Isle of Man TT: Dunlop the Conqueror

Isle of Man TT: Dunlop the Conqueror
Dunlop the conqueror

Dunlop the conqueror

Michael Dunlop took victory in Friday’s Senior TT in a race that was re-started over four laps after Ian Hutchinson’s crash. After retiring from the opening Superbike race last Sunday, Michael Dunlop bounced back in superb fashion in today’s Senior TT to not only take his 15th TT win but also give Suzuki their first ‘big bike’ victory since Cameron Donald in 2008. He also set the fastest ever lap by a Suzuki with his second lap speed of 132.903mph.

Michael Dunlop bounced back from the Superbike disappointment to take the Senior win

Michael Dunlop bounced back from the Superbike disappointment to take the Senior win

The 28-year was struggling in the initial six-lap race and was down in fifth at the end of the opening lap, over six seconds adrift of race leader Peter Hickman. However, with the race being stopped due to the Hutchinson crash at the 27th Milestone, he was able to make changes to his rear suspension and in the four-lap re-start, he never looked back.

Dunlop scorched to a 13 second win over Peter Hickman, who made it five podiums from five races, with Dean Harrison in third place. This was after Bruce Anstey retired at the end of lap two with engine problems. The Ballymoney man had gone the wrong way with his suspension settings in the first race and had been struggling but some tweaks before the re-start saw the Bennetts Suzuki flying from the first sector and Dunlop was never headed.

Peter Hickman would push Dunlop all the way to the finish but had to settle for second spot on the podium

Peter Hickman would push Dunlop all the way to the finish but had to settle for second spot on the podium

A fastest lap of 132.903mph on lap two looked to have broken Hickman’s charge but the Smith’s BMW man responded with his own 132.254 mph but he just didn’t have enough pace to challenge Dunlop.

Harrison put in a 132.019 on his fourth lap to cap off his second Superbike podium of the week on the Silicone Kawasaki while James Hiller changed his rear shock before the re-start and took fourth place.

Kawasaki mounted Harrison would take third place, his second podium of the week

Kawasaki mounted Harrison would take third place, his second podium of the week

Michael Rutter ended his TT fortnight with fifth place while Josh Brookes won the battle of the Nortons in sixth place, heading team-mate David Johnson in seventh by just 2.678 seconds after four laps.

Dunlop led at Glen Helen on lap one by just 0.642 seconds from Anstey with Harrison in third place, the top six covered by less than three seconds. At Ballaugh, Dunlop extended his lead to 1.679 seconds as Hickman moved into second place at Ramsey and Conor Cummins taking sixth from Hillier.

With a 132.292mph opening lap, Dunlop was 4.268 seconds ahead at the Grandstand with the next three in the 131mph bracket and Rutter in fifth on a 130.367 mph. Hillier swapped places with Cummins for sixth at Glen Helen on lap two and the order was then set until Anstey dropped out.

Cummins was promoted sixth but that lasted until Glen Helen on lap three when Brookes passed both the Manxman and Johnson, and from then on it was a battle of the Nortons. Brookes held it until Ballaugh Bridge on lap four when Johnson went past with a fast sector but Brookes pulled it back to 0.327 seconds at Ramsey. From there the Bringelly man took charge on the run to the Bungalow, opening a gap to just under a a second before recording his first 130mph lap to secure sixth. The 130.883mph was also Norton’s quickest ever at the TT.

Cummins ended in eighth place with Martin Jessopp passing William Dunlop for ninth place late on. Jamie Coward took 11th with Dan Kneen 12th. Daley Mathison, Dan Hegarty and James Cowton completed the top 15.

At the post race press conference Michael was in a thoughtful mood when discussing his race.

“Even after race one I was confident that we could do six laps. After race one 1 discovered where the problem was. These things happen, you can’t point fingers, but I did.

We’ve made the impossible possible,” he said afterwards. “Some people said coming to the TT with a brand new motorbike was a mistake but we’ve proven them wrong. Stuart and Steve (Hicken) said it could be done but it was going to be a hard task and with parts arriving late we were up against it. We were getting new parts and changing things all the time and the rear suspension wasn’t right in the first part of the race so were able to change things for the second and never looked back.

