Qatar: Kuwaiti riders Jaffar and Al Jasmi winners of the Losail MX Championship

Qatar: Kuwaiti riders Jaffar and Al Jasmi winners of the Losail MX Championship
Kuwaiti rider Mohammed Jaffar

Kuwaiti rider Mohammed Jaffar

Feb 28th 2015 – Kuwaiti rider Mohammed Jaffar clinched the title of the 2014 / 2015 Losail MX Championship in the MX1 category and his fellow Barak Al Jasmi got the title in the MX2.

MX 1 championship podium

MX 1 championship podium

Jaffar had some problems yesterday with his bike finishing in the fifth position in the first race and today his bike was not fixed but he didn’t have to worry as he already had the title even without racing today.

‘I am really glad to win this championship, as it was not easy to get this win, it was not easy and I am very happy because all the bike issues and troubles with my bike I kept them out and I managed to get the championship. There is a lot of work behind the rider that people don’t know as they just see the rider but we have to travel and drive many hours, leave the family in each round to compete and get points to win the title, so wining the championship is really something big that makes me really proud of myself and makes my team and coach also proud of me. I would like to thank to Red Bull, Sun Garde, Adidas and Balooshi Racing Team for all their support during this championship’ Jaffar said after his win.

Meshay Abou Shaibah also from Kuwait finished in second position in the MX1 championship and he was really happy for this result ‘First of all I would like to thank QMMF for this championship and all the support and also to Honda and Kuwait Racing for all the help. It is really good for me this second position and I am very happy with this position’. Abdullah Al Shatti also from Kuwait came third in the MX1 championship.

Barak Al Jasmi

Barak Al Jasmi

The winner in the MX2, Barak Al Jasmi ended the race very happy with his two wins of this weekend and his title in the MX2

‘ I am really happy for this win and all the effort I have done during my four years of riding are now here in this victory and very happy to make it here in Qatar, in the Losail MX track. Thanks to QMMF for this amazing championship and also it is great to be here with the big guys of MXGP and ride in the same track as them. I also thank to KTM Kuwait for all their support’ Al Jasmi said after the podium. The second position was for Moath Al Ansari and Mohammed Al Hattab came in third overall.

Regarding the winners of the second race the victories were again for Jake Preston and Barak Al Jasmi as yesterday. In the MX1 Preston finished in first position and Denis Stapleton ended in second place. The third place was for the Spaniard QMMF Racing Team Julian Simon. ‘ I am really happy to participate in this race today and I enjoyed a lot. I had a lot of fun riding in the same track as world champions and thanks to QMMF for this opportunity. Today race was perfect, the start was perfect and I had a better rhythm during the race and the track conditions were also better today. I am really happy for this weekend results’

Regarding the MX2 race podium, the winner were Barak Al Jasmi in first place and Moath Al Ansari and Saeed Al Shenqiti in second and third place respectively.

group photo President with kuwaiti riders nd winners

Group photo

Championship Classification

MX1 Category
Mohammed Jaffar – Kuwait 196 points
Meshary Abou Shaibah – Kuwait 182 points
Abdullah Al Shatti – Kuwait 162 points
Jake Preston – GBR 138 points
MX2 Category

Barak Al Jasmi – Kuwait 212 points
Moath Al Ansari– Kuwait 193 points
Mohammed Al Hattab – Kuwait 147 points
Saeed Al Shenqiti – UAE 145 points

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