Cool Racing

Cool Racing

The New Year witnesses the come-back of the 4×4 Lebanese Driver Richie Honein assisted by the renowned Lebanese racer and co-pilot Said Zacca, forming the “Cool Racing Team” to compete in the 2010 4×4 racing season in the Middle East.

The team’s come-back was announced following the agreement of several sponsors who agreed to support and finance the team on the various levels needed in order to guarantee a strong entry at the 2010 4×4 Championship organized by the ATCL,  the first event will be April 24th – 25th.

The main sponsors are: Issam Abi Yaghi of Mac1 Oils, Jad and Ziad Saleh of Saleh Bros 4×4,  Elie Khoury of Khoury Parts, Jounieh,

Richie is known for the several titles he clinched during his racing career, among which and to name a few: the runner-up of the 2003 and 2004 Lebanese 4×4 Championship, the runner-up of the 2004 UAE Championship, Foreigners Category, the runner-up of the 2008 24-hour Karting and in third place in the same race in 2009 with his team mates ( SPEEDSTERS ).

The team’s racing suits are designed and groomed by Gary Mazikian of Gary Serigraphy.  Catering  by Arena Kitchen & Bar. Photos by Studio Shahda Antelias.

As for the car it will be modified for racing at Alain Milky’s workshop at Nahr el Mout area.

“I am thrilled for the fact that I am competing again with a very string co-pilot like Said”, says Richie, who has been retired of the 4×4 for six years. “Said is as excited as me and we were both optimistic with all the sponsors on board”, he adds.

Said asserts sharing the common excitement with his pilot and is quite hands-on with the preparation that began a month ago. “Me and Richie are on the same frequency, Since our first meeting, I knew we would form a great team. We both are in love with motorsports”, says Said. “I am currently

supervising the car preparations making sure it will be up and ready on time, as Richie is abroad for the time being. I wish my team all the best for the championship”, he concludes.

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