FIA: Kuwait team raise the flag high at the inaugural FIA Motorsport Games in Rome

FIA: Kuwait team raise the flag high at the inaugural FIA Motorsport Games in Rome

Kuwait, Nov 5th 2019-Kuwait motorsport athletes #TeamKuwait shone upon the world stage last weekend, as eight talented racing drivers made their way to Rome to compete in an Olympic style Global first for motorsport, the FIA Motorsport Games.

Team Kuwait drivers with the Kuwait 007 numbered Aston Martin GT3, complete with the toy Camel as team mascot at the Circus Maximus

The inaugural nation v’s nation event, organised by the FIA in conjunction with SRO Motorsports Group, commenced against a glittering backdrop at the opening ceremony location at Circus Maximus, an ancient chariot racing venue where the cars arrived after an exciting parade through the streets of Rome.

The courtyard was filled with selected cars proudly on display, including the mighty Kuwait 007 numbered Aston Martin GT3, draped in the national flag, complete with the toy Camel as team mascot.

A total of 192 drivers representing 49 National Sporting Authorities (ASN) were in attendance at Circus Maximus. Led by their team captains, the competitors then entered the arena in the colors of their national flags and assembled on-stage.

HE Sheikh Fahad Nasser Sabah Ahmad Al Sabah, President of the Kuwait Olympic Committee (KOC) who visited the teams during the weekend

The Kuwait team were honored by the attendance of VIP’s and dignitaries including HE Sheikh Fahad Nasser Sabah Ahmad Al Sabah, President of the Kuwait Olympic Committee (KOC) and Dr Saqer Al-Mulla, Deputy Director of Public Authority of Sports (PAS) alongside Mr. Emad Jawad Bukhamseen, Chairman of the Kuwait International Automobile Club (KIAC) and Mr. Issa Hamza, President & CEO of the Kuwait International Automobile Club and the Ambassador of Kuwait in Italy, HE Sheikh Azzam Al Sabah.

Centre- Khaled Al Mudhaf, Zaid Ashkanani, HE Sheikh Fahad Nasser Sabah Ahmad Al Sabah, President of the Kuwait Olympic Committee (KOC), Dr Saqer Al-Mulla, Deputy Director of Public Authority of Sports (PAS) alongside Emad Jawad Bukhamseen, Chairman of the Kuwait International Automobile Club – and far left Fuad Abu Arja from KIAC, the ASN of Kuwait and Zakaria Dashti (KIMC organising club official)

Kuwait was the only Arab country to enter the competition and is one of only two country’s alongside Russia fielding a full delegation of drivers, representing all six racing disciplines.

The FIA Motorsport Games included six different motor sport disciplines, with established categories such as GT, Touring Cars, Formula 4 and Karting, featuring alongside the emerging competitions of Drifting, Digital motorsport.

Each category was awarded gold, silver and bronze medals to its top three finishers, all of which contributed to an overall ‘medal table’ to determine the winning nation at the end of the event.

The GT Cup team raced the #007 numbered Aston Martin Vantage GT3 run by Optimum Motorsport, alongside 21 other nations in the GT Cup.

Kuwait’s GT Cup drivers Khaled Al Mudhaf and Zaid Ashkanani represented Team Kuwait, with Al Mudhaf also serving as Team Captain for the squad.

Khaled and Zaid had never tested the Aston Martin car before, and it was a tall task, as with the other competitors in team Kuwait, to jump in any car and be immediately competitive, especially in such treacherous rain conditions.

Team Kuwait drivers Khaled Al Mudhaf (left)  and Zaid Ashkanani (right) and the 007 Aston Martin of Optimum Motorsport team at the FIA Motorsport Games in Vallelunga

Drama unfolded In the opening lap of race 1, as the Kuwait car was hit by team Belgium (Machaels), knocking the Aston off course at high speed and into the barriers at turn 4, the car fortunately would be repaired overnight by the Optimum Motorsport crew ready for race 2 on Sunday morning. Team Belgium, post-race was handed a 30second penalty for hitting the Kuwait car.

Zaid, fresh from the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup this year started the GTCup main feature race on Sunday afternoon, in changing weather conditions all teams took a gamble on either slicks or wets, the team opted for wets while observing the black clouds above, bringing in a thunderstorm. After completing the two sighting laps on wets Zaid pitted immediately for slicks, feeling that there was enough grip. Finding himself at the back of the field he set about reeling in the leading cars setting fastest lap after lap, till he climbed to 5th overall and secured the team the ‘Pirelli Speed Hero Award’ for the fastest lap of the race.

Just as the pit window opened for the driver changeover, the rain started to fall heavily and Zaid struggled with grip. Khaled was next to jump in the car and the team naturally opted for wet tyres, almost immediately the safety car was deployed due to spinning cars landing in the gravel, and with poor visibility all the drivers struggled. After a few laps of green flag running, a second safety car was deployed. The team managed to hold an admirable 14th place overall, at the chequered flag.

