would like to thank all those that have helped and I hope I can repay my 98 club members with some good results at the UGP and the Manx Festival “

Bruce looking relaxed and in good spirits and sporting his now recognisable beard went on to say,

“I have been training hard on the motocross bike getting myself race fit again and everything is in working order and I am looking forward to getting out there at the UGP and enjoying myself.

I am also looking forward to the Manx Festival where it is a bit more relaxed than the TT, although the racing is still just as serious whether you are competing on an up to date machine or one from the past eras”.


Image and words: Glynne Lewis