The bike’s completely different to what I was riding at the NW200 and we backed the power off a bit here whilst we also started with a new chassis for the Superbike race. There’s plenty more development that can be done to take us to the next page but winning on different manufacturers ticks my boxes. Everyone wants to win the senior, it’s the one everyone remembers, and to move on to 15 wins is something special.”

Images by Glynne Lewis & Hedley Whewell

Words by John Mushet

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7 hrs ago


In the latest episode of F1 Beyond The Grid, Jos Verstappen opens up about *that* fire in 1994, his own F1 career and guiding his son Max to the top of the podium - available now in all the usual podcast places! 🎧 ... See Less

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Jos was better compared to Michael, but he didnt had the sponsors. Bless for Michael.

Guiding his son the the top of the podium.... somewhere he has never been

Quite a family legacy. I am glad there have been so many safety improvements

Harrison Taylor I remember it well I saw the helmet at Silverstone one year it was black !!!.

Jos was a great talent. Too bad it never really came out.

Love hearing these 90s racers on the podcast Tom. More of this please! Panis or Frentzen soon hopefully!

His biggest contribution to F1 is that fire and his son.

always amazed me how he didnt sustain any injury from this...

What a spectacular accident from a spectacularly bad driver

Yeah, thank the illegal Benetton fuel-flow system for that. And be grateful Jos was "lucky" that day.

They removed the safety valve for the fuel which allowed it to refuel quicker but more dangerously I remembered at the time. There was a lot of controversy that season with Benetton though.

I'd rather have refueling in F1 than DRS. (Not because of fire) those races were so tactical and fun to watch.

But the guy at 0.29, with the small water spray bottle? wow what nerds, so fast and accurate to turn off the fire from his mate!

At least max is not likely to endure the same situation, safety has thankfully come a long way forwards.

Just glad he made it out okay. This was one of the reasons they stopped the refueling mid-race.

Stroll is my favourite driver

Maybe in 2 years again.. they want to bring back refueling, right? Jos got very lucky there, although his visor was open at the time of the fire so he's got some burns in his face. Not as bas as Lauda luckily bit that was another situation, fire-extinguishers weren't close by, etc.

I remember that day. I got scary. The drive was Verstapen... We thought he had died.

He's very lucky. After this horrific accident he's alive and without any scar! Sometimes I just can't believe how lucky are those people who survived this kind of accidents.

The whole crew bolted leaving Verstappen to burn in hell. Every man for himself, I guess.

it's amazing to hear that he was fine with the mistake that his team made it because who know what happen next and as he said racing is dangerous

he made he is a good man

Loved how he waved all the pit crew away.

"Check your MFD for a new strategy option"

"Are you alright?" "Engine off, engine off"

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8 hrs ago


Two F1 world champions go head-to-head and wheel-to-wheel under the lights in 2010 🇸🇬 ... See Less

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Happy memories,back when f1 had interest,and an Alonso fighting with a much slower car for tittles till the last races and claiming amazing victories.

2010 was such a great season.

Good luck Mr.Vettel in 2019! Keep going to Singapure! Regain your peace of mind,and keep going to win!

Man I miss the days of having 3-6 cars in the title fight down to the last few races and about 6-7 teams that could win any given weekend. Those were the days.

Look how nice the shiny cars look, this is a spectacle for the fans who pay big bucks and for the ones who watch on tv and give ratings, these damn matte finishes should be banned, i dont care if it makes the car lighter.

Vettel left on track with a much faster car, but Alonso was at the base of the arm and experience. They were incredible disputes!!

Amazing. Vettel had a faster car but Alonso had pole, victory, and fastest lap in that race, hat trick

Great days Fernando in a Ferrari

Glory Days of F1 in the last decade

Case and point that Alonso was not as great as everyone pipes on about he was leading the championship at this point the bottled it

10 points... only 10 points extra... and he would have had so many more titles. That says a lot about those days. Now it is more who 🤷‍♂️

What a nerves of steel by Alonso! Fighting with Vettel who just sits on your back with a less than second time lost was wonderful. Sometimes I wish I could have those nerves

Strolls my favourite driver

Ohhh i remember those days when i was 5 and my idol was Vettel. I threw TV remote control while he was crushing. 😁😂😏😜NOSTALGIA

It's a coin toss could be a fast parade or we might see a race this year

I miss Alonso in F1 already

Well at the time it was just 1 world champion and a champion in waiting.