Khaled Al Mudhaf, Kuwait Team Captain, – “We certainly had our work cut out for us in all categories, coming from a hot desert country I don’t think we have ever seen so much rain while racing. Sure the competition was going to be tough for all of us as we never had any prior testing in these cars so I’m super proud of all our drivers, we raised the Kuwait flag high and showed the world our talent. We are honored to have so much support from our visiting VIP’s and dignitaries who have personally come to show support, next year we hope for better results and we will keep pushing”.

Zaid Askanani – “I think it’s a great event, It’s different from what we usually do. On the circuits, we act more as a driver or team and not for one’s country so I think it’s a good idea to only bring nations like the Olympics or other sports. It is also good to have other categories together like drift, F4, TCR, etc and to involve the younger generation”.

The Touring Car Cup was represented by one of the region’s most successful regional Radical drivers, Salem Al Nusif, who contested in the Comtoyou Racing team Audi RS3 LMS SEQ. The Touring Car Cup, is reserved for TCR machines, and proved one of the most spectacular categories in the new multidisciplinary event, with twenty drivers at the wheel of cars of eight different brands.

Salem Al Nusif in the Comtoyou Racing team Audi RS3 LMS SEQ

Salem Al Nusif – “These TCR cars are amazing to drive, and It was a difficult weekend with mixed conditions. Running slick tires on a damp track didn’t give me confidence in a car I drove for the first time. But by the middle of the race I got the confidence back and lapped at the pace of the front runners. Qualifying went better in the dry conditions and I managed P12 against seasoned champions in TCR. It was positive overall, I kept the car on track, and learned an awful lot. The ‘comtoyouracing team must be the best team I ran with, very professional and friendly. I think everyone did a great job organizing with everyone involved. I look forward to more racing soon, and I thank everyone with us this week, they were all amazing”.

19-year-old Rashed Alrashdan represented Kuwait in the Digital Cup

In the Digital Cup, 19-year-old Rashed Alrashdan represented Kuwait. He has never participated in any official digital motor sport championship, and was very excited about his first trip abroad, such an amazing event to experience, luckily he enjoyed racing under cover, in the dry but was knocked out during the qualifiers and gave his best effort, even supporting the other teams in his spare hours of rest.

16yrs olds Hessa Alfares and Marshad Almarshad did an admirable job competing in the Karting Slalom Cup

16yrs olds Hessa Alfares and Marshad Almarshad did an admirable job competing in the Karting Slalom Cup. All the karting contenders tackled the slalom course with identical electric-powered karts. Each nation was represented by mixed female-male driver pairing. Marshad and Hessa found great pace early on and were some of the fastest drivers. Finally, they were knocked out by Russia in the quarter finals, and were positioned 15th overall from 28 nations, which is a great achievement as the two young karters are relatively new to competition and Hessa had never been in a kart till a month ago, and took it all in her stride.

In the F4 Cup, Mohamed Al Nusif, had a tall task having no prior experience testing in a Formula car, and had a great mountain to climb in such wet weather conditions. Mohamed struggled with technique in the early practice and qualifying sessions, but quickly found his feet to control the F4 car built specifically for the FIA Motorsport Games, making it the first hybrid-powered single-seater outside of Formula 1. It was also the first F4 car to feature a Halo safety device, which is currently in use in Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3 and which isn’t due until the next generation of F4 cars till 2021.

In race one there was a safety car after Mohamed had a coming together with team Japan and suffered a DNF. Although in race two he managed to avoid danger coming in an impressive top 10th finish in the main race.

Mohamed Al Nusif in the F4 Cup

Mohamed Al Nusif– The FIA Motorsport Games was an amazing event, I wish to send a big thanks SRO and FIA for organizing such an awesome experience. And special thanks to my two engineers for their help on getting me familiarized with the new F4 beast. We had a bad first day due to issues with my seat and the steering wheel but we ended the weekend on a high. Starting the last race 18th and finishing 10th among the seasoned F4 drivers I even got a purple sector on the way. I hope to be back next year faster and stronger”.

Ali Makhseed, was due to drive his Nissan 240SX, but had a last-minute technical failure so he had to opt for a quick replacement car in the BMW E46

Ali Makhseed, was due to drive his Nissan 240SX, but had a last-minute technical failure so he had to opt for a quick replacement car in the BMW E46 to compete in the Drifting Cup. The races were held on the Friday and Saturday evenings, unfortunately in torrential rain conditions Ali struggled against the weather and did not make the final shootout.

Ali Makhseed – “This was such an epic weekend, not the results we were hoping for, but we did our best under the circumstances. I’m very proud of Team Kuwait for such a remarkable achievement and to the KIMC club for organizing, it will go down in motorsport history as we were the only Arab team to compete and have set a great example to the world, competing with drivers in all the categories, I’m very proud of our team”.

