MotoX: Mohammed Al Balooshi wins UAE’s inaugural Arab Motocross Championship

MotoX: Mohammed Al Balooshi wins UAE’s inaugural Arab Motocross Championship

Mohammed Al Balooshi has been crowned champion in the UAE’s inaugural Arab Motocross Championship 2012, bringing a fitting finale to an action packed weekend

Dubai, UAE, 16 November, 2012: Mohammed Al Balooshi has won the UAE’s inaugural Arab Motocross Championship on home territory today at the Jebel Ali DMX Motocross track, bringing a fitting finale to an action-packed weekend.

Competing in the top tier MX1 category, the Emirati home favourite won both of his two races with ease, clocking 11 laps on the 1,600m track in 21 minutes and 55 seconds in the first race, while easing through his second race in 22 minutes and .06 seconds.

Al Balooshi said: “It’s a really great feeling to win the Arab Motocross Championship on home soil for the first time, and I would like to dedicate this to His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed. His support of this event is crucial to its future success.”

“I have won this championship many times in other countries, but never in the UAE, so to finally win and to be the first Emirati to win here really means a lot. I hope that this encourages more Emiratis to take up this sport.”

Held under the support and patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Arab Motocross Championship is organised by the Automobile and Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE).

The championship attracted a top line-up of riders from eight Middle East countries competing across two bike categories (MX1 and MX2) and a pro quad bike category.

While Al Balooshi underlined his credentials as one of region’s premier moto cross riders, fellow Emirati Mansoor Salem also dominated the pro quad bike category, winning both of his races with times of 14 minutes and 31 seconds in the first race and 16 minutes and 49 seconds in the final race.

Meanwhile, Kuwaiti rider Mohammed Jafar reigned supreme in the MX2 category, with a commanding performance in both race heats, with winning times of 22:31 and 22:33 in Race 1 and 2 respectively.

The Arab Motocross Championship 2012 is the first competitive racing series of the Arab Motorcycle Federation (AMF) following its overhaul in August this year at its Riyadh headquarters in Saudi Arabia – a move driven by the Union of Arab National Olympic Committees to take competitive bike racing in the Middle East to the next level.

Since being restructured, the AMF has been working toward developing a full calendar of motorcycle racing events in the Middle East that run to the international standards laid down by the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), the sport’s world governing body.

Final results of the Arab Motocross Championship, UAE 2012:

MX1 category (top six):

1. Mohammed Al Balooshi, UAE; 50 points

2. Moaz Alansari, Kuwait; 44 points

3. Sultan Al Balooshi, UAE; 40 points

4. Anwar Khusaif, UAE; 36 points

5. Meshaal Al Khaledi, Saudi Arabia; 32 points

6. Mohammed Al Owairdhi, Kuwait; 30 points

MX2 category (top six):

1. Mohammed Jaffar, Kuwait; 50 points

2. Abdulla Al Shatti, Kuwait; 44 points

3. Rashed Abdulla, UAE; 38 points

4. Hassan Abdullah, Bahrain; 38 points

5. Mubarak Al Ali, UAE; 31 points

6. Nooredin Abdulla, Bahrain; 29 points


Pro Quad Bike category (top four):

1. Mansoor Saleem, UAE; 50 points

2. Mohammed al Shamsi, UAE, 44 points

3. Abdulla Nasser, UAE, 40 points

4. Majed Al Jaraibi, Saudi Arabia, 30 points


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8 minutes ago


Back in 1986, onboard cameras were *the* cool new thing in F1 🎥

And in Australia, Johnny Dumfries showed everyone why 🤩
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What track is this?

This is bonkers

Those were real pilots...

Dennis Aagaard

Love is too hard to find... I'm fed up of searching for love


Ignacio Rojas Paz Soldan

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1 hr ago


The next hero in a long line of American motorcycle racing talent? 🇺🇸

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Saw my first moto race and Joe Robert's started on the pole in Qatar! Was a blast but wish MotoGP could have been there. Maybe the Texas race will be the next one.

Us American fans can only hope. It’s been a long time since the golden age of American riders that I grew up watching.

Gosh, that livery is amazing. LOVE the helmet!

There is an American in super sport.

It's time to rise again USA 😀

All the Best💥..

Wish ya was racing at home this weekend!!!

Good america moto gp

Je m'implique moins ds ka moto2 que ds le MotoGP classe 1000 mais j'aime regarder de la moto3 jusk'a MotoGP sauf que trop de pilotes sur le plateau moto2 je retient pas tout forcément merci Steve Ragaud

La famille roberts Grand nom de la MotoGP du père kenny Robert puis kenny Robert jr champion du monde avec Suzuki et maintena t le fiston! En lui espérant la même carrière que ses aînés!

Use the front very late along with the rear you moron

Long line ?

Hate it when you do this, he has 1 podium and now all eyes are on him so he is gunna feel a mountain of pressure and if he fails that's the end of his career you guys got to stop making a big deal so early all the time what if he can't take the pressure of everyone focused on him 😒

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2 hrs ago

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The new 24H DUBAI 2020 merchandise is now online in our shop!

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What, no umbrellas or wellington boots?!

2 hrs ago


"Being able to control a 700kg, 1000 horsepower car only with your hands and your feet is... it's the best thing" - we hear you, Romain Grosjean 😍 🤩 ... See Less

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I used to love this driver, great talent but now he’s just unpredictable driver.

Karim: "Being able to CRASH a 700kg, 1000 horsepower car only with your hands and your feet is... it's the best thing" - we hear you, Romain Grosjean"

Of course I can't drive as well as Grosjean, but I can still differ a good race driver from a bad one.

Not the best driver, but a generally good guy.

Ah the hate and cheap jokes on Romain Grosjean. I bet the majority of the haters here can’t even ride a tricycle without going flat on their faces! Get a life, kids.

The problem is you are not good enough. You crash even under saftycar rules.

Somehow I think that the driver's main control unit deserved a mention, as well :).

The problem is there Romain you can't control a 700 kg car with 1000 horsepower, Mr Gunter has had enough of you and Kevin 🤣

Yeah takes a special kind of talent to spin a car in pit lane and end up facing the wrong way.

Is he reading that out for someone coz this guy couldn't control a shopping kart

Just exactly what the hell is left to control the car with? Is there a lesser-known control system that uses, exclusively, ear muscles, armpits, and hip flexors?????

But he can’t control it lol. Poor romain. Give me the wheel I’ll show you 🙃

Grosjean and car handling? April Fools, I got it.

All the expert race car drivers on this post 😂🤣😂🤣 Yeah, Grosjean isn't the best, but he's certainly better than all you facebookers knocking him 😉

Since the 2020 F1 season is pretty much cancelled, Grojean took on a warehouse job..

His best season to date was 2013, when he was team mate to Räikkönen at Lotus. Got 6 podiums and 7 other points finishes, but since 2014 his career’s been very inconsistent

The best driver on the grid that knows how to crash

Goes to show what you think you can realise, no matter how far-fetched! Just look at Romain Grosjean.... An F1 driver.... Still... Wow...

Too bad there are no racing series like that...

“Being able to control.”

Still mastering the art of leaving the pitlane!

Best season for Grosjean. He didn’t crashed in any race so far.

Ironically from the driver who tends not to control his car! 🙄🤔

its a formula ignorant, not a car, you know nothing and you talk. shame

Ironically the only F1 driver who can’t control a 700kg 1000hp car 🤔

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