Moody (right) 3rd position podium raceday 2 flanked by Pascal Grosjean and Jason Burnside (left)

Dubai, Oct 22nd – Our regular riders blog from the National racday 2 which took place on rodays Oct22, featuring a personal account from both Vendetta Racing riders Alan Boyter and Mahmoud Tannir, whose team is sponsored by Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. Round two of the championship certainly had its ups and downs, but at the end of the day the team walked away with two podiums, a 3rd place in each race for each rider.

CircuitProdigital – So boys, after the first Sportbike round only a few weeks back, how did round two fair for you both?

Boyter #76 -Race 1: I got a pretty good start but there was the normal chaos at turn one which I found myself in the middle of, but luckily didn’t get too caught up in it.  Unfortunately the last thing I had seen before aiming for the left apex was Adel on my old R6 collecting my teammate!  If it wasn’t for bad luck Moody would have no luck at all this season, 4 races in and he’s been knocked off twice. To be fair to Adel he accepted that it was his fault and apologised profusely for it. The poor guy was feeling pretty bad about it, but hey its racing, mistakes are made and crashing happens.

With the first three 600’s a fair bit in front I settled into a rhythm which held decent enough times to keep the rest of the pack behind me…or so I thought!  Mr Blackney decided to cut up the inside of me in the bowl which reminded me of the battles of old!  I got past him again and held him at bay until the chequered flag but it wasn’t easy! he snapped at my heels the entire distance so it was a tough race.  Oddly enough Jason took a low-side fall at the bowl half way through the race which meant a podium finish in 3rd for me!

Alan Boyter in third - round 2, race one, flanked by Pascal Grosjean and Abdul Al Shamsi (left)

Moody #10- Race 1: All was a go just before the red lights went off, I was quite determined on a podium finish because of my last lap crash in raceday 1. Arriving at turn one with the pack, and all I can see is Adel’s R6 coming too fast on the inside of my Triumph forcing me to sit up but obviously not quick enough. My front got clipped again and I find myself hanging to Adel’s rear tire before hitting the tarmac…Ouch!

The bike was OK, minor damage, I was OK, but not until I got it back to the pits and found out that my racing suit was completely torn under my arm from being ripped by the tire, and left me with a nasty friction burn as well. Off to the medical center, all cleared and ready for race 2 while Aldrin  does his business in getting the bike ready.

Boyter #76 – Race 2: An Excellent start in race 2, I managed to stay out of trouble in turn 1 and found myself sitting in 4th behind Adel and his super quick R6. Jason passed me and Adel in turn 16 with me hanging onto his tail to pass Adel too keeping my 4th place.  I got a little tow of Jason, enough to get away from bother behind and although we both caught up with Abdul, they were both that little bit quicker than me. Abdul and Jason then started a monumental battle for 2nd place which had slowed them somewhat but I just couldn’t seem to make ground on them.  Half way through the race Moody made his move and got passed me, hunting down the duelling pair.

He caught up with them and there was a 3 way battle for 2nd, swapping positions at every corner. Again perfect front row seats for the action but just couldn’t make up the extra tenths per lap I needed to catch up with them. On the last lap Jason had firmly taken 2nd leaving Abdul and Moody to battle it out for 3rd and it looked like Abdul had it until he ran wide on the last turn allowing Moody to take the 3rd spot on the podium!  I just wasn’t close enough to capitalise on his mistake too but finished a very close 5th. It was a good race and great to see my team mate get his first podium.   I’m now very much looking forward to the next one!

Mahmoud coming into the bowl waiting to claim his third place

Moody #10 – Race 2: Its funny how things work sometimes, I started from the back of the grid, I had a good start and started working my way through the field until I reached 4th. I wasn’t planning on getting a podium this time but missing race 1 gave me a positive boost to my moral and my energy. Jason and Alshamsi in front of me were clearly getting tired so I had no problem sticking to their pace and even dice it up a little.

I found myself powering that Trumpet past the Honda and the R6 down the strait to gain second position on the last lap but got passed again on the brakes at the end of turn 1.

I had the pace, energy and determination and I kept my fight till the end and got rewarded with 3rd place after a big fight with the boys. I was even happier to complete the podium after my mate Alan got his share as well in race 1. I would like to give a special thanks to Aldrin of Probikes, without him I couldn’t even manage race 2. Great weekend for YAS Motorcycle Racing.