Dubai: New ‘Arrive and Ride’ Ducati Championship and 600cc National Motorcycle Championships launched by Al Masaood dealership

Dubai: New ‘Arrive and Ride’ Ducati Championship and 600cc National Motorcycle Championships launched by Al Masaood dealership

Bike racing in Dubai at the Dubai Autodrome will all change this coming 2018-19 season. Starting on Nov 16 2018, there will be a new organiser and format of Championships. There will be no more 1000cc manufacturers bikes racing, other than the 959 Ducati, with two 600cc classes. One is a totally new concept for Dubai, with an exciting Ducati Arrive and Drive package.

The new #DucatiChampionship will be under the umbrella of the ‘Al Masaood National Motorcycle Championship’. Using the the Ducati Panigale 959 Corse.

The Ducati Championship will be run on an “Arrive and Ride” concept with the bike essentially leased from Ducati,  maintenance, fuel, tyres and spares will be managed by Al Masaood.

On race day everything will be set up for the riders, with technicians available for all the necessary preparations and any other assistance required. The motorcycles will be fitted with a full race kit with additional crash protection in order to reduce any repair costs.

Competitors will keep the same motorcycle throughout the season and Ducati will ensure that all motorcycles are closely matched in performance as to ensure a level playing field.

The same designated motorcycle will be available to competitors throughout the season with a 5000AED deposit to cover any spares.

Anyone will be eligible to enter the Championship as long as they are able to acquire the necessary competition licence required.

The Ducati Championship will be under the umbrella of the Al Masaood National Motorcycle Championship which will comprise of the following classes in the 2018-2019 season:

·         600cc Supersport

·         600cc Superstock

·         Ducati Championship (arrive and ride, own support crew are allowed with Ducati UAE having the overriding ruling rights over the designated motorcycle).

Nitty gritty details and costs

Season entry fee

1,500 AED , which will allow the competitor to be eligible for points during the season.

Race entry fee

·         Supersport & Superstock: 9,000 AED upfront payment for all 6 race day entries OR 1,750 AED per race day entry

·         Ducati Championship: 35,000 AED (includes all race entries, wear & tear maintenance, 6 sets of race tyres and fuel; an additional 5,000 AED spares deposit will need to be paid at the same time which will be reimbursed at the end of the season)

First time UAE race licence applicants

·         You will be required to enter a Dubai Autodrome Track Day and pay a 500 AED fee over and above for the theory course and on track practical assessment.

·         Non UAE licence holders/residents, for those from outside of the UAE or have race licences issued from outside of the UAE, please keep in mind that you will need to obtain a “Start Permission” from your local race licence authority.


·         Supersport class: Open brand as long as a semi-slick is used with the rear size being either 180/55/R17 or 180/60/R17

·         Superstock class: Pirelli SC1 or SC2 semi-slick with the rear size being of either 180/55/R17 or 180/60/R17

·         Ducati Championship: Pirelli SC2 semi-slick (only tyres supplied by Ducati UAE will be used).

Provisional Calendar

16 – 17   November 2018

7 – 8        December 2018

25 – 26   January 2019

15 – 16   February 2019

1 – 2        March 2019

22 – 23   March 2019

All pricing above is vat inclusive and payments.

Interested parties ca contact Kyle Kumm at Ducati, on Tel:  +971 4 4478 138 (Ext:203) E-Mail:

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