Formula 4: Hard lessons for Malaysian teenager Rahul Mayer at Brands Hatch

Formula 4: Hard lessons for Malaysian teenager Rahul Mayer at Brands Hatch

Rahul leads Gosia Redst out of Druids

Brands Hatch, UK- Monday, May 20th, 2013-16 year old Malaysian Hillspeed driver Rahul Mayer experienced an action packed weekend during the second event of the BRDC Formula 4 Championship held at one of UKs shortest and most iconic circuits, Brands Hatch. Racing on the short 1.2mile Indy Circuit it was an incident-filled race meeting that took its toll on many of the young competitors as they shared the weekend’s timetable with the popular German DTM series.

Rahul arrived full of expectation and confidence to race on this circuit for the very first time, having not tested here before, it was going to be a steep learning curve for the youngster.

Racing with a totally new car since the Silverstone rounds, practice threw some technical gremlins into the mix when Rahul suffered a wiring issue during session one, it was soon rectified but left Rahul with a limited time overall during practice.

Qualifying for took place on Saturday at 12 noon, Rahul was carrying a five grid penalty from the previous round and so started on the grid in 22nd place. He managed to set a fastest time of 46.56 with a difference of only 1.17s off the pole position.

During the first of the weekend’s races (round four) Rahul elected to start the race on pre-worn tyres from qualifying, he held his 22nd position but slipped to 23rd. Rahul managed to chip away at his lap time and finished with a best time of 46.87s, a mere 0.8s off race winner Jake Dalton, demonstrating the closeness of this championship.

After race one Rahul had this to say, “I have set myself some manageable goals this weekend to try to learn more about the car and the technique needed for this track as I have never tested here before so It is going to be a tough weekend and I fully expect to work extremely hard to maintain a good pace throughout the weekend. So far I’m quiet satisfied I have only eight tenths of a second off the best time so far and I know there is still room for refinement. It’s a little disappointing being at the back though and I didn’t have many cars to race with so I’m looking forward to race two tomorrow,” he said.

During the morning of Sundays races all the drivers took a private Q&A session with Formula 1 McLaren Mercedes driver Jenson Button, who had this to say to the young drivers.

“As we all know, racing doesn’t always go to plan as I’m experiencing right now!. Whether you have a good race or a bad race you’ve got to stay strong and in the bad times, that’s when you really learn what person you are and what you’re going to grow into. It’s about knuckling down when times are tough and focusing on the areas you probably wouldn’t even think about focusing on. You’ve got to learn how to improve yourself in many different ways. There’s also the engineering, fitness and nutrition and there’s so many areas where you need to work on to really reach the pinnacle of the sport and we all know how tough it is.”

With the finishing order from race one determining the starting order for race two, albeit with the top eight reversed. Race two took place on Sunday at 2:40pm, with wet weather predicted; Rahul was hoping for rain so that he could have a slight advantage. The weather however turned out to be glorious sunshine, pleasing the many thousands of spectators camped out on Paddock Hill.

Rahul made a marked improvement during this second race where he took a strong 14th place which he maintained into lap 17 before running wide at Druids corner after a slight coming together with another driver on lap four at Clearways corner. In a separate incident Hillspeed team mate Seb Morris also had a big accident on the Brabham straight that brought a lengthy Safety Car period between laps six and thirteen. After the re-start Rahul diced with Dylon Phibbs and was forced to run wide at Druids allowing just enough space for the following three cars to skip past, he was then shuffled back finishing in 17th with a best time of 47.81s.

Rahul leads the pack during race three on Sunday

Running on pre-worn tyres for all the races, severely limited the attack mode for Rahul during the weekend. Race three (round six), took place at 4:30pm just as the sun was setting and after leading the mid pack of cars for four laps, Rahul was pushed wide and spun off into the grass at Druids corner again, allowing the remaining cars to pass as he regained the track. Rahul posted a time of 47.916, finishing in 19th place.

Rahul had this to say after race three, “I really didn’t know what to expect from this last race as I was on older tyres again and after getting pushed out onto the grass on Druids corner, I spun off track completely, I was really enjoying the race till that point as I was fighting with Gosia Redst most of the way. I’m still upbeat however after that disappointing finish as I have learned so much since the last round, and I will keep pushing to get the best out of the car and myself for the next race in Snetterton. I have managed to finish all six races so far and gather some valuable points which is reassuring, since I don’t have the financial backing yet to do more testing and practice which really makes all the difference when your battling to find just tenths of a second.”

A full grid of 24 BRDC F4 cars competed at Brands Hatch

“I will now head back to Malaysia tonight to study, as already I have missed some exams to be here, it’s a tough choice when you are 16 with school and racing.”

“Overall I’ve had a good weekend here and I really want to thank the team at Hillspeed for preparing a great car for me and to my father and management team who are here to support me, its reassuring that I have this support as I go through this exciting journey in my motorsport career.”

The BRDC Formula 4 Championship now takes a four week break from action with the third event of 2013 taking place on 15th/16th June at Snetterton in East Anglia.

Provisional 2013 BRDC Formula 4 Championship Standings (after Rd6): 19th place with 22pts



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That Alex Albon is so cheeky 😂 ... See Less

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Omg! I love this duo so much! Never fail to make me laugh 😂

Actually I don't Like Alex' sense of humor :/ he is imo too arrogant

Is it just me or does anybody else wanna punch max in the fuckin face as hard as u could??

Why in the hell did Merc haven't done Grill the Grid?

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While you patiently waiting for your monthly salary, others are busy earning nothing less than $500- $10000 every 48hours, Ask me how????

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Traduscalon a español

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Max might be fast but his funny level is pretty low.

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Who win this in 2018 please?

