UK: Personal best Top-Ten finish for young Kuwait driver Haytham Qarajouli at wet Donington round

UK: Personal best Top-Ten finish for young Kuwait driver Haytham Qarajouli at wet Donington round

The second round of the 2019 Ginetta Junior Championship took place at Donington Park, one of the most Internationally renowned and historical circuits in the world. The weekend (Apr 26/27) was a triple header, with three race events on the 1.9miles National circuit configuration.

Practice on Thursday saw drivers swamped in water as storm Hannah blew across the UK. Several red flag stoppages meant that only a few laps were possible due to all the standing water, with drivers and teams understandably cautious about the worsening conditions.

By Saturday’s qualifying session, with the rain was still pouring down at 11:40am, all drivers were watching the black clouds as the weather played a big part in performance. Haytham qualified in 22nd place struggling to get a good pace with all the excess water.

Later that afternoon, the rain had subsided for the first race of the weekend and at 4:30pm, just at the start of the race, the sun broke through the clouds and started drying out the track.

Haytham Qarajouli in the TCR Ginetta Junior G40 car

On the opening lap, at turn one, there was a big crash with several cars and debris needing to be cleared away, the safety car was deployed for the following 4 laps. On the re-start Haytham managed to maintain his position and hold of advances from those in hot pursuit.

As the chequered flag came down, Haytham had moved up into 11th position. After post-race technical disqualification of the winner, Haytham was promoted to 10th overall, and an admirable 5th in the rookie class.

Sunday’s second race started early at 9:10am as the sun finally started to shine. Haytham got a good start and overtook a few cars on the opening laps, by the end of the 12 lap race, Haytham had climbed to 15th overall from his start position of 22nd.

The last race of the day started in bright sunshine at 3:10pm, the start was a scrappy affair as Haytham was pushed wide onto the grass by another car and couldn’t regain his position due to a technical issue with the car. As he rejoined the pack he clawed back a few places, but on the last lap he was pushed out wide again and ended up on the grass, only to rejoin and take the chequered flag in 20th place. Post-race, Haytham was then handed a 10 second penalty for a false start on the grid.

Haytham Qarajouli the young 15yr old driver from Kuwait

“It was a frustrating weekend as we had good pace in the car, but a lot of rain which didn’t help seeing as I’m used to the sand and desert. In Kuwait we don’t get much rain,” commented Haytham.

“I’m slightly frustrated as I didn’t realise I had moved. Every race weekend I’m learning more about the car and myself, having never been in any form of racing before, this is a steep learning curve for me and I’m enjoying the challenge immensely. We have a great team and TCR and all the mechanics and fellow drivers are easy to get along with.”

“I was so happy to have great support from Kuwait this weekend. Sheikha Farah Al-Sabah, Kuwait’s first and only female FIA licence holder, Sheikh Ali Al-Sabah and family friends from Kuwait, Samantha Murray and her sons Layton and Kaden, who all came for Saturday’s race to cheer me on. Especially my godfather, Kuwait racing driver Khaled Al Mudhaf, who flew over to support me and offer some helpful advice. In fact, it’s his fault I got hooked on motorsport in the first place, I have been watching his races since I was about 5 years old.”

“Lots of lessons were learned this weekend, and I’m positive now we will have some great racing at Thruxton on 18th May, not my favourite circuit, but I will always try my best,” he concluded.

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Hate it when you do this, he has 1 podium and now all eyes are on him so he is gunna feel a mountain of pressure and if he fails that's the end of his career you guys got to stop making a big deal so early all the time what if he can't take the pressure of everyone focused on him 😒

It's time to rise again USA 😀

1 hr ago


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Great. I'm ready for this, so exciting, can't wait 🙂

This sucks...

Ryan Lilly bruh watch how he cuts that chicane at the start 😂

Se sera à Austin,

Stéphane Bordage Max Salloux C'est le moment de vite passer en moto gp les copains 🤣

Ricardo Garcia

Ruban ZR ada la

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What, no umbrellas or wellington boots?!

2 hrs ago


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The problem is there Romain you can't control a 700 kg car with 1000 horsepower, Mr Gunter has had enough of you and Kevin 🤣

Is he reading that out for someone coz this guy couldn't control a shopping kart

Karim: "Being able to CRASH a 700kg, 1000 horsepower car only with your hands and your feet is... it's the best thing" - we hear you, Romain Grosjean"

I used to love this driver, great talent but now he’s just unpredictable driver.

Of course I can't drive as well as Grosjean, but I can still differ a good race driver from a bad one.

Not the best driver, but a generally good guy.

Ah the hate and cheap jokes on Romain Grosjean. I bet the majority of the haters here can’t even ride a tricycle without going flat on their faces! Get a life, kids.

The problem is you are not good enough. You crash even under saftycar rules.

U hit the barrier under safety car 😦 Can’t exit pitlane 😴 Let someone else drive

Since the 2020 F1 season is pretty much cancelled, Grojean took on a warehouse job..

Goes to show what you think you can realise, no matter how far-fetched! Just look at Romain Grosjean.... An F1 driver.... Still... Wow...

Yeah takes a special kind of talent to spin a car in pit lane and end up facing the wrong way.

one of biggest misunderstandings of F2 in 21st century. still driving...

Just exactly what the hell is left to control the car with? Is there a lesser-known control system that uses, exclusively, ear muscles, armpits, and hip flexors?????

Ironically from the driver who tends not to control his car! 🙄🤔

Ironically the only F1 driver who can’t control a 700kg 1000hp car 🤔

But he can’t control it lol. Poor romain. Give me the wheel I’ll show you 🙃

Grosjean and car handling? April Fools, I got it.

All the expert race car drivers on this post 😂🤣😂🤣 Yeah, Grosjean isn't the best, but he's certainly better than all you facebookers knocking him 😉

The best driver on the grid that knows how to crash

Wreck it Roman, coming to a safety barrier near you

‼️It’s super cool as long as he doesn’t crash into another😬😅‼️

Too bad there are no racing series like that...

“Being able to control.”

well, he is the one who "can" control it the least from all the grid 🙂

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