Gulf12hr: Qatari Amro Al Hamad celebrates Gulf 12hr debut at Yas Marina Circuit

Gulf12hr: Qatari Amro Al Hamad celebrates Gulf 12hr debut at Yas Marina Circuit



Abu Dhabi, Dec 12th 2015-Qatari racing driver Amro Al Hamad celebrated his maiden appearance in the Gulf 12hr race at Yas Marina circuit with a podium finish, representing the country of Qatar for the first time in this prestigious endurance race event.

After achieving Qatar’s Free-diving National record in Greece a few months ago, Amro swapped his wet suit and fins for his race suit to get behind the wheel for a new 12hour challenge.

The format of the Gulf 12 Hours sees the event broken down into two, six hour races, one in the daytime and one in the evening which concludes under the floodlights, with a break of almost three hours between the two races.

Amro joined up with the CRM Team from Portugal in their GB08 WOLF prototype car to run in the CN class, giving him some familiarity to the Radical SR3 he raced in past seasons.

Joining new teammates Philppe Prette and Angelo Negro, who usually race in the Ferrari Asia Cup and Sam Taheri, the team qualified the car in 12th place ahead of all the Porsche GT3 Cup teams.

All was not to be completely fault free running for the team who suffered two technical issues early on in the first part of the six hour race with a throttle sensor problem forcing the car into the pit box for repairs, losing 15 laps on the lead cars. Amro also had just entered the car for his first stint, when the starter motor broke and he was forced to wait for the repairs. The team then raced a faultless 5 hours to continue into 16th place by the end of race one.


“The first outing in the race was really great, I really enjoyed the car although it is very low to the ground and isn’t always visible to other GT cars, so I was a little cautious with other cars around me, its the low nature of these prototype cars and after a while you get used to it. The team were very pleased with my lap times as was being very consistent to try and help the team gain time in certain sectors, but it was tough because of the previous technical issues,” commented Amro.

Race two was a battle to regain lost time for the team, Amro had three stints in the car totaling three hours behind the wheel and took the final flag for the team after 271 laps complete. The race ended under red flags, dramatically 10 minutes early due to a violent crash involving two cars being heavily damaged.


“It was not a normal finish so everyone was a bit surprised to see red flags near the end of the race, the two Ferrari’s collided in front of me hitting an oil spill on turn 3 and I was lucky to avoid the mayhem, thankfully we managed to bring our car to the finish line in one piece in 16th place overall and first in the CN class.”

“I was really impressed with the GB08 WOLF car and I really enjoyed the high downforce from the aero compaired to what im used to in the Radical. We struggled a little bit on power on the straights against the GT3 cars but we had maximum cornering speed. We didnt run our car on full power as we had some small technical issues previous so we wanted to make sure we gave ourselves a fighting chance of at least finishing the race, the team did a fantastic job and I enjoyed racing with my new team mates”, commented Amro.

“This is the last race for me in 2015 and it has been a good season for racing, where I have celebrated and lifted the Qatar flag on the podium with some great teams so i am very proud. Now I am focusing on attracting new sponsors to replace Shell who will not continue in 2016 due to budget restrictions, but i want to thank them for the support they have given me over the years, and I look forward to continuing this motorsport journey for Qatar”, concluded Amro.


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9 hrs ago


Throwing it back to the #Moto2 race of the #BritishGP 2012 🇬🇧

Enjoy the last laps battle for the 2nd place between Marquez and Redding! ⚔️

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I was there.....Brilliant racing!!

Very drunk day but remember the race. Loved watching Scott race. All packed and ready for Silverstone Thursday morning.

Fantastic battle 👍

I was there, great finish. Home crowd went wild when Redding got back in front, then deadly silent when Marquez had a look up inside on last bend, then wild again when Redding cut back across. Amazing stuff!


Redding and Iannone can beat Marquez they just don't get competitive bikes

Great performance by Pol & Scott at the end💪🏼..that was a cracker💥..

Very nice

Very nice

All these guys are big talents. Many riders like Pol Espargaro, Alvaro Bautista, Bradley Smith, Antony West & many more are great riders and capable of winning championships ( capable ). People underestimate these guys by their bad results, but material is key in these classes, especially in the MotoGp class. Give them a solid ride and they'll blow your mind

Redding never got the ride he deserved.

2019, #93 is the winner..😋🏁

special suter chassis for marc and mysterious team 😉 after marc step up to motogp, this team directly disappear, nobody know where are they now.

however Mac Marquez with his current performance does not have to be Marquez's best

Just shows how good Redding was but never really got the bike to really take it to them in Motogp.

Very cool video MotoGP. More like this one please!!!

Man, I miss Scott Redding in the padock "let's get it babi"

Muy buena carrera no apta para cardíacos 🤭🤭🤭

Luthi is moto2 governor.. 🤣🤣🤣

Forget just how good Redding could have been with a decent bike

now whrs redding? gone?

Nice to see maq battle for other place than 1st

Kaj mu je pa SCOTT REDDING naredil,šale in kape.😀

Bring back Redding

duel one on one in the final lap marquez lose .....

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12 hrs ago


The dramatic moment which cost Marc Márquez a shot at victory at Silverstone two years ago! 😱

The world champion's misfortune opened the door for Andrea Dovizioso to snatch the win! 💨

#BritishGP 🇬🇧
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Good Day all.

Encore! Encore! Do it again!

Unlikely to be repeated! Hope Dovi brings his A game though. 👍🏼👍🏼

Gave the rest a chance

So what's new?? Sometimes these kind of technical failures happens in Motorsport... Very rare that engine blow sky high to premier class bike.

I love coming here and waiting for all the Yellow gob smokers.

I thought "the legend" was gonna win that day.. 😅

Was at this race, and that bike blowing up was almost as good as a Rossi win 😀

RAre footage for sure

Ah, I could watch that Honda blow up all day every day...

Alex Groenewold finger cross 😅👍.. voor komend weekend

#MM93 Come Back STRONGER! 💪💪💪😎👍👍👍

Fast forward >>>> he is the world champion!!



And finaly , the boss MM93 won the title one more time

Saya Mie Halim moh top fan sama sama

Nothing can stop him not even a broken bike ! Simply the king of MotoGP !

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15 hrs ago


Cue the celebrations, Bob! 🍾👏 ... See Less

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( •_•) ( >💎 oh! Preciosa insignia! /︶\

“As you can see, I’m a bit high mileage” - 😂 - Bob’s funny! What a lucky guy - I’d give my right arm to work for F1❗️

Must be an awesome feeling..I certainly Would love to work with f1 even if it was to clean a window.

Nice. Long time lots of great words over the years

Awesome to get behind the scenes!

I love the voice of that guy

Cheers to the great Bob!!!

Amazing. I remember this voice. Thanks.

More than 660 wow ! I mean that’s amazingly nice, being with the next generation sharing your experience & catching something new from them it’s a nice way. Good going Bob keep it up & don’t forget to change the baton when you still can... 👍

Bobs Brilliant we love Bob in our house 👍🏻

Love these little insights into the F1 community 👍

It’s nice to now be able to put a name/face to the voice. Keep up the good work Bob. 🎤 🔈

Amazing with the “carmen opera” music

Awesome to put the face to the voice.

Hey I’m a top fan again, but it is really cool to put a face to the voice. I never really thought about it till I saw this

Big respect for Bob cheers 🍾🍾

I now have proof of what he does when he goes away. He is my legend

I should celebrate with champagne too after being promoted to top fan for god knows what reason 😂

Finally we get to see the man! 🙌🏻

I always wondered who did the podium announcements and if it was done locally or in England. 👍

Thanks for the Top Fan position!

Never seen the man behind the legendary announcements !

Wait, what if he is the meow guy! 😆

Always wondered who did the podium announcements and now we can put a face to the voice

660 races and counting .....give Bob some champaaaaaaaagne!! 🍾🍾

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