Ginetta: Rising Kuwait star Haytham Qarajouli maintains Top 9 Rookie status in maiden Ginetta Junior season

Ginetta: Rising Kuwait star Haytham Qarajouli maintains Top 9 Rookie status in maiden Ginetta Junior season

July 22nd 2019-United Kingdom

As the curtain comes down on the first half of Haytham’s maiden Ginetta Junior Championship season, as a newcomer into motorsport, the young 15 year old from Kuwait, lies 17th from 26 entries overall with 39 pts, and is 9th from 17 in the Rookie class.

Haytham has had his ups and downs and his fair share of bumps, scrapes and crashes, since embarking on this enormous challenge back in March at Brands Hatch. Taking delivery of his brand new Ginetta G40 Junior car he joined one of the most competitive Junior Championships in the world. A series that has recently honed the talents of many successful young drivers including McLaren F1 ace Lando Norris, F3 Driver Billy Monger and Williams F1 development driver Jaime Chadwick to name a few.

The Ginetta G40 cars are all tightly controlled in terms of power which is restricted to 100bhp with a top speed of 120mph and weighs just 830kg, the engine is a sealed Ford Ztec 1.8ltr.

Teams are allowed to make some minimal changes in set up to allow for a tightly controlled series, testing is limited and just one set of Michelin road tyres are allowed per weekend to keep costs down. With the Junior drivers all between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age, none of whom even have road licences, there is naturally, nail-biting and close action every race weekend. The Ginetta Junior Championship is contested over 10 weekends, with 26 races in total. The Championship enjoys a bumper track-side audience with millions of viewers watching LIVE in UK on ITV 4.

“I’m relatively satisfied that I have managed to gain some valuable points in the Championship so far. It is considered one of the most exciting and challenging of Junior Championships with 26 entrants this year. Its very tough to stay with the front runners with a just few seconds between us, but as a rookie in my first year, I’m gaining a lot of valuable race craft that will take me forward in the future”, commented Haytham.

Haytham Qarajouli-Oulton Park 2019

Looking back to the last race, round 5 of the Ginetta Junior Championship took place at Oulton Park Circuit in Cheshire on Jun 29th/30th again as a support race for the British Touring Car Championship.

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, some 40,000+ fans enjoyed the weekend as temperatures rose to almost 30 degrees, adding quite a bit of tension as drivers struggled to keep cool between races.

With only limited pre-race testing at Oulton circuit, Haytham tried to make the most of the Friday free practice sessions, racing the 2.23mile Island configuration for the first time.

Qualifying took place on Saturday later in the day at 3pm whilst the sun shone and temperatures rose. With limited time in testing at the circuit the young rookie driver from Kuwait had to settle for 21st place spot on the grid.

Race 1 of the weekend and round 10 of the championship took place on Sunday at 1:15 pm just after lunch. Haytham got a good start and found some great pace early on, whilst on lap 3 he shaved more than a second of his qualifying time. Haytham climbed up the leader board to finish 16th in one the hottest races the young Juniors have seen this year.

Race 2 of the weekend started as the last race on the BTCC bill, at 6pm. Haytham started in 19th on the grid and got a great start, he took 4 places by the first corner however the excitement was to be short-lived as a few cars collided at turn on which saw the safety car deployed for 2 laps. At the green flag re-start Haytham maintained a good position until the safety car was deployed again after only 1 lap, this time it stayed out for a frustrating 5 laps and the race finished under yellow flags. It was quite an anticlimax for all the drivers and spectators who had stayed to watch the young drivers battle it out once again, Haytham finished in 17th position.

Haytham Qarajouli TCR Ginetta Juniors 2019

“I want to thank again all the team at TCR and my National team GForce Racing in my hometown of Kuwait. Also to my parents for all the support and encouragement and my sponsors and partners who make the racing all possible,” concluded Haytham.

Next up on the calendar is Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk on Aug 3rd. Where all the following rounds will be triple headers.


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8 hrs ago


A winner on-track, and now virtually too 👏 Grande, Charles Leclerc! 🙌 ... See Less

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I think it’s brilliant what they have done, nothing is going to beat the ‘real’ thing, but this is great to watch and entertaining, until things can get back to normal it’s better then nothing! Well Done Leclerc, hope you get the internet etc stuff sorted for the next one Lando Norris 🤞

Shed boiiii was the Star of the Show. Great result, Jimmy Broadbent. I hope he will race the other F1 races, too!

I predicted this win! Our next F1 champion for Ferrari!