Why are they showing nine year old highlight reels? Is it because the current cars and drivers aren't drawing the crowds, or the audiences that they should be? Hmmm.

Classic Fernando we miss you

Who's car was that at the start-finish line blown up? 😂😂

Sad to see Alonsos only legitimate title shots w/ Ferrari (at his prime) end in tears. When Vettel himself keeps dropping the ball (2017,2018.)

Look at Alonso start. He closes on Vettel much more than Vettel did on Verstappen in 2017. Vettel was just unlucky in that situation. He couldn't know Raikkonen was also there.

Still can’t believe how Ferrari with such great drivers as Alonso and Vettel hasn’t won a championship for such a long time.

Nope September 2010 Vettel was not yet champion.

Missing Alonso 💔

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9 hrs ago


Throwing it back to the 2010 #AragonGP race 🏁

Watch the final #MotoGP laps as Jorge Lorenzo and Nicky Hayden- The Kentucky Kid fought for a place on the podium! ⚔️
... See Less

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Nicky was a great guy, ride in heaven!❤️ I miss Casey in MotoGp too, his talent was quite extraordinary, a once in a generation genius!

69 will always be a legend. 58 just coming into view at the end of the video too. Two great riders gone but not forgotten.

Truly missed Nicky Hayden one of the best

Miss you, ride from Kentucky.

The legend Nicky Hayden. We all still miss you brother

R.i.p nicky!

Always breaks my heart 💔

God I still miss Nicky, still incredibly painful. Doesn't seem real even now. .. I'll never forget him, that's for sure.

Those were the days, for sure. RIP 69!

When Ducatis were beautiful 😕

Hayden miss

I really miss him..😭😭😭💔💔6⃣9⃣

ahh 2010 when Stoner won 3 races and podiumed 9 times and some jerk told the press Stoner wasn't riding the bike to its full potential and promised to bring his crew chief to Ducati next year and fix it in 80 seconds. 😂

Only the last bit was 69 & 99

What a fantastic move !!! Grande Nicky !!!!!!

we miss u Nicky 😪😪😪 69

Ride in Heaven, Nicky Hayden

Gavin Emmett as commentator 👍 Here Lorenzo uses Tomizawa's helmet paint scheme as he was dead in the previous GP at Misano

Ánimo Jorgito buena vibra 🤙🏻

so classic

Miss you nick

Shout out to my idol ben spies

Σας γλέντησε ο γιατρός πάλι 6η θέση 😹😹

Miss Nicky Hayden but I wear his Tissot Ducati watch .

Forget how good those bikes sounded!!!

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11 hrs ago


Three supreme talents, three different manufacturers, one memorable #MotoGP race! 👏

Marc Márquez, Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone threw everything at each other one year ago! 🔥
... See Less

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And the WINNER goes to VALENTINO again 😎 Congratulations 🎊👏🏆

Amazing race...riders racing but also in harmony, like music! All knowing where each other rider is !...a great battle!

Man what a race that was. Hope for another great race. 6 bikes or so would be nice...

Yamaha is the best

One of the best and most beautiful overtakes ever, that's why we watch #MotoGP

Nice forward by dovi and innione...

the most dramatic race..👍👍

The classic racers ❤️

Iannone, the myth, the perfume man, the model about to lose his seat again.

Yamaha NEED Rossi and a faster bike. It’s a poor bike and has been for a while.

The power of Honda and Ducati. Suzuki and Yamaha just couldn't match these monsters in long stretch shootout 😅😅😅

Iannone best overtake !!! 2 in a row ✌🏻

Modern day gladiators!!!!!

Marc too slow on corners, definitely won't win if honda has no top speed

The top end from that Duc 😎😎😎

Ianonne should go back on a duc or suzuki again... aprilia is a bigger piece of sh#t than the ktm 👎🏻

Aragon soon

What a race !!!! 😍🤩


MM getting beaten up 🤣🤣👍

when iannone was competetive

No yamaha?

Those guys are so bad ass!

An 1 king no93😉😉

Mm is completely out of control again!

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