National Drag Racing Championship at Bahrain International Circuit

National Drag Racing Championship at Bahrain International Circuit

The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East is set for even more rubber burning action around its world renowned track this weekend as the 5th round of the Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship takes place at Bahrain International Circuit. The exciting event, organized by the Bahrain Motor Federation and the Bahrain Drag Racing Club, will see hundreds of competitors set the drag strip alight as they attempt to squeeze very last drop of speed from their racing machines to edge out their opponents. The 5th round of the championship follows last week’s Batelco 2000cc Challenge action as Bahrain International Circuit continues to provide a constant stream of blistering motorsport events.

The three day event will begin with a Test and Tune session on Wednesday 14th April to give competitors an opportunity to maximize their vehicle’s performance, followed by the Qualifying session on Thursday 15th April. Race Day will take place on Friday 16th April where over ten separate categories will fly across the quarter mile strip in this pure speed event. 

This year’s championship has represented some of the most adrenaline pumping drag racing action to be found in the region as hundreds of drivers hit the tarmac in a range of highly modified cars in an attempt to beat all comers on the drag strip.


The National Drag Racing Championship will feature a variety of categories catering for all performance levels, from the powerful Pro Mode, Super Street V8 and thrilling Outlaw 10.5 to the technical Super Street Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and Super Street Front Wheel Drive (FWD). There will also be a number of motorbike classes competing such as the exciting Super Street Bike and Pro Bike categories, which never fail to provide edge of your seat thrills for spectators.

The previous round saw a victorious Saleh Salahuddin claim double podium finishes in the Street V8 and Outlaw 10.5 categories following an evening of flawless performances for the Bahraini driver. The 5th round will witness an anticipated battle as his main rival Adel Yusif will be looking for revenge when the green light flashes as he attempts to outrun his opponent as Salahuddin will be determined to continue his winning streak. Other victors included Fadhel Saleh in the Street FWD, Sayed Ahmed Al Alawi in the Street RWD, Jassim Qambar in the Super Street FWD and Mohammed Haji in the Super Street RWD. Turki Al Sagheer finished at the top of the podium in the Super Street V8, as did Ebrahim Kanoo in the Outlaw RWD. Saad Al Muran was victorious in the Pro Mode category, Ebrahim Bin Hasher won the Outlaw FWD and Muslem Al Galaf beat out the competition in the Competition 7.5 class.

In the motorbike categories Bader Bin Edan sped ahead in the Street Bike Category, while Mushari Al Turki claimed the Super Street Bike. The Pro Bike was won by a skilled Mohammed Bu Rashid following an impressive racing performance.

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