Saudi Arabian speedster set a new fastest time of 4.358 seconds, eclipsing the previous record of 4.380

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 12 March 2013: Crowds of spectators witnessed history at Yas Drag Strip on Friday as Mishari Al Turki set a new world record for the fastest time ever on a Super Street Bike.

In the finals of Round Two of ‘Pro Drag Racing Series’ at Yas Drag Strip, the Saudi Arabian speedster set a new fastest time of 4.358 seconds, eclipsing the previous record of 4.380.

This was his third world record in the past month in the Super Street Bike category. He has smashed his own record twice in that time and it is something he hopes to continue to do.

“I was very happy to break the record again,” he said. “When I first started in this sport it was my aim to be the fastest and now that I am, I want to keep pushing and see how fast I can go. I have raced in the USA where this sport was invented and no-one believed a man from the Gulf would be able to go as fast as I am doing at the moment.”

Al Turki’s nearest competitor’s best time was 4.44 seconds – an age in drag racing where thousandths of a second equate to metres of track.

“I knew that I had a chance to set a new record here at Yas because the track is amazing,” he continued. “It definitely helped me and I will be hoping to go even faster when I come back here. I customise the bike myself, so that makes it even more special for me.”

Super Street Bikes are modified versions of a road-going bikes, usually Suzuki Hyabusas. Technicians and mechanics are permitted to modify the suspension, gear changes and the engine to produce a machine that kicks out massive power.

Super Street Bike is just one of eight vehicle classes in action during Round Two of Pro Drag Racing at Yas Drag Strip. Dozens of professional drivers and motorcycle riders from all over the GCC took part in the Pro Modified, 4.8 Index, Pro Bike, Super Street Bike, Pro 6, Street Bike, Super Street 8 and Outlaw 10.5 categories.

The variety of vehicles adds to the sensory overload that is pro drag racing. Roaring engines, screeching of tyres, burning rubber and the odd crash are all in an evening’s entertainment at Yas Drag Strip.

And the fun is enjoyed by families, friends and petrol heads of all ages who converge on the world famous track to witness a truly unique and exhilarating sport.

Fans are not confined to the stands at Yas, the team paddocks are full of discriminating car fanatics eager to mingle with the drivers and watch the mechanics at work.

“I love cars, so I just had to come and see what it was all about,” said Thomas Madsen from Denmark.

“I have been to a few car shows, but I have never been to a drag race before and I have been blown away by it.

“The noise is incredible and the speed is just phenomenal. I’ll definitely be back for the next round.”

“We’re not massive car people, but we love coming here because the atmosphere is electric and you never know what you are going to see,” said Jon Day from the UK. “I bring my family here when I can and we have a great time. It’s great for the kids because the races are so quick and you can see who’s won almost immediately which keeps the kids entertained.

“This is something that the UAE does brilliantly – there is lots of motorsport and it is not expensive to come and enjoy it.”

Pro Drag Racing returns to the Yas Drag Strip with Round Three on April 4-6. Yas Marina Circuit also hosts Open Drag Nights, which are free for spectators. For more information on the drag racing calendar at Yas Marina Circuit, visit


Calendar Yas Pro Drag Racing Series 2012/2013:

Round 1: 20-21 December, 2012

Round 2: 7-8 March, 2013

Round 3: 4-6 April, 2013

Round 4: 11-12 April, 2013