I don’t understand why damage was turned off and lapped traffic turns into ghosts...otherwise this was a lot of fun to watch. Leclerc drove a flawless race.

Really really enjoyed watching the race. Damage should have been on to make things a little different

Thanks to all involved. Loved the commentary as always, but extra special today lol. Loved the enthusiasm and joy. Happy start to the day here.

I love the discipline, enthusiasm and commitment the Leclerc brothers have even for these kind of things, considering we won't have the real thing until June or July. Amazing dominance by Charles just like in the real world, Arthur was also there even though he made a few mistakes.

Actually enjoying these races, I think they would benefit from replays in the live race, as you only ever see what’s being shown live. Looking forward to China in 2 weeks 😁

Love to see them chatting with drivers a little more like they do in the NASCAR version...just fun to see the banter and get to know them in a little less “business like” fashion! Keep it going...and let’s hope we get some real racing in this season!

Congrats Charles! Good to see a red car win!

This was actually very enjoyable to watch! I'd love to see Max Verstappen at the next race; he'd give Leclerc a run for his money

Ql race, much better as last (first0 one in Bahrain. And Codemaster now know what they need to change! No live timing in spectator mode is now really annoying 🙂 Short replays from one or other action is immposible and, and, nad 🙂 Anyway it was good fun now.

Massive well done to Ben stokes too being that he’s not a racer or any kind 👌🏻 was good to see JB on the grid even if it was virtual 😋

Charles drove a flawless race, congratulations 🎊

F1, thanks for doing this!!! With everything that is happening, is good to have this races, please keep them!!!😊👍

I enjoyed the race, bring the people and the personalities into it like showing the home iracing Riggs like the nascar guys!🏴‍☠️

Overall a decent race. 👍 That being said, I do hope that more current series regulars get involved, & soon.

It was boring. Leclerc stood out high above the other drivers. You can see the Leclerc brothers have trained a lot.

Enjoyed that, good to see the drivers and others having a go.

Well done Charles, so Amazing Bravo 👍🇲🇨

Charles Leclerc - World champion 2020!


I think the FIA should check the virtual fuel flow meter.....

Virtual F1 is such a good place for the drivers they finally found a way out of Mercedes shadow 😂😂

I know it’s just a game, but it was fun to see a race where driver skill matters more than engineer skill.

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9 hrs ago


The stars of the F1 Esports Pro Series take centre stage in this special event! 😎

Who can challenge champion David Tonizza? 🎮

... See Less

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My greatest hero of f1 aryton Senna💕

So this is what they do because of the virus? Play through a simulated game with all the other drivers?

Boris Johnson is in hospital stay strong

The f1 intro sounds different

I don’t llike the way I am being treated

What the hell are the F.I.M. giving the rights to F1 to Codemasters for? This would be SO much better on Studio 397's rFactor 2 Simulator.

Brilliant actually really enjoyed it it’s not quite the same for me as I love my drivers but this was great thankyou

Didnt know what to think at first but gotta admit, pretty fuckin cool!!! Can't wait for the real stuff though, Go Lewis Hamilton!!!

This Is Awesome, Still Can’t Wait For The Season To Begin. Go TEAM MERCEDES #44

Feeling excited while staying at home🏎 Hello from the Philippines!!! F1 rules💪

I love it! All those kids that got yelled at by their parents for gaming!! Are the new Hero’s!

Yup... having all of the racers to compete on the video game might be a way of doing it during the pandemic...

How do we get to meet and greet get autographs take photos of drivers 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 this is sad days for the real sport of formula one and the supporters so sad

Happy to watch this. Sad it's not the "real" deal. Missing F1, but, I'll take it.

Is this what formula 1 going to come down?... that is really really sad ! I don't need any VIRTUAL NOTHING ! that's all

I stepped away to tweet about the event for A video game blog and came back and it was over

Listening to these commentators is so sad overcast day in Australia giving warnings, penalty W.T.F

Hello From Syracuse, NY!! THE CUSE IS IN THE HOUSE!!!!

My first experience of virtual racing - loved it. Can't wait for two weeks time.

We’re reduced to watching people play video games. No thanks. I’ll wait for the real thing

I never thought id see the day when F1 the best drivers in the world would be racing virtually... this is a sad day

Am i the only one from Pakistan??? And the race is ON

Here in Brazil, Senna is more than an idol.

Missing F1, but stay home, stay safe guys,xx

Came from youtube race to this and it's volume level million

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11 hrs ago


Leclerc. Norris. Albon. Russell. Button. Stokes.

