Rally: Al Rajhi and Gottschalk duo cruise to record fifth victory in Ha’il Rally

Rally: Al Rajhi and Gottschalk duo cruise to record fifth victory in Ha’il Rally
Yazeed Al-Rajhi at the Ha'il International Rally.

Yazeed Al-Rajhi at the Ha’il International Rally.

Monday, March 14th, 2016-HA’IL (Saudi Arabia): Saudi Arabia’s Yazeed Al-Rajhi and German navigator Timo Gottschalk cruised to a comfortable victory in the Ha’il Nissan International Rally on Monday morning after winning the super special and all four selective sections in Saudi Arabia’s premier motor sport event.

The Riyadh driver began the final leg with a lead of 1min 01min 46sec and extended that to a winning margin of 1hr 23min 45sec to confirm a second successive win in his powerful Hummer and a record fifth in total.

“I am extremely happy to win this rally for the fifth time,” said Al-Rajhi. “I notice the progress the event makes year-after-year and it is getting better with the support from Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz, Prince Abdullah bin Khalid and Prince Sultan Bin Bandar Al-Faisal.

“The competition was different this year and I have noticed the progress that all the drivers are making and that reflects in the atmosphere of the rally. I had a few early setbacks. We lost our way in the first stage and had to retrace our steps to avoid getting lost and missing a waypoint and the engine also stopped for some minutes. I had a different strategy this year. I took it easier and controlled my pace to ensure that I could win.”

No one in the 46-field was a match for Al-Rajhi, although Rajah-Fahan Al-Shammeri drove impressively in his Nissan Patrol to claim fourth overall and victory in the T2 category. “I am delighted to be the champion and I want to remain the champion,” said Al-Shammeri. “I hope that Nissan will give me more support next year.”

Ahmed-Abdullah Al-Shehail finished second overall in another Nissan and the Japanese manufacturer and title sponsor also filled third, sixth, seventh, ninth, 10th, 11th and 12th positions, courtesy of strong performances by Saudi’s Faris Al-Mashna and the Saudi sextet of Meshaal Al-Saeedi, Khalid Al-Fraihi, Ahmed Al-Gashami, Ahmed Al-Shegawi, Munif Al-Salmani and Jaafar-Majed Al-Qahtani. Al-Shegawi, for his part, set the second quickest time on the last stage.

Khalaf-Jouan Al-Shammeri steered the leading Toyota home in eighth position and the experienced Ahmed Al-Sabban was fifth in a Ford Raptor.  There was disappointment for the Lebanese driver Emil Khneisser and his Russian navigator Alexsei Kuzmich. They suffered persistent gearbox problems within sight of the finish in their Nissan Patrol, lost fifth place and slipped out of the top 10.

Qatar’s Sheikh Hamed Bin Eid Al-Thani began well with the second fastest time in the super special stage, but technical issues accounted for his Nissan Patrol and the likes of Khalid Al-Jaflah, Atif Al-Zarouni and Ahmed Al-Shegawi also had their own fair share of problems that ruined potentially better results. Al- Zarouni, Yayha Ali-Abdu and Fahd Al-Abdulattif actually started the final selective section and then returned directly to the finish.

Abdul-Majeed Al-Khulaifi retained his quad title with a comfortable victory over Heshayan Al-Heshayan’s Yamaha and Ahmed Al-Nasser rode the solitary Honda motorcycle and completed the event once again. Abdulsalem Hamam finished an unofficial third in the quads.

The rally was staged under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Ha’il, President of the Supreme Commission for Ha’il Development and the Head of the Supreme Commission of the Ha’il Rally. The SAMF runs under the chairmanship of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Bandar Al-Faisal and the event was organised in conjunction with the High Authority for the Development of Ha’il.

Ha’il Nissan International Rally – positions after Leg 4 (unofficial @ 14.10hrs):

1. Yazeed Al-Rajhi (SAU)/Timo Gottschalk (DEU) Hummer                        8hr 10min 50sec

2. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Shehail (SAU)/Rasheed Mslet (SAU) Nissan  9hr 34min 35sec

3. Faris Al-Mashna (SAU)/Saud Al-Zayed (SAU) Nissan                                  9hr 42min 27sec

4. Rajah Farhan Al-Shammeri (SAU)/Mubarak Al-Shammeri (SAU) Nissan 9hr 59min 44sec

5. Ahmed Al-Sabban (SAU)/Adel Abdullah (QAT) Ford Raptor                        10hr 00min 17sec

6. Meshaal Al-Saeedi (SAU)/Bandar Al-Saeedi (SAU) Nissan                      10hr 02min 39sec

7. Khalid Al-Fraihi (SAU)/Ali Obaid (ARE) Nissan                                                  10hr 03min 04sec

8. Khalaf-Jouan Al-Shammeri (SAU)/Jouan Al-Shammeri (SAU) Toyota                10hr 05min 05sec

9. Ahmed Al-Gashami (SAU)/Waleed Al-Fiuam (SAU) Nissan                  10hr 16min 15sec

10. Ahmed Al-Shegawi (SAU)/Arif Yousef Mohammed (ARE) Nissan                10hr 16min 33sec


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27 minutes ago


A champion crowned, and an incredible race in the history books... 😍 ... See Less

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That was outstanding. How could anyone hate this man Hamilton??? He’s amazing!!!

