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CircuitProDigital.com brings English language, daily motorsport news with specialist updates from circuits, races and drivers in the Middle East. We cover all main series in the region as well as International race events. Our race reports are all official, from the horses mouth so to speak, and just as the sender intended, so what you read here, is, well, the official story.

The site itself is developed and managed by XSPORT, a Dubai / London based motorsports events and management company, CircuitProDigital.com was created in July 2009.

Day to day editorial falls in the hands of two individuals ( Lex Akehurst and Darren Rycroft ) who have worked together since 2007, organising events and managing the print publication Full Throttle magazine in Dubai, and upon its demise, co-founded this online motorsports news portal. They have also written for mainstream News papers and provided photography services for the past decade in the region.

Both Lex and Darren have previously raced themselves (happily semi retired) in cars and bikes and understand how consuming it can be to focus on the racing itself and also juggle PR and promotion.

They have first hand experience in running motorsports teams, events and media teams too, so are well placed to offer additional services for the benefit of the athletes and the sport.


Additional services

Not only do we provide all this, but we also provide Race Press distribution & online media services, (Eng & Arabic) as well as Photography, Video, TV AND web design services to our clients. This work provides the bread and butter $$ for us to do our fine work here at CircuitproDigital.

Teams and Drivers can utilise the portal freely to send us their own press releases and race blogs (see here some drivers we work with) without having to set up their own PR or website. ( Did we say we also offer Media, PR and photography services ). Why not send us your motorsports photos or videos by Whatsapp.

We are also interested to partner with athletes /teams /events or journalists and photographers from around the world in a collaborative manner – if this is of interest, please email us at :- editor @ circuitprodigital.com


So if you like our work , and over 30,000 people already do, or want to thank us, you can buy us a coffee here click the link below !

“Skinny Latte for Lex and Black Americano for Darren”


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