Being a Romanian, I’m surprise that Albon know the Romania 🇷🇴 flag ☺️. Wow.

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Hang in there... fewer than 💯 days until the next race 😅 ... See Less

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Man weekends are so boring at the moment. Drive to survive needs to come out sooner than March to help this out

It was fun back in the days when we had the V8 .. It was a joy to watch the replays but now I can't stand watching any reply of this era even if it was a perfect move or something really special Please give us some noise .. I want my ears to hurt again 😅

And if Sebastian and Max have been good Saint Nic may bring them a fast car for 2020.

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Super cross holds me over quite well until F1 starts back up.

It's gonna be a long winter.

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100 days never seemed longer

Race ever day.

اعطونا رزنامت الموسم القادم

Can’t wait 😆

Can't wait.

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🥁 And the winner is... (as voted by F1 fans) ... See Less

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Funny how fans were whingeing about the state of F1 in early 2019, saying it's boring and a procession...Soon as they said that, boom! We have a season on our hands. A season to enjoy, with some of the best overtakes I've ever seen, in my 34 full years of F1 watching! Wow!

I'm surprised that Leclercs move on Gasly at Silverstone isn't included in this list. I don't think I've ever seen an overtake around the outside of Village. Pretty impressive, as far as I am concerned.

Would you look at that F1, the FIAs "Action of the Year" nowhere to be seen as anyone with an ounce of credibility knows that was an overtake off the circuit.

Sainz at Brazil should’ve been #1

Seriously how Max got "Action of the year" with that move I'll never know.... Way more impressive moves this year than that!

Lec overtake impossible Ver overtake very difficult and very beautiful but possible ! For me Lec P1 Ver P2

The number 1 is one of the easiest move, it's number 1 just 'cause crytappen done it. In the same footage, 20 meters behind, there is a more gutsy move made by his team-mate Albon on the (most powerful on straights) Ferrari of Vettel. That shows once again that "voted by fan" means s**t. Most of them can't even understand the basis of motorsport.

I liked the double overtake of Verstappen on LeClerc and Hamilton in Brazil the most. Such confidence and determinatiom and Senna-esque going for the gap. That’s what makes Max brilliant

The overtake of Verstappen to Leclerc in Austria is not a good overtake, was an ilegal overtake!

Passing on the grass is always tricky. A bit too much throttle either on the grass or when regaining the track and you're not going to have a good day. Much as I'm not a fan of Leclerc, I do have to say where he passed in Monaco was tricky and took some skill. I think that Norris' double pass in COTA should've been in this top ten.

Everything that F1 does here is to find a way to sell Max as an phenomenon. It sucks .... no credibility at all.

Max's overtake on Hamilton is exactly like Montoya to Schumacher at the same place in a GP of Brazil..

Where is Hamilton on Vettel in Bahrain?? And Albon on Ricciardo at Spa!!?

An overtaking package without a single highlight from Ricciardo. Sums up Renault's season perfectly.

No.4 Bottas passed Hamilton on the next corner, where no one had passed before. It was great move!

P7 was not overtaking. It was forcing out of the track and causing a collison

And Sainz in Mónaco overtakes kvyat?

Number 4 Bottas repasted Hamilton into Cops corner that should be in the top 10, not often we have cars wheel too wheel into the corner it was fantastic racing from both drivers !!! 🤙

The best overtake for me is Leclerc on Gasly in Silverston

Sainz last lap overtake that secured the point för the 6th Palace in the Championship

6 years of Boring Parades.....F1 used to actually race before the Engineering Exercise.

That Max pass on Leclerc was anything but clean or graceful. Shoulda left a little more room outside.

To vote overtake moves check tyre wear and strategy cause a Williams can send one outside of Merc if tyres are worn differently......

how was sainz 3rd and not first? that was brave and crazily tight to overtake there....

Why Leclerc got 2 best overtake? I’ve never seen overtaking at that part of the track in this decade.

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Round 2 in Ausin provided drama that nobody expected! 😱

Take a look back at the first moments of the #AmericasGP! 🇺🇸

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MM side to side transitions down through the esses is so much quicker than everyone else! Also he brakes so much harder and later than anyone coming into 12 it’s unreal to watch in person!

That turn 1 is so amazing.

it was actually round 3....but who's counting....

First race I went to ❤️

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Austin not 'Ausin' 😂 Round 3 not 2 😂 I think MotoGP is drunk

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Vr 46 😍

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Round 3 in Austin

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Que puesto quedo rossi?

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A first every Álex Rins/493142754078013">#MotoGP victory for Álex Rins! 🏆

His victory back at the #AmericasGP will go down in the history books! 👏
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Rossi has perfected diving in too late and hot, then running way wide. You'd think he'd know better by now.

rossi should kick rins. so he can win this race. 🤐


S U Z U K Ingggggg 💪💪💪👏👏👏🦾🦾

Young riders to win 😎

I was there😁

Boa. Parabéns




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Maiden winners at the Marc Márquez17">#AmericasGPMaverick Viñalesf="https://facebooÁlex Rins142754078013">#MotoGP ➡️ Marc Márquez 🏆
2014 #Moto2 ➡️ Maverick Viñales 🏆
2013 #Moto3 ➡️ Álex Rins 🏆
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2013 AmericasGP marquez: new bike, new track, fast to adapt

Miss You Little Samurai #26DP 😑😑

Of course a choose Vin also...

Always.... Marc...

First is always special ❣️❣️❣️

Always Marc 💪🏻💪🏻🇳🇵🇳🇵

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Marc ❤

The first sign of the alien existed


MM93 forewer

Keliatan beda kelas antara marc dgn alex and vina

Always boring rider and boring titles from marq marquez

Babang dani 😍


Hallo ich bin Martin 😀

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