Al Attiyah congratulated the new QMMF president and board members

Mon, Feb 22nd 2016 – Mr. Nasser Al Attiyah, FIM deputy president & FIA vice president congratulated the new QMMF President and board members on their new positions and wished them all the best of luck in the coming events, expressing meanwhile his trust and confidence in them, to serve their country in a perfect way. Throughout the QMMF, which has contributed much in drawing a new road map for motorsport all over the world.

This statement was released yesterday evening at QMMF headquarters in the attendance of Mr. Mohammed Al Morraikhi – QMMF previous general secretary- and Mr. Abdul Rahman  Al Mannai – the Chairman of the QMMF- and a number of the board members of the federation.

Replying to a number of questions regarding the nature of the resignation, Al Attiyah said that,

“Due to the great volume of work and hard responsibilities undertaken by me in both International positions which I am currently occupying in FIM & FIA (as FIM deputy president & FIA vice president), also the presence in some committee formed under these two federations, I tried several times before to resign the position of QMMF President, in order to fulfill the tasks of these International critical positions perfectly, as such these positions require full time occupation to achieve the targeted and promising positive results of motorsport.”

Al Attiyah stated, “I have worked for 14 years as QMMF President, due to Gods blessing, and with the assistance of my previous colleagues at QMMF, we managed to reach a prominent position in the name of Qatar in the field of motorsport, Throughout the international events hosted and organized in Qatar and the achievements in motorsport (both regional and international) these events are self evident and can’t be ignored by any one”.

“We will continue working in order to keep the name of Qatar at the top of the pioneering countries in motorsport, he added. I would like also to confirm again that I will stand always beside the new QMMF board members who have been recently appointed, they are the finest Qatari youth, we wish them all the best of luck in their new careers. I confirm my full readiness to submit any assistance and support to them whenever they need, and we are also ready to communicate with them in all issues related to the future of the Qatari motorsport.

It worth saying that the decree no. 7/2016, has been issued in 16 Feb. 2016 and stated the reforming of QMMF board members for a period of 4 years starting from the decree issuance date.


official press information from FIA media delegate Osama Al Mansour