F4: Robertson does the double as Jake Hughes is confirmed F4 champion

F4: Robertson does the double as Jake Hughes is confirmed F4 champion

Jake Hughes receives his £25,000 prize from MSV Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer

Donington, Sunday 29 September-HHC Motorsport’s Charlie Robertson was victorious in both of today’s BRDC F4 races at Donington Park, with his performances enough to give him the runners-up spot in the drivers’ standings.

Jake Hughes was also officially crowned champion for Lanan Racing after taking sixth and fourth places from the final two races, leaving the results of the championship beyond doubt.

Robertson’s haul from this weekend, with two wins and a fourth gave him 78 points, a record tally across any race weekend this season, and was enough to lift him to second in the final championship standings, having started the weekend in fifth. Robertson’s double win today is also the first time any driver has secured more than one win across an F4 weekend.

Seb Morris was confirmed as the third place driver in the series, although that position was in threat during the final race after being spun around on lap one at the Melbourne hairpin. He mounted a great recovery drive though to rise from 18th to 10th, ensuring he pipped Matty Graham to the honour by four points.

16yr old Charlie Robertson is the first driver to win two F4 races in a weekend

Hughes wins £25,000 and a prize test with leading Formula 3 squad Carlin after claiming the title, with the lead trio all receiving watches from luxury manufacturer BRM for their finishing positions in the championship.

Robertson described his drive in race two as the ‘race of his life’ after powering from fifth on the grid to victory. He was sixth at the end of the first lap but fought back brilliantly to take the win, setting a string of fastest laps before overtaking long time race leader Struan Moore for victory with two laps remaining. Robertson’s team mate, Brazilian Gustavo Lima, was third, claiming his first podium in F4. Privateer James Greenway took fourth ahead of Jake Dalton and Jake Hughes.

Jake Hughes is the BRDC F4 with Lanan racing


Having set the fastest lap of the weekend, Robertson started race three from pole position and after making a good start, was able to pull away from his rivals to take a second win in succession. But behind him, Dalton and Matt Mason were engaged in a race long duel for second, with the position changing hands on several occasions until Dalton made the decisive move on the final lap, leaving Mason to settle for third, his first F4 podium. Hughes ended his campaign with fourth having started 11th on the grid, ahead of the equally impressive Raoul Hyman (HHC) who claimed fifth having started 12th, with Greenway rounding out the top six.

Robertson exclaimed afterwards: “I came into this weekend in fifth place in the championship and to come out of it in the runners up position is fantastic. Taking two wins today and being the first person to do that in a weekend is amazing. I’m really pleased with my weekend and the championship so I’d like to say a big thanks to HHC Motorsport and my parents who have helped me make this happen this weekend.”

Champion Hughes commented: “It feels incredible and it still hasn’t sunk in yet! It’s crazy to think that this time last year F4 had only just been announced and we didn’t know what we were going to be doing with what team. My decision to sign with Lanan Racing has been totally vindicated by winning the championship. I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for me, it’s been an incredible year. I’ve made a few mistakes but I feel I’ve learned from them and I come out of this championship bigger, better and stronger and winning races. To say now that I’m the BRDC Formula 4 champion, with the drivers that are in it and the amount of talent that’s been in the series since the start of the year is just incredible.”

Hughes also claimed the Jack Cavill Pole Position Cup award, having secured six pole positions throughout the course of the season earning the end of season £1,000 prize, while Douglas Team E-Lites’ Gosia Rdest was the recipient of the Who Zooms Award, sponsored by telecommunications company Yoozoom, earning £5,000 for overtaking the most amount of cars during the course of the season.

BRDC F4 Championship, race two result: 

1. Charlie Robertson, HHC Motorsport, 12 laps

2. Struan Moore, Hillspeed, +0.745s

3. Gustavo Lima, HHC Motorsport, +6.303s

4. James Greenway, Frank T Greenway Racing, +6.620s

5. Jake Dalton, Lanan Racing, +9.344s

6. Jake Hughes, Lanan Racing, +11.351s

7. Raoul Hyman, HHC Motorsport, +12.063s

8. Seb Morris, Hillspeed, +14.018s

9. Matt Mason, Mark Godwin Racing, +14.491s

10. Matty Graham, Sean Walkinshaw Racing, +15.952s


BRDC F4 Championship, race three result:

1. Charlie Robertson, HHC Motorsport, 12 laps

2. Jake Dalton, Lanan Racing, +6.517s

3. Matt Mason, Mark Godwin Racing, +6.716s

4. Jake Hughes, Lanan Racing, +9.432s

5. Raoul Hyman, HHC Motorsport, +11.882s

6. James Greenway, Frank T Greenway Racing, +17.418s

7. Matty Graham, Sean Walkinshaw Racing, +18.813s

8. Matt Bell, Douglas Team E-Lites, +19.346s

9. Struan Moore, Hillspeed, +21.048s

10. Seb Morris, Hillspeed, +21.251s

BRDC F4 Championship final standings

1. Jake Hughes, Lanan Racing, 450 points

2. Charlie Robertson, HHC Motorsport, 398pts

3. Seb Morris, Hillspeed, 380pts

4. Matty Graham, Sean Walkinshaw Racing, 376pts

5. Jake Dalton, Lanan Racing, 371pts

6. Jack Barlow, Sean Walkinshaw Racing, 362pts

7. Raoul Hyman, HHC Motorsport, 390pts

8. Matt Bell, Douglas Team E-Lites, 288pts

9. Struan Moore, Hillspeed, 275pts

10. Diego Menchaca, Mark Godwin Racing, 243pts



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9 hrs ago


That Alex Albon is so cheeky 😂 ... See Less

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Omg! I love this duo so much! Never fail to make me laugh 😂

Actually I don't Like Alex' sense of humor :/ he is imo too arrogant

Is it just me or does anybody else wanna punch max in the fuckin face as hard as u could??

Why in the hell did Merc haven't done Grill the Grid?

If he think that one is bad i wonder what he think of the rookie of the year one ! 👀

Alex very honest! I like that


Did he say Sonny Moore at 0:28?

Congrats 😎

Sarah Jones

Aalay Savla Mercedes DNS

Nikko Par

Alex Albon 💙

Ricardo Ruiz

While you patiently waiting for your monthly salary, others are busy earning nothing less than $500- $10000 every 48hours, Ask me how????

Celine Maddie

Traduscalon a español

Rahul Kale Nuaman Wt

Max might be fast but his funny level is pretty low.

"It looks Romanian" hahaha good knowledge of flags Alex!

Who win this in 2018 please?

Being a Romanian, I’m surprise that Albon know the Romania 🇷🇴 flag ☺️. Wow.

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10 hrs ago


Hang in there... fewer than 💯 days until the next race 😅 ... See Less

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Man weekends are so boring at the moment. Drive to survive needs to come out sooner than March to help this out

It was fun back in the days when we had the V8 .. It was a joy to watch the replays but now I can't stand watching any reply of this era even if it was a perfect move or something really special Please give us some noise .. I want my ears to hurt again 😅

And if Sebastian and Max have been good Saint Nic may bring them a fast car for 2020.

Odotetaan jannityksella odotus aika tuntuu pitkalta vai mita . ?? 🌲🌨🎅🎅Hyvaa joulua seka vuoden loppua . 🥂❤️❤️🍀🍀.

Super cross holds me over quite well until F1 starts back up.

It's gonna be a long winter.

It’s worse when you put it that way! 100 days...omg....nooooooooooooo!

90 days, 4 hours, 9 minutes and 30 sec to be precise...

Now that F1 has been over.

Waiting on the season to start

if V12 days yes we aka fans are eager for new seasons race but not now sadly..

With me in the competition.. Your gonna.. WIN.. 🏆❤💋

We are ready 💜😏

I know it’s not F1, but urge everyone to get on to the Bathurst 12 hour stream, starting October 21st. A real motor race with overtaking. It might get you through to the start of the next F1 season. www.bathurst12hour.com.au/news/2020-liqui-moly-bathurst-12-hour-date-confirmed/

Hang in there Tom, it’ll be back soon!!

Racing denotes some sort of competition is involved.

Can't wait!

It's not that long.

Waiting for this.. 👍🏻 👍🏻 👏🏻 🏁🏁🏎️🏎️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Non vediamo l'ora che comincia grand premio, speriamo che sia spettacolare come finale 2019...

100 days never seemed longer

Race ever day.

اعطونا رزنامت الموسم القادم

Can’t wait 😆

Can't wait.

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10 hrs ago


🥁 And the winner is... (as voted by F1 fans) ... See Less

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Funny how fans were whingeing about the state of F1 in early 2019, saying it's boring and a procession...Soon as they said that, boom! We have a season on our hands. A season to enjoy, with some of the best overtakes I've ever seen, in my 34 full years of F1 watching! Wow!

I'm surprised that Leclercs move on Gasly at Silverstone isn't included in this list. I don't think I've ever seen an overtake around the outside of Village. Pretty impressive, as far as I am concerned.

Would you look at that F1, the FIAs "Action of the Year" nowhere to be seen as anyone with an ounce of credibility knows that was an overtake off the circuit.

Sainz at Brazil should’ve been #1

Seriously how Max got "Action of the year" with that move I'll never know.... Way more impressive moves this year than that!