For a moment i tought i missed a race. My heart skipped!

good 2018 was circuit green 😀 .. This year Leclerc will very enjoy the track 🚀💪 wishing luck for Renault they was so bad luck 🤞


Guys, next Monday Will be the last day for me on Facebook, coz I Will be travelling to England on Tuesday to study Law. Will be there for four years. I'll miss you all so much. May God be with you all. Please forward this message to all those know me. I've just forwarded as I received it and I don't know who is travelling.

God watching this makes my heart break for Danny Ric even more 😭 Just could not catch a break

🖤I Love U Guys🖤

This year and that's gonna be it for Mercedes and Hamilton.

since 2014 the FIA Mercedes team is winning all titles , nothing is new

Must feel good becoming champion again with a far superior car for years and f1 easier than ever less demanding tracks overtaking assist computer assisted cars no wonder kids are filling the grid

Julian Meert blijft mooie start

I’m a top fan here too Sergej Petrov

Hyperbole everywhere



This guy screams a lot..

Como lo hizo...

The mad reacts 😂😂 😂

Lewis: P4

Gosh I miss those days already and it's only been a year

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58 minutes ago


Victory number 10 of 2019 and number 54 in the premier class

🥇 - Marc Márquez
🥈 - Fabio Quartararo
🥉 - Andrea Dovizioso

#JapaneseGP 🇯🇵
... See Less

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Congrats #MM93🥇🥰

Congratulations #MM93 💐🌻

Still Honda is the best congrats #mm93

Congrats Marc

Pretty sure hes a machine!!!! No one Ive ever seen pushes it to limit and comes off as much unscathed! And then wins! Hes very skilled and very lucky and we are all blessed to be witnessing such greatness!!

👍👍👍👍the best rider

The best, grande 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

Congratulations Marc #MM93 🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Great run marc,keep it going

The best ever! #MM93

To be honest, without hiding any thoughts in my mind and without any lies, to tell the actual truth with my clear open mind and clean heart, expressing whatever is embedded inside me from a long time which I didn't say just because I was nervous but today by gathering all the courage and motivation I just want to say Cool post thanks for sharing


As good as any of the former Goats. Best rider ATM 😁

He’s the Tiger Woods of MGP. Maybe Rossi can take him down with a couple crazy women😂

Congratulation.. Marc#FC.​ Thailand​

Rossi fans left the group😁 We love you MM93 FROM PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭

Yamaha has slower bike and a talented rider in fabio, honda has a faster bike and a talented rider in marc, ducati has the fastest bike and a slower rider in dovi. Lol.

Can we have video of the legend doctor binning it fighting for 10th place please?

Well done #MM93 💪💪💪

Marquez is undeniably King of MotoGP at The moment 👑🇪🇸 he is like Valentino Rossi 17 years ago! Bike is perfect and rider fast.

Congratulation Marc Márquez you are the biso mcm pok iso and hebat ..

Lossi fan / people who keep forcing mm93 to change bike ( Angry emote)

My top fan badge is just as impressive

Nice Fabio you won again in MotoGP.5 and Your ROTY

Again strong performance by Lorenzo. Literally he's flying.

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1 day ago


Daniel Ricciardo set a new lap record and his third career pole in Mexico last year! Jump onboard with the rapid Aussie 🔥 ... See Less

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I love this circuit. Go Max!

My favorite driver as a person. He deserved a better car than a Renault

Guys, next Monday Will be the last day for me on Facebook, coz I Will be travelling to England on Tuesday to study Law. Will be there for four years. I'll miss you all so much. May God be with you all. Please forward this message to all those know me. I've just forwarded as I received it and I don't know who is travelling.

Absolutely stunning! And the radio message sums it up perfectly 🤙

Great lap indeed !!! But im here to show the badge 😎😎

Great driver, always enjoy watching him. I was surprised how much the car was bottoming out on the lap, never paid attention to that before

I was soooooo happy when he did this. Max just wasn't fast enough and Vettel still youngest pole sitter 😂😂😂😂😂

And Austin Texas Grand Prix???

wou finally a great brand opens its eyes to the great corridor that is ricciardo 🏎🏎

This was just a fucking tragedy of a weekend, pole to yet another mechanical dnf. Thanks for all the broken engine components RB. They call that particular move the Horner Special.

Daniel will always be one of my favourite drivers.

Really miss seeing ricciardo at the top

Won’t be doing that this year. Sadly. Such a bad move.

Feel bad he moved from red bull deserves so much more of a better car. Would love to see him in a silver arrow

Last sector is one of the trickiests of all the circus... brilliant drive by Dani!

Will he ever experience these highs again, I’ve been a little deflated with the f1 thing this year because of this Renault thing, damn you max

Long straight will provide the advantage for Ferrari. Medium and slow corners would be Red Bull and Mercedes territory. Will be fascinating race.

Interesting to see how this year's Renault engines will cope with the Mexican altitude, last year they seemed the most efficient in the Red Bull car but who knows, just wishing for a Danny Ric podium again

Poor max almost cried after that one. I’m sure he did behind doors on his daddy’s shoulder. 😭

He's a great competitor ,Ferrari should hire him for next year to be in front againd

I don’t know anyone who does not like this guy. He’s fast and has amazing race craft. Its a wonder why he isn’t in a top team as the number 1 driver 🤔

Is this the pole he robbed crashy and Jos of their record?

all to give it up in the first `10 meter the next day

Jenson Button made the claim that Max was the quickest driver ever in F1 history yet Danny Ric had 3 poles while partnered with Max and Max had none This isn’t a dig at Max who I like a lot but a dig at how much shite Buttons talks

I miss Daniel Ric in the Red Bull plus the names of the tyres. These days tyre names are so boring.

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