Join us as stars from F1, sports and esports take on the second ever F1 Virtual Grand Prix! 🎮

#VirtualGP #F1Esports #RaceAtHome
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C'mon get some credibility. If you're going to use F1 stars to promote a virtual F1 series don't invite youtubers as well. Then you might actually get some more of the top drivers to join in.

They should do this with all the drivers. Let’s find out who really is the best.

Still no word on refunds from the Bahrain F1. 4 weeks a now it was cancelled!!!! And only 1 email sent with a holding statement. This is not good. F1

Way more action packed than an actual F1 race. Equal equipment 🤔

Great timing with the Queen going to address the nation and the commonwealth at 8PM (Uk)

Are all those pictured racing? I would really like to see Leclerc in it. But lately all I’ve had to watch is Lando.

Poor Charles, won't win anything but E sport races. forza Mercedes 😂

Come on Ben! Get that P17 back!

Finally some alright racing. Kinda in a surprise to see Williams in the top 3. 🤩😱#ferrari4life

Great to see Button behind the wheel of a McLaren again, even if it is only virtually!

Hello from the uk. Hope you’re all staying safe out there

Lewis has a multiple world champion image to take care of. His ego wouldnt let the chance of being beaten by some amateur or orher f1 driver. Especially since theyre using the same machine

First experience worh e sports! What a way to brighten up my sunday! Stay safe everyone! 😊🏎💨

No chickens or wildlife sanctuary in Albert Park...

Please don’t start until her maj has spoken! Would be good if she finished with “one is now off to watch the F1 VGP”...

Great experience. I was a bit upset because I was actually travelled from UK to see the race 3 weeks ago, but with it cancelled, I was gutted. But this was alot of fun

Only saw last 3 laps, but when f1 back proper, would like to see virtual gp race weekends too, not the same as proper f1 race but filled a fix 👍

Great race lets have the whole season on esports with the gp1 drivers.

Still just as entertaining as normal F1 at a fraction of the costs 👍🏼

The battle between Buton and Russel was amazing ...

Great commentary!! Loving it. Really makes this virtual race. Thank you.

Really enjoyed watching that race, and great to see who got involved 👍🏻

That voice of @David Croft just makes you feel back on F1 again <3

Jenson Button 'claimed' he used to 'practice' courses - on PlayStation, the year before he won his World Championship🤷🏽‍♂️🤫🤫

They should have all the real drivers do this. Part of their contract.

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11 hrs ago


Throwing it back to Laguna Seca 2008 with The Doctor ! 😍

Valentino Rossi VR46 Official remembers an incredible race on BT Sport MotoGP and makes his case for his legendary battle with Casey Stoner to be #TheGreatestRace 💪
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Unforgettable Cork Screw the spectacular doctor's overtake against Casey Stoner...years after it was Marquez against the the same corner that's the beauty of this sport!😉

Met Vale the night before ‘08 race waiting for our Monterey hotel elevator...had a nice conversation about No Italy where my husband’s family is from and of course motorcycles as we are avid riders (Ducati). After our brief encounter, he shook my husband’s hand and gave me a hug I will never forget ( it’s an Italian thing🇮🇹🤗) Next day at the race I hiked up to the corkscrew about half way down that section of the track and was able to see the whole incident in real time...awesome race and truly my most memorable Motogp weekend!!

Celebrating the quarantine with my vale gear since I’m not in Austin TX watching the race today that was canceled. I Can’t wait to see you ride again!!!!

Breaks my heart they don’t race at Laguna anymore! Epic races like the Rossi Stoner battle. Stoner overtaking Lorenzo on the outside on the straight! Dani Pedrosa qualifying in 7, flying to the front and winning the race. Nicky Hayden in 05 winning his first MotoGP race. Great Track!

I remember it well, I introduced my brother in law an F1 fan to Moto GP, this was the 1st race he had ever watched and probably one of my favourite races of all time and he has never looked back👍🏻👌🏻👊🏻.

kudos to stoner on that ducati , no one knew it at the time but that bike had serious problems , and still they were both over 20 secs in front of 3rd placed pedrosa , that was indeed the race of all races.

The Best Rider 👍 The Doctor Vale 46 🏍

Love Laguna Seca was the best track to watch racing from a far especially the cork screw... wish they would go back and race Moto GP bikes again 😢

Stay safe Valentino, you are Italy's gem and inspiration. Catch you soon in the races.

Really enjoyed it today thanks brilliant 💯✊❤️

Look Rosi I think you need to sign up for a team where you where born and where your family is

That was awesome to have some Sunday bikes. Cheers Gav and all that made it possible

🏁 I watched this race yesterday 🤣👍🏼 I pretended it was #MotoGP Sunday ... and I chose a race where Rossi won! 🏆Hahaha

MM93 used the same move on VR46 5yrs later:

Aww... Love Vale... Love to hear him talk too.. And yes, that race was incredible!!!

