Sep 30th 2020 – Only in Norway can you race machines of this extreme horsepower, and the Zyrus Engineering team have developed undoubtedly the world’s fastest Lamborghini Huracan, have secured their maiden GT Championship with the world famous LP1200.

Not only have they built this amazing and extreme Bull from scratch (almost) but they then went and put their money on the table and raced this machine in the most inhospitable weather conditions in some of the harshest northerly circuits on the planet.

That’s after they set the circuits at Spa-Francorchamps and Nurburgring Nordschleife alight with their blistering speeds and super fast laps. Watch the videos below for proof.

Norwegian driver Fredrik Soerlie takes the victory with the Zyrus Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo LP1200 = V10 twin turbo full carbon track day car

Norway, September 27th 2020

ZYRUS Engineering have secured the NBF Racing GT Championship title with a solid performance at the series finale, again demonstrating the performance of the specially developed ZYRUS Lamborghini Huracán LP1200.

In extremely wet and challenging conditions Fredrik Sørlie secured two second places and an overall win in the final race, enough to secure the hard fought NBF GT Championship title for the ZYRUS Engineering team, and the second consecutive GT Championship title for driver Fredrik, who maintains his crown from 2019. This year with strict Covid rules in place and condensed schedules, it was a very challenging and a different atmosphere with no spectators allowed at the circuits, everything was a little subdued.

Racing at the Vålerbanen circuit for the fifth and final round of the NBF GT Championship, the team has this season campaigned 15 races, beating nearest rivals Vidar Frognar with his Porsche 993 and Jan Øivind Ruud in his Stealth B7 in the process.

With 9 high performance cars in the unlimited GT+ class, competition was always tough with cars running anything upwards of 800HP in this unique Extreme GT series, only found in Norway.

“The competition level here in Norway is getting tougher each year, and it is a privilege to race in a unique series as we have here, with our own take on Extreme GT racing. This Championship title means a lot to us as we have strived all year to demonstrate the performance of the LP1200 that we have developed over the past few years, this is a great reward for the team who have worked so hard. I also want to thank the NM Racing (Norwegian Motorsport association) for providing us with a safe and exciting extreme GT series which is unique in the world,” commented Radni Molhampour, ZYRUS Team Manager.

Fredrik Sørlie- “I’m really proud to take the 2020 GT Championship title for the team, and to have such great competitors to race against has not been easy but we made it happen and I really want to thank Radni Molhampour, for giving me their trust to race and develop this incredible machine, it’s been an honour and a big challenge”.

This first full carbon prototype version of the ZYRUS LP1200 V10 twin-turbo has been developed as a high-performance track car, and has been put through its paces rigorously by the ZYRUS team, with over 5100km of faultless track action now under its belt, it has proven to be both super fast and reliable.

In early August the ZYRUS LP1200 Huracán demonstrated its performance in true style on the Nurburgring, with un-official lap time during a supercar track day with 6:48.2s on a Full Lap of the Nordschleife and in mid July the team also spent a few track days at Spa-Francorchamps, where the car achieved a lap time of 2:20s on a drying track, both times with Fredrik Sørlie at the wheel.

The ZYRUS Lamborghini Huracán LP1200, V10 twin turbo, aims to be the ultimate road legal track day car, it is offered in limited production commercially to enthusiasts worldwide with bespoke coaching, customer racing and track day programmes for its customers.

Vidar Frognar behind with his 1000HP+ Porsche 993


Check out this incredible 6:48 full lap on a supercar track day back in August with Fredrik Sorle driving


And in Bridge to Gantry terms here below it is at 6:29m with Fredrik Sorle driving


Bridge to Gantry 6:29 on a supercar track day


And at Spa-Francorchamps they did 2:20m on a damp track in July