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38 minutes ago

24H Series

Cheeky? Definitely 🔥
Risky? For sure 👌
Awesome? Absolutely 😍

#thisisendurance #24hseries #24hseries2020 #24hbarcelona #motorsport #lamborghini
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Cheeky? Definitely 🔥
Risky? For sure 👌
Awesome? Absolutely 😍

#thisisendurance #24HSERIES #24HSERIES2020 #24HBARCELONA #motorsport #lamborghini

2 hrs ago


Back in 1986, onboard cameras were *the* cool new thing in F1 🎥

And in Australia, Johnny Dumfries showed everyone why 🤩
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Manual gearbox and clutch F1 car onboards are the best, the drivers were proper manhandling them round the circuit and it was spectacular viewing. The Ferrari 640 introduced the paddle shift in 1989, but this setup actually lasted until 1995, when the Forti FG01 was the last F1 car to use it when everyone else by then embraced paddles

These guys were epic...they literally had to muscle these cares around a track...and do it one handed while shifting! Impressive 🙂

These guys were a class apart. Like Nelson said, having to muscle the car around the corner with one hand while changing gears. This was driving, with full respect to nowadays drivers.

Driving an F1 car in the 80's must feel like wrestling a goddamn grizzly bear. So much fighting going on inside the cockpit. Respect.

Love the way people always go on about the past in F1. Road cars are now safer because of the advances in technology from F1, the road cars from the 70s & 80s were a load of crap, now you are driving much safer cars

He took a shower of gasoline from the ahead car,when you see that the camera goes white, imagine that while have to deal whith a manual gearbox monster

That's what an engine should sound like..... Driver drove the car without outside interference. Ahhh - happy days.

Loved this track, much better than Melbourne 🙁

There's some right nostalgic bullshit being posted on here! F1 drivers of today would have been just as quick as these guys were and vice versa. Anyone thinking today's cars have traction control, launch control or abs - they don't.

Changing gear and clutch proper driving plus proper cars whe f1 was great not like the scalectric cars of today

So awesome to see them actually having a shifter and having to control the car with one hand while shifting continuously each lap...

What track is this?

I think formula 1 (when it gets back, obviously) could use some new cameras... I'm a bit dissapointed that so many new ideas get scrapped so quickly.

Some serious work going on here, and the amount of oil kicked out by the car in front!!!

Would love to see the PS generation drive those cars! 😊

Imagine people’s reactions for the first time they had this angle. Stunning footage. What happened at 50 seconds? Lens cleaner or fuel leaking??

In tht Grand Prix, Nigel Mansell (Williams) retired (puncture) and the world championship was clinched by Alain Prost (McLaren)

What's the in-car adjustments he keeps making with his right hand.. 😉

Adelaide track. 👍 watching for turn 3 aka CBC corner. My old school

I remember when I saw this video 2 years ago. A co-worker of dad e mailed it to my Father with the title: "White guys slams british B***h to the limit. XD Appropriate title

What was the average speed during this races? And I would like to see how they drove that thing at Monaco..

Amazing they didnt think sooner to have shifters on the steering wheel.

From a time when drivers drove and pilots flew planes, stunning footage but what happened at appx 50 seconds 🤔🤔

Today's cars are so complicated. Old school drivers had the most organic racecraft.

Love the old F1 videos! Keep bringing back the vintage F1 races.

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The next hero in a long line of American motorcycle racing talent? 🇺🇸

Go behind the scenes with Joe Roberts racer in this exclusive documentary as he sets out on his path to take a nation back to the top ✨

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Great young man and Hopkins will be a good coach for the team.

Moto GP needs Americans riders like Americans riders need motoGP. So happy if you can get strong again. Strong,brave and funny. We need you.

Saw my first moto race and Joe Robert's started on the pole in Qatar! Was a blast but wish MotoGP could have been there. Maybe the Texas race will be the next one.

Gosh, that livery is amazing. LOVE the helmet!

There is an American in super sport.

It's time to rise again USA 😀

Wish ya was racing at home this weekend!!!

All the Best💥..

Long line ?

Good america moto gp



Je m'implique moins ds ka moto2 que ds le MotoGP classe 1000 mais j'aime regarder de la moto3 jusk'a MotoGP sauf que trop de pilotes sur le plateau moto2 je retient pas tout forcément merci Steve Ragaud

Vincent Bennett

Javier Castro 🚀🇺🇸🇺🇸

La famille roberts Grand nom de la MotoGP du père kenny Robert puis kenny Robert jr champion du monde avec Suzuki et maintena t le fiston! En lui espérant la même carrière que ses aînés!

If the season would get shorten this year. I do believe this would be a great chance for Joe to capitalize on it. If Quartararo & Lecouna made it. He could do it too. But first, I can't wait to see him polish a few mistakes he & his team had in the first race. 😎

Use the front very late along with the rear you moron

Right on! We’re with you and watching.

Hate it when you do this, he has 1 podium and now all eyes are on him so he is gunna feel a mountain of pressure and if he fails that's the end of his career you guys got to stop making a big deal so early all the time what if he can't take the pressure of everyone focused on him 😒

Us American fans can only hope. It’s been a long time since the golden age of American riders that I grew up watching.

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