UK: Young Kuwait racer Haytham Qarajouli enjoys another top ten result at Brands Hatch season finale

UK: Young Kuwait racer Haytham Qarajouli enjoys another top ten result at Brands Hatch season finale

UK, Tuesday Oct 15th 2019

It was another rain-soaked weekend at Brands Hatch GP circuit for the up and coming 15yr old racer from Kuwait, in the final round of the Ginetta Junior Championship (Oct 12/13th).

Haytham has just completed his inaugural season in motorsport and his debut in the 2019 Ginetta Junior Championship, one of the most competitive junior Championships for drivers aged between 14 to 17 years. He joined the series at age 14 years old, turning 15 at the end of March.

The weather forecast, once again, did not offer much sunshine over the weekend, making conditions extremely challenging. Testing on Friday was hampered by multiple red flags during the Juniors sessions making it difficult to get a good set up, with the added rain, progress was difficult.

In addition, qualifying on Saturday (12 October), was a bit hit and miss with 2 red flags during the session, and under damp cloudy conditions, many drivers found the going very slippery, especially on the back part of the seldom used GP sector.

For Race 1, Haytham qualified in 9th place on the grid, again in full wet conditions, however he was unable to convert his great pace into points as he was pushed off the track on lap one at Hawthorn bend and got stuck in the gravel, resulting in a DNF.

Race 2 on Saturday started later than scheduled at 6:00pm, Haytham started 15th on the grid, just as the heavens opened and torrential rain fell on the 2.4mile Kent circuit. Visibility was poor, but the young driver had carved his way through to an admirable 9th position. Half the eight-lap race was held under the safety car, deployed twice during the race. Just as the drivers got the green flag and on the last lap at Dingle Dell corner, Haytham was hit by another car and pushed into the gravel, another DNF, his sixth of the season,  and not the result he had hoped for.

On Sunday there would be just one race at 1:30pm, again in support of the main attraction the British Touring Car Championship, all televised on Live on ITV4. Due to the earlier DNF’s, Haytham’s grid position was 20th.

Immediate drama on the opening lap saw Haytham’s car sprayed in mud by another car as it slid through the mud back onto the track, unable to see clearly for most of the lap Haytham was forced to wait till there was sufficient spray water on the windscreen before applying his wipers to avoid smearing the whole screen.

Fortunately, a safety car was soon deployed and racing resumed after a few laps. On lap five there were a few spinning cars out of Graham Hill bend causing four cars to spin off, Haytham managed to narrowly avoid hitting them and took the chequered flag in 9th place, a great top ten result for the young Kuwait racer in his first year of racing.

Haytham’s final results for the season unfortunately don’t reflect the great speed he has had over the latter part of the year however he was placed 11th rookie from 23, and 19th overall from 32 entries.

“I’m have to admit I’m a bit disappointed in Saturday’s performance, it’s not a nice feeling when you get taken off by another car, it’s such a different feeling from my Podium weekend at Silverstone, but that’s the way racing goes sometimes and I just have to focus on the positives and look forward to next season”, commented Haytham.

“I have learnt a huge amount this year, and it has gone better than expected, despite having six DNF’s this season I have really developed a lot and found good pace with the car, and I managed to get onto the podium twice”.

“I want to thank again all the fantastic team at TCR (Total Control Racing), especially team owner Lee Brookes who has guided me every step of the way and to Lex Akehurst my manager for believing in me and pushing me on”.

“The biggest thanks go to my parents and my family for all the incredible support and encouragement and to my sponsors and partners who make the racing all possible. I am honoured to receive such great support from Kuwait this weekend again from Sheikh Ali Salem AlSabah, who has been to most of my races this year”.

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22 minutes ago


Back in 1986, onboard cameras were *the* cool new thing in F1 🎥

And in Australia, Johnny Dumfries showed everyone why 🤩
... See Less

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Manual gearbox and clutch F1 car onboards are the best, the drivers were proper manhandling them round the circuit and it was spectacular viewing. This setup actually lasted until 1995, when the Forti FG01 was the last F1 car to have this system

These guys were epic...they literally had to muscle these cares around a track...and do it one handed while shifting! Impressive 🙂

In tht Grand Prix, Nigel Mansell (Williams) retired (puncture) and the world championship was clinched by Alain Prost (McLaren)

From a time when drivers drove and pilots flew planes, stunning footage but what happened at appx 50 seconds 🤔🤔

What track is this?

This was real racing, manual gearbox and the steering......

Would love to see the PS generation drive those cars! 😊

Real driving with gear changing... absolute magic!! 👍🏁

The era turbo: simply, cars were beasts. And these drivers were superb!

Wow that was cool shifting sound and flames 🙌💪💪

He took a shower of gasoline from the ahead car,when you see that the camera goes white, imagine that while have to deal whith a manual gearbox monster

Audio is completely out of sync. Ahhh those where the days

No electronic aids, no flappy paddle shifters. These cars had to be driven, manhandled, beaten into submission until tamed. And only the best could truly tame these beasts.

