F4: Logan Hannah reflects on a successful few days testing at Croft Circuit ahead of her UK F4 debut

F4: Logan Hannah reflects on a successful few days testing at Croft Circuit ahead of her UK F4 debut

Logan Hannah, UAEs bright young motorsports star is in training for her next big

adventure into UK F4


My recent 2 days of testing at Croft Circuit with Arden Motorsport in UK have been a challenging but a really valuable experience.

Having not driven any type of race since December last year when I competed in Round 1 of the UAE F4 Championship, I headed into these 2 day’s of testing feeling both nervous and excited for the new challenge ahead.

The British F4 car is quite different to the UAE F4 car as both the chassis and engine suppliers are not the same and each car handles and performs in different ways so my main goal for the end of this 2 day’s testing was to firstly get used to the British F4 car but to also to start building a solid working relationship with the Arden Mechanics and Engineers that were supporting me throughout the 2 days and hopefully when I start racing in British F4.

Logan in the purple Arden Motorsports car at Croft Circuit UK

On Day 1, I started out initially feeling excited and ready to go but also slightly anxious but as the day went on I quickly progressed with my understanding on the handling and movement of the actual car compared to the Arden simulator. Day 1 went really well overall and I was happy to finish the day having completed a lot of clean and fast laps.

On Day 2 of the testing in the first session of the morning, I was able to quickly process everything I had learned the previous day and was able to improve on my lap time by a considerable amount. Throughout the 2nd day I continued to make great steps forward in all aspects of my driving technique and track lines.

In the afternoon I developed a painful blister on my left hand which could have been a mental distraction but I was still able to keep pushing 100% in the car till the final session improving on my lap times and overall driving performance. To finish off we practised standing starts on the grid which was a lot of fun and provided me with an insight of what to expect when I hopefully line up in my first competitive British F4 race.

Overall the 2 days were an amazing experience and I can’t wait for the next one!

Look out for more updates from Logan as she enters F4 UK

Logan getting ready for the business of Motorