UAE: Inaugural Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East series off to a great start at Yas Marina Circuit

UAE: Inaugural Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East series off to a great start at Yas Marina Circuit


Abu Dhabi, February 10th, 2017-It was a thrilling race, the one which took place at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and officially inaugurated the new Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East. The victory went to the all-Italian duo formed by Davide Roda and Marco Antonelli, who finished first overall and ranked first in the AM class as well.

One of the most brilliant crews of the championship went out of the race at the first corner, after starting from the pole position: the Huracan Super Trofeo #7 of GDL Racing, driven by the 18-year-old Lamborghini Young Driver Rik Breukers and Axcil Jefferies (coming from the GP2 series), was the victim of a contact with the car # 55 of the team GT3 Poland, driven by Myszkowski-Lewandowski, which put an end to the winning ambitions of the fast young drivers.

After the entrance of the safety car, the Huracan #27 driven by Costantino Bertuzzi (GDL Racing team) and the two cars of FFF Racing Team by ACM took advantage of the situation. The two cars of the latter team were driven by PRO drivers at their debut in the series: Jack Bartholomew and Parth Ghorpade on the car #5, Richard Goddard and the young German female driver Carrie Schreiner on the car # 15.

The trio led the race until the pit-stop for the driver change, but during the second half of the race the game changed. Marco Antonelli, after taking over the wheel of the Huracan # 72 of the team Antonelli Motorsport from Davide Roda, managed to take the lead of the race, thanks to a good race pace and some overtakings against the leaders. Subsequently, the car #70 (Steven Liquorish – GDL Racing) went out of track, which first caused the entrance of the safety car, then the early end of the race with a red flag, thus freezing the standings 10 minutes before the official conclusion.

The Italian crew Antonelli-Roda therefore got the overall victory and the one in the AM class, ahead of the Huracan #5 of FFF Racing Team, driven by Bartholomew-Ghorpade (first in the PRO class) and the car #15, belonging to the same team, with Schreiner-Goddard behind the wheel and authors of the fastest lap of the race.

In the PRO-AM class, the victory went to the duo formed by Bertuzzi and Farmer (with the Huracan #27 of GDL Racing), fourth overall and authors of a good race. Second place in the PRO-AM class for the car of Konrad Motorsport driven by the debuting duo, Paul Scheuschner and Hendrik Still, while the third place of the class was conquered by the Huracan the team GT3 Poland with the drivers of the Super Trofeo Europe, Moczulski and Mikrut.

In the AM class, behind the winners Roda-Antonelli, the second and third place were conquered respectively by Vincent Wong, Top Speed Racing, and Andrew Haryanto with the team GDL Racing.

In the Lamborghini Cup class, the victory went to the Italian Gabriele Murroni, behind the wheel of the Huracan of Petri Corse Hurcan. The driver was at his debut in Motorsport.

Race 1 Driver quotes

Davide Roda – Antonelli Motorsport n. 72 (first overall and first in the AM class): “I am very happy to have made my debut in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Middle East, it was very important to me. I felt good right from the start: since free practice, Marco and I had had a good pace; the fact that there is little difference in lap times between us makes us a very balanced crew. Let’s see tomorrow in race 2!”

Marco Antonelli – Antonelli Motorsport 72 (first overall and first in the AM class): “Of course, I would have preferred that the race ended with the checkered flag and not with a red one. When I was on track after the driver change, I managed to overtake three cars and then I got the lead of the race before the safety car was released. It was a great experience to win on a track I had never seen before and which I find beautiful. ”

Jack Bartholomew – FFF Racing by ACM no. 5 (first in the PRO class): “A very eventful race! Mine was a simple stint, I mean, I maintained a good race pace without making any mistakes and the events led us to conquer this victory. I’m at my debut in this series and I must say that the Huracan is really a good car.”

Parth Ghorpade – FFF Racing by ACM no. 5 (first in the PRO class): “I am very happy to have finished on the podium in the first race of my life with a GT car. I used to race with single seaters, therefore I still have to become familiar with this kind of car, but it is really fantastic.”

Costantino Bertuzzi – GDL Racing no. 27 (first in the PRO-AM class): “I didn’t expect to get on the podium, so I’m really very happy. The team was extraordinary, they did a great job, and after racing many years in another one-make series, I’m very satisfied with this first experience with Lamborghini.”

Gabriele Murroni – Petri Corse no. 88 (first in the Lamborghini Cup class): “This was my first race ever. I really liked the atmosphere, the car is very powerful and also the fact that we raced during the night made the experience really special. ”

Rik Breukers and Axcil Jefferies winners of race 2


Race 2 – Saturday, February 11, at 4:10 p.m. local time.

The young drivers Rik Breukers and Axcil Jefferies have had a rewarding weekend, with brilliant results during all sessions, except for Race 1 where they went faultlessly out of the race due to a contact at the first corner. Race 2, saw the triumph of the crew of the Huracan Super Trofeo # 7 fielded by GDL Racing. Both PRO drivers managed to score the victory thanks to a very fast race pace and a perfect conduct.

After starting from the pole position thanks to the best time set during qualifying, the eighteen-year-old Rik Breukers, member of the Lamborghini Young Drivers Program, had immediately to hand over the first position to Marco Antonelli, author of a calibrated overtaking at the first corner and winner of Race 1 on Friday. But after six laps at a qualifying pace for both drivers, Breukers made his way and regained the lead.

When the pit-lane was opened for the driver change, the Huracan #7 of GDL Racing got in immediately and Axcil Jefferies took over the wheel from Rik Breukers, while Marco Antonelli exploited the entire time window to try and leave the car to David Roda in an optimal position.
After the driver change, the twenty-two-year-old driver coming from the GP2 Series, Axcil Jefferies, continued leading the race, with a very fast and steady pace. Davide Roda managed to keep the second position until the end of the race, thus stemming the comeback of the Huracan # 27 of Bertuzzi and Farmer (GDL Racing, PRO-AM), who finished in third position.

The PRO class saw the victory of the duo of GDL Racing Breukers-Jefferies and behind them, in second and third position respectively (5th and 7th overall), the two crews of FFF Racing Team by ACM: the first one was formed by the American Richard Goddard and the nineteen-year-old German female driver Carrie Schreiner; the second crew consisted of the English Jack Bartholomew (author of the fastest lap) and the Indian Parth Ghorpade, all at their first experience in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo.

In the PRO-AM class, Costantino Bertuzzi and Nigel Farmer scored their second win after that obtained in Race 1 on Friday, thanks to a fast and steady pace maintained throughout the weekend. Behind them are Paul Scheuschner and Hendrik Still (Konrad Motorsport), already in P2 in Race 1, and the duo of GT3 Poland, Mikrut and Moczulski.

The AM class saw another success of Antonelli and Roda, constantly on the podium, while in second position there are Andrew Haryanto (GDL Racing) and Lewandowski-Myszkowski (GT3 Poland).

In the Lamborghini Cup category, the Italian Gabriele Murroni (Petri Corse), at his debut on the track, scored a double victory during the weekend.?

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6 hrs ago


In the latest episode of F1 Beyond The Grid, Jos Verstappen opens up about *that* fire in 1994, his own F1 career and guiding his son Max to the top of the podium - available now in all the usual podcast places! 🎧 ... See Less

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Jos was better compared to Michael, but he didnt had the sponsors. Bless for Michael.

Guiding his son the the top of the podium.... somewhere he has never been

Quite a family legacy. I am glad there have been so many safety improvements

Harrison Taylor I remember it well I saw the helmet at Silverstone one year it was black !!!.

Jos was a great talent. Too bad it never really came out.

Love hearing these 90s racers on the podcast Tom. More of this please! Panis or Frentzen soon hopefully!

His biggest contribution to F1 is that fire and his son.

always amazed me how he didnt sustain any injury from this...

Just glad he made it out okay. This was one of the reasons they stopped the refueling mid-race.

What a spectacular accident from a spectacularly bad driver

Yeah, thank the illegal Benetton fuel-flow system for that. And be grateful Jos was "lucky" that day.

They removed the safety valve for the fuel which allowed it to refuel quicker but more dangerously I remembered at the time. There was a lot of controversy that season with Benetton though.

I'd rather have refueling in F1 than DRS. (Not because of fire) those races were so tactical and fun to watch.

But the guy at 0.29, with the small water spray bottle? wow what nerds, so fast and accurate to turn off the fire from his mate!

At least max is not likely to endure the same situation, safety has thankfully come a long way forwards.

Stroll is my favourite driver

Maybe in 2 years again.. they want to bring back refueling, right? Jos got very lucky there, although his visor was open at the time of the fire so he's got some burns in his face. Not as bas as Lauda luckily bit that was another situation, fire-extinguishers weren't close by, etc.

I remember that day. I got scary. The drive was Verstapen... We thought he had died.

He's very lucky. After this horrific accident he's alive and without any scar! Sometimes I just can't believe how lucky are those people who survived this kind of accidents.

The whole crew bolted leaving Verstappen to burn in hell. Every man for himself, I guess.

it's amazing to hear that he was fine with the mistake that his team made it because who know what happen next and as he said racing is dangerous

he made he is a good man

Loved how he waved all the pit crew away.

"Check your MFD for a new strategy option"

"Are you alright?" "Engine off, engine off"

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Two F1 world champions go head-to-head and wheel-to-wheel under the lights in 2010 🇸🇬 ... See Less

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Happy memories,back when f1 had interest,and an Alonso fighting with a much slower car for tittles till the last races and claiming amazing victories.

2010 was such a great season.

Good luck Mr.Vettel in 2019! Keep going to Singapure! Regain your peace of mind,and keep going to win!

Man I miss the days of having 3-6 cars in the title fight down to the last few races and about 6-7 teams that could win any given weekend. Those were the days.