Catalunya 2009 was better, but neither were close to Suzuka 1993...

I was torn between Casey and Vale but in the end racing was the winner!! Rubbings racing 🏁

46 may have won that race but Stoner was always the better rider.

Really it was strong race between u and stoner in laguna seca...ur bike job very well at that day ...i remember

he looks realy fit ... 2 Weeks without Bike 😂

MotoGP have to back to Laguna Seca!

Doctor Rosi your the best motorcycle driver the world

& the year after in catalunya 09' last lap - last corner with lorenzo was a classic!!!!!!

We want u back on track rossi I just can't see Marquez in the podium

Old Rossi looking more like Guy Martin is this lockdown!

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12 hrs ago


We end this day with a recap of what happened last year at COTA 🇺🇸

Here's the 2019 #AmericasGP Rewind! ⏪

#stayathome 🏠
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It was such a magical day♥️

Suzuki awesome

Suzuki could be the first one. Greetings to you are a popular gp motto from Indonesia 😉

First Chapter where I proud of suzuki so much

Good win for Suzuki+Rins💥..

Kimberly Sparkman Young magic day with you a year ago!

Marquez crashed...

Extrañó las carrera extraño las madrugada en República Dominicana 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hurra rins bien ganado felicitaciones


Dylan Jonathan Thomas this was almost my bachelor party trip

Lo recuerdo como si hubiera sido ayer 🐌


Manuel Gschnitzer



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13 hrs ago


One of the best battles we saw last year, or any year! 🙌

Rewatch the sensational finish to the 2019 #BritishGP! 🇬🇧
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Definitely not the Best battle of any year 🤦🏼‍♂️ there's been a lot better than this.. BSB, WSB, Isle of Mann, for a couple.

I am a Honda fan, but I liked Rins raced really great that day.

SUZUKI ❤️ I love that battle of the balls!! Did you see the rear wheel off the track under braking? That’s driving as hard into a corner as you can get! Love watching them and riding them fast and hard!!!! 🤪😊❤️❤️

A master class act from Rims!

I am an M93 fan but you had to give it to Rins he learnt how to tackle Marquez from the penultimate lap. Always going to be special for me as it was the last live MotoGP that my late husband and I saw live 🙏❤️💎

But but but MotoGP is boring when events don’t involve Rossi !!!!!!!

Still my favourite win💥exceptional display of determination by✊🏼Rin's💨..what a last lap💪🏼..

Great day...sat at Beckett's with a beer or two 🍺🍺😎🏁🏁

Glad to say I was there watching this when rinns crossed the finish line the whole stand erupted

Sat in becketts maggots grandstand it was an amazing atmosphere for the start and the final few laps. Made up for the year before sitting there for 6 hours with nothing.

One of the best win moment on gp. I miss so much

I was at Beckett's watching this and even thou I am a mm93 fan i was cheering on alex

Amazing win in last seconds 🙌🙌👏👏

Netflix please, do one with motogp also. The F1 drive to survive is so good.

Great video shame there's absolutely no trackside volume or any atmosphere ;-(

Before Marc the races were boring and now more and more come up to speed. Now sometimes it is fun again to watch

Jonathan Rea won becuase his a cry baby shameful what they did to Ducati, he hasnt have what it takes to ride a Moto Gp ,dont forget he rides a street bike with some improvements.

Ryan Bowles when challenging the best, patience is key. Such a good last 2 laps! 👌

Got to be one of the best last 2 laps of a gp for a long time.

I love watching this race Rins and Marquez fighting to the bitter end brilliant...... except at the end and that screaming little girl in commentary 😫

That was one awesome race. Congrats to Rins.

WHAT A FINISH from Rins....

Holy shit that's what I call a nail bitter.. That's a race!

Philip island is also great. So many overtaking happen, even aprilia leads

Best ever battle i've seen in motogp in an all japanese machineries

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2 days ago

24H Series

We can't get enough of this view! 😍
The beautiful circuit of Portimao, Autódromo Internacional do Algarve 🇵🇹

#thisisendurance #24hseries #24hseries2020 #motorsport
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We cant get enough of this view! 😍
The beautiful circuit of Portimao, Autódromo Internacional do Algarve 🇵🇹

#thisisendurance #24HSERIES #24HSERIES2020 #motorsport

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Patrick Elvira

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