Dubai: Emirates Desert Championship report from round 2 in Margham

Dubai: Emirates Desert Championship report from round 2 in Margham

Round 2 of the Emirates Desert Championship took place Friday along the Dubai-Hatta Road just before the
Sharjah border in the Margham area. Temperatures have dropped since the last round making conditions a
bit friendlier for competitors, however very low winds caused a significant decrease in visibility due to dust.
The track was in a diamond shape, which offered many sharp turns, bumps and difficult dunes for the
competitors, proving more challenging than round 1 this year.

Over 100 competitors came out to take on the desert with their bikes, buggies, quads and cars.

Winner of auto overall, Ryan Trutch of the UK commented, “I’ve done this track twice before last season. It
is an extremely rough track, which is why I’m shaking to pieces now [just after the race].” He continued, “I
wasn’t sure exactly what position I was in, but I overtook everybody and nobody overtook me, so I felt like I
was in a good position. I’m literally running on fumes at this point, so I’m glad to finish the race. There are a
lot of bumps on the track, which is a bit bone jarring, but otherwise it’s a fantastic race.”

Winner of the moto overall, Ross Runnass from South Africa stated, “Coming in today I was really confident
in this round as last year I was leading both these round in the technical stages. So, when the track gets
really rough, I was able to use bike skills a lot, which is what I prefer.” He went on to say, “Overall, the
event was great. It was a long, hot day, but I’m happy to get the win.”

ATCUAE President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, comment, “We hope everyone enjoyed the race today and
look forward to seeing all the competitors at the next EDC in December.”

The next round will be on 8 December at a location to be announced a day before the event.

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