Dubai Sportbikes: Riders blog by Daimen Van Blerk, DFS Ducati 1098

Dubai Sportbikes: Riders blog by Daimen Van Blerk, DFS Ducati 1098

Daimen - race 1 round 2 of the National Sportbike championship

Nov 2nd – Howzit race fans – Well, it’s taken me a while to get an update to you but trust me when I say, it’ll be well worth the wait!! The 2010/2011 UAE Sportbike Championship is gonna be a beauty!!!!

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to John Rodenhouse and DFS for their continued support in the championship! Also, massive thanks to Ducati Dubai (Marcel and Monica) for their recent offer of support too!! Watch this space for some more info and updates on that!!!!!

I wasn’t able to participate in Round 1, but I did get back from an overseas work trip just in time to watch Race 1 at the Autodrome!  I never get to see the spectators view of a super bike race but the racing looks awesome and made me even more hungry to get back on track!!!

So along came Round 2 on Oct 22nd and I managed to get a bit of practise in on the Thursday, which always helps, so came in with a time of  1:41.53.

At least then when race day (Friday) comes along, the worst of the cob webs have been worked away already! Friday morning warm-up went ok and qualifying went even better, I managed to improve my lap times with 1:38.77 a bit better from Thursday, so any progress is good!!

In Race 1, I got a pretty good start, (considering I’m marginally larger than some of the other boys on the grid), and turn one, got interesting with a two guys right in front of me, bashing handle bars!! I’m not sure who was all involved but I did see Moody go down, but luckily I saw him up and about on the next lap!! I hope you’re ok mate!!! The rest of the race was very hot and tiring and I really struggled to get any form of rhythm and wasn’t able to replicate my stellar lap times from qualifying, but had loads of fun none the less!!

Thats me just missing Moody - thankfully hes ok

Race two was a similar affair with everyone behaving themselves in turn one, nice!! We only had one car race between our two races, which was pretty intense! You kind of just get your breath back and you gotta go and do it all over again! I was able to improve my lap times a little on Race 1, and things felt a bit more relaxed and smoother!!

Thanks to my loveliness (Claire) for her and Keags’ being at the track too for extra support!! At the end of the day, I had great fun, on arguably the best bike around and stayed in one piece, very important in this sport by the way!!

This coming weekend is the Dubai Motorsport Festival which is bound to provide loads of high speed excitement, (and all sorts of other stuff too) so be sure to be there to come and support the local racing boys!!!!

I’ll let you know how things go with another post race update!

Until then, cheers for now

Daimen #11
DFS Ducati 1098R

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