You should use much more onboard on F1 transmissions. MUUUUUCH more.

How cool would it be to bring back a manual gearbox and clutch!

Like a boss!!! One handed on the wheel and shifting gears like a man. 🙂

WOW!!! Only 34 years ago but technology seems light years apart

My bum was biting lumps out of my chair while watching

These old onboards are some of my favorite things to watch during quarantine

His team mate on pole (Ayrton )

Look at the Turbo Lag 🔥🔥🏁

Adelaide ❤ e lo sponsor Foster's... quanta nostalgia ❤

Back when f1 cars were just huge go karts

in the good old days❤

Love is too hard to find... I'm fed up of searching for love

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1 hr ago


The next hero in a long line of American motorcycle racing talent? 🇺🇸

Go behind the scenes with Joe Roberts racer in this exclusive documentary as he sets out on his path to take a nation back to the top ✨

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Us American fans can only hope. It’s been a long time since the golden age of American riders that I grew up watching.

Saw my first moto race and Joe Robert's started on the pole in Qatar! Was a blast but wish MotoGP could have been there. Maybe the Texas race will be the next one.

Gosh, that livery is amazing. LOVE the helmet!

There is an American in super sport.

It's time to rise again USA 😀

All the Best💥..

Wish ya was racing at home this weekend!!!

Good america moto gp


Je m'implique moins ds ka moto2 que ds le MotoGP classe 1000 mais j'aime regarder de la moto3 jusk'a MotoGP sauf que trop de pilotes sur le plateau moto2 je retient pas tout forcément merci Steve Ragaud

Vincent Bennett

La famille roberts Grand nom de la MotoGP du père kenny Robert puis kenny Robert jr champion du monde avec Suzuki et maintena t le fiston! En lui espérant la même carrière que ses aînés!

If the season would get shorten this year. I do believe this wouls be a great chance for Joe to capitalize on this one. Can't wait to see him polish a few mistakes he & his team had in the first race. 😎

Use the front very late along with the rear you moron

Long line ?

Hate it when you do this, he has 1 podium and now all eyes are on him so he is gunna feel a mountain of pressure and if he fails that's the end of his career you guys got to stop making a big deal so early all the time what if he can't take the pressure of everyone focused on him 😒

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2 hrs ago

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What, no umbrellas or wellington boots?!

3 hrs ago


"Being able to control a 700kg, 1000 horsepower car only with your hands and your feet is... it's the best thing" - we hear you, Romain Grosjean 😍 🤩 ... See Less

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I used to love this driver, great talent but now he’s just unpredictable driver.

If by control you mean running off track on at least one turn during the first lap of every GP, then you’re good👍🏼🤦🏻‍♂️

Karim: "Being able to CRASH a 700kg, 1000 horsepower car only with your hands and your feet is... it's the best thing" - we hear you, Romain Grosjean"

Of course I can't drive as well as Grosjean, but I can still differ a good race driver from a bad one.

Not the best driver, but a generally good guy.

Ah the hate and cheap jokes on Romain Grosjean. I bet the majority of the haters here can’t even ride a tricycle without going flat on their faces! Get a life, kids.

The problem is you are not good enough. You crash even under saftycar rules.

Somehow I think that the driver's main control unit deserved a mention, as well :).

The problem is there Romain you can't control a 700 kg car with 1000 horsepower, Mr Gunter has had enough of you and Kevin 🤣

Just exactly what the hell is left to control the car with? Is there a lesser-known control system that uses, exclusively, ear muscles, armpits, and hip flexors?????

Yeah takes a special kind of talent to spin a car in pit lane and end up facing the wrong way.

Is he reading that out for someone coz this guy couldn't control a shopping kart

But he can’t control it lol. Poor romain. Give me the wheel I’ll show you 🙃

Grosjean and car handling? April Fools, I got it.

All the expert race car drivers on this post 😂🤣😂🤣 Yeah, Grosjean isn't the best, but he's certainly better than all you facebookers knocking him 😉

Since the 2020 F1 season is pretty much cancelled, Grojean took on a warehouse job..

His best season to date was 2013, when he was team mate to Räikkönen at Lotus. Got 6 podiums and 7 other points finishes, but since 2014 his career’s been very inconsistent

The best driver on the grid that knows how to crash

Goes to show what you think you can realise, no matter how far-fetched! Just look at Romain Grosjean.... An F1 driver.... Still... Wow...

Too bad there are no racing series like that...

“Being able to control.”

Still mastering the art of leaving the pitlane!

Best season for Grosjean. He didn’t crashed in any race so far.

Ironically from the driver who tends not to control his car! 🙄🤔

its a formula ignorant, not a car, you know nothing and you talk. shame

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