Look how nice the shiny cars look, this is a spectacle for the fans who pay big bucks and for the ones who watch on tv and give ratings, these damn matte finishes should be banned, i dont care if it makes the car lighter.

Vettel left on track with a much faster car, but Alonso was at the base of the arm and experience. They were incredible disputes!!

Amazing. Vettel had a faster car but Alonso had pole, victory, and fastest lap in that race, hat trick

It's a coin toss could be a fast parade or we might see a race this year

Glory Days of F1 in the last decade

Case and point that Alonso was not as great as everyone pipes on about he was leading the championship at this point the bottled it

10 points... only 10 points extra... and he would have had so many more titles. That says a lot about those days. Now it is more who 🤷‍♂️

What a nerves of steel by Alonso! Fighting with Vettel who just sits on your back with a less than second time lost was wonderful. Sometimes I wish I could have those nerves

Strolls my favourite driver

Ohhh i remember those days when i was 5 and my idol was Vettel. I threw TV remote control while he was crushing. 😁😂😏😜NOSTALGIA

I miss Alonso in F1 already

Well at the time it was just 1 world champion and a champion in waiting.

Why are they showing nine year old highlight reels? Is it because the current cars and drivers aren't drawing the crowds, or the audiences that they should be? Hmmm.

Classic Fernando we miss you

Who's car was that at the start-finish line blown up? 😂😂

Sad to see Alonsos only legitimate title shots w/ Ferrari (at his prime) end in tears. When Vettel himself keeps dropping the ball (2017,2018.)

Look at Alonso start. He closes on Vettel much more than Vettel did on Verstappen in 2017. Vettel was just unlucky in that situation. He couldn't know Raikkonen was also there.

Still can’t believe how Ferrari with such great drivers as Alonso and Vettel hasn’t won a championship for such a long time.

Nope September 2010 Vettel was not yet champion.

Missing Alonso 💔

Alonso next year!!!!! ♥️

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9 hrs ago


Throwing it back to the 2010 #AragonGP race 🏁

Watch the final #MotoGP laps as Jorge Lorenzo and Nicky Hayden- The Kentucky Kid fought for a place on the podium! ⚔️
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Nicky was a great guy, ride in heaven!❤️ I miss Casey in MotoGp too, his talent was quite extraordinary, a once in a generation genius!

69 will always be a legend. 58 just coming into view at the end of the video too. Two great riders gone but not forgotten.

Truly missed Nicky Hayden one of the best

Miss you, ride from Kentucky.

The legend Nicky Hayden. We all still miss you brother

R.i.p nicky!

Always breaks my heart 💔

God I still miss Nicky, still incredibly painful. Doesn't seem real even now. .. I'll never forget him, that's for sure.

Those were the days, for sure. RIP 69!

When Ducatis were beautiful 😕

Hayden miss

I really miss him..😭😭😭💔💔6⃣9⃣

ahh 2010 when Stoner won 3 races and podiumed 9 times and some jerk told the press Stoner wasn't riding the bike to its full potential and promised to bring his crew chief to Ducati next year and fix it in 80 seconds. 😂

Only the last bit was 69 & 99

What a fantastic move !!! Grande Nicky !!!!!!

we miss u Nicky 😪😪😪 69

Ride in Heaven, Nicky Hayden

Gavin Emmett as commentator 👍 Here Lorenzo uses Tomizawa's helmet paint scheme as he was dead in the previous GP at Misano

Ánimo Jorgito buena vibra 🤙🏻

so classic

Miss you nick

Shout out to my idol ben spies

Σας γλέντησε ο γιατρός πάλι 6η θέση 😹😹

Miss Nicky Hayden but I wear his Tissot Ducati watch .


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10 hrs ago


Three supreme talents, three different manufacturers, one memorable #MotoGP race! 👏

Marc Márquez, Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone threw everything at each other one year ago! 🔥
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And the WINNER goes to VALENTINO again 😎 Congratulations 🎊👏🏆

Amazing race...riders racing but also in harmony, like music! All knowing where each other rider is !...a great battle!

Man what a race that was. Hope for another great race. 6 bikes or so would be nice...

Yamaha is the best

One of the best and most beautiful overtakes ever, that's why we watch #MotoGP

Nice forward by dovi and innione...

the most dramatic race..👍👍

The classic racers ❤️

Iannone, the myth, the perfume man, the model about to lose his seat again.

The power of Honda and Ducati. Suzuki and Yamaha just couldn't match these monsters in long stretch shootout 😅😅😅

Iannone best overtake !!! 2 in a row ✌🏻

Modern day gladiators!!!!!

Marc too slow on corners, definitely won't win if honda has no top speed

The top end from that Duc 😎😎😎

Aragon soon

Ianonne should go back on a duc or suzuki again... aprilia is a bigger piece of sh#t than the ktm 👎🏻

What a race !!!! 😍🤩



MM getting beaten up 🤣🤣👍

when iannone was competetive

No yamaha?

Those guys are so bad ass!

An 1 king no93😉😉

Mm is completely out of control again!

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