KTM: Danny MacAskill rides the Freeride E

KTM: Danny MacAskill rides the Freeride E
KTM Freeride E Ambassador Danny MacAskill

KTM Freeride E Ambassador Danny MacAskill

Join the electric revolution: KTM is excited to announce the release of the much-anticipated debut FREERIDE E video with Internet sensation and trials cycle star – and from now on FREERIDE E Ambassador – Danny MacAskill.

MacAskill is a household name worldwide for his skills on a bicycle after his first video, filmed by his flatmate in 2009, went viral and received in excess of 30 million views. MacAskill’s incredible imagination and unbelievable skills, along with his association with Red Bull, has allowed the Scottish-ace to put some of his ideas into film with projects such as ‘Way back home’, ‘Imaginate’ and more recently ‘Epecuén’ which have received global acclaim.

Earlier this year MacAskill came across the KTM FREERIDE E at an event in Germany, and was keen to try the bike out with its multiple settings and KTM’s promotion as an ideal cross-over bike for would be motorcyclists from the bicycle world. It didn’t take long for Danny to be powering around on the bike, and as he gained more confidence, Danny decided it would be the next step to try and make a video in an electrifying location.

Danny enlisted the help of friend and Extreme Enduro expert Jonny Walker to join him in making his first FREERIDE E video, to show the real versatility of the bike with both a motorcycle novice and Hard Enduro genius taking up the reins. With the location set at a Power Station in the UK, MacAskill and Walker were given free access to rip around the decommissioned plant on the FREERIDE E, which is available in two models (FREERIDE E-SX, E-XC), and the result is finally available for the public to view.

Danny and Extreme Enduro rider Jonny Walker put the new KTM Freeride E to the test...

Danny and Extreme Enduro rider Jonny Walker put the new KTM Freeride E to the test…

“For me, getting to go and ride the FREERIDE E at the Power Station was pretty amazing. A lot of the time I felt like I was on a level of Sonic the Hedgehog! The place provided such an awesome backdrop for the film, and it made for a lot of fun riding. It was also the first time I had ridden on a motorbike with Jonny. It was really awesome to see him in action and it was cool to follow him having as much fun on the FREERIDE E as I did. I’m really happy with the way it turned out, but I think I need a few more lessons from Jonny to tune my skills up! I’ve definitely got more ideas for the future and I’m looking forward to getting out on the bike again back home,” said MacAskill.

Danny will keep a FREERIDE E at his home in Scotland to continue riding throughout the year, and after realising how much fun there is to be had on a KTM electric sport motorcycle, the Scottish star has officially become an ambassador for the bike, as he believes it is the perfect way to make the switch from bicycle to motorcycle.

Check out the video here;

KTM Freeride E with Danny MacAskill & Jonny Walker

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