Lec overtake impossible Ver overtake very difficult and very beautiful but possible ! For me Lec P1 Ver P2

The number 1 is one of the easiest move, it's number 1 just 'cause crytappen done it. In the same footage, 20 meters behind, there is a more gutsy move made by his team-mate Albon on the (most powerful on straights) Ferrari of Vettel. That shows once again that "voted by fan" means s**t. Most of them can't even understand the basis of motorsport.

I liked the double overtake of Verstappen on LeClerc and Hamilton in Brazil the most. Such confidence and determinatiom and Senna-esque going for the gap. That’s what makes Max brilliant

The overtake of Verstappen to Leclerc in Austria is not a good overtake, was an ilegal overtake!

Passing on the grass is always tricky. A bit too much throttle either on the grass or when regaining the track and you're not going to have a good day. Much as I'm not a fan of Leclerc, I do have to say where he passed in Monaco was tricky and took some skill. I think that Norris' double pass in COTA should've been in this top ten.

Everything that F1 does here is to find a way to sell Max as an phenomenon. It sucks .... no credibility at all.

Max's overtake on Hamilton is exactly like Montoya to Schumacher at the same place in a GP of Brazil..

Where is Hamilton on Vettel in Bahrain?? And Albon on Ricciardo at Spa!!?

An overtaking package without a single highlight from Ricciardo. Sums up Renault's season perfectly.

No.4 Bottas passed Hamilton on the next corner, where no one had passed before. It was great move!

P7 was not overtaking. It was forcing out of the track and causing a collison

And Sainz in Mónaco overtakes kvyat?

Number 4 Bottas repasted Hamilton into Cops corner that should be in the top 10, not often we have cars wheel too wheel into the corner it was fantastic racing from both drivers !!! 🤙

The best overtake for me is Leclerc on Gasly in Silverston

Sainz last lap overtake that secured the point för the 6th Palace in the Championship

6 years of Boring Parades.....F1 used to actually race before the Engineering Exercise.

That Max pass on Leclerc was anything but clean or graceful. Shoulda left a little more room outside.

To vote overtake moves check tyre wear and strategy cause a Williams can send one outside of Merc if tyres are worn differently......

how was sainz 3rd and not first? that was brave and crazily tight to overtake there....

Why Leclerc got 2 best overtake? I’ve never seen overtaking at that part of the track in this decade.

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12 hrs ago


Round 2 in Ausin provided drama that nobody expected! 😱

Take a look back at the first moments of the #AmericasGP! 🇺🇸

... See Less

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MM side to side transitions down through the esses is so much quicker than everyone else! Also he brakes so much harder and later than anyone coming into 12 it’s unreal to watch in person!

That turn 1 is so amazing.

it was actually round 3....but who's counting....

First race I went to ❤️

Who wrote this a child sloppy

Austin not 'Ausin' 😂 Round 3 not 2 😂 I think MotoGP is drunk

Cant spell Austin

Where’s Ausin? Is that near Austin?

Vr 46 😍

Round 3 in Austin

What drama? 🤷‍♂️

Where is Ausin?

who won..??

Patrick Souza

Wasn't Austin* round 3?

that race..??

Bay Shapso

Marc Marquez ❤❤

Wow this track is up, the lining of the #GP is so amazing ,😎

Forza VR46 ❤

Fabien Audouard Polo Fabien

Tressia Nowlin 🏍️❤️❤️❤️‼️‼️‼️


Que puesto quedo rossi?

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13 hrs ago


A first every Álex Rins/493142754078013">#MotoGP victory for Álex Rins! 🏆

His victory back at the #AmericasGP will go down in the history books! 👏
... See Less

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Rossi has perfected diving in too late and hot, then running way wide. You'd think he'd know better by now.

rossi should kick rins. so he can win this race. 🤐


S U Z U K Ingggggg 💪💪💪👏👏👏🦾🦾

Young riders to win 😎

I was there😁

Boa. Parabéns




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19 hrs ago


Maiden winners at the Marc Márquez17">#AmericasGPMaverick Viñalesf="https://facebooÁlex Rins142754078013">#MotoGP ➡️ Marc Márquez 🏆
2014 #Moto2 ➡️ Maverick Viñales 🏆
2013 #Moto3 ➡️ Álex Rins 🏆
... See Less

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2013 AmericasGP marquez: new bike, new track, fast to adapt

Miss You Little Samurai #26DP 😑😑

Of course a choose Vin also...

Always.... Marc...

First is always special ❣️❣️❣️

Always Marc 💪🏻💪🏻🇳🇵🇳🇵

Miss you dani😭😭

Marc ❤

The first sign of the alien existed


MM93 forewer

Keliatan beda kelas antara marc dgn alex and vina

Always boring rider and boring titles from marq marquez

Babang dani 😍


Hallo ich bin Martin 😀

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21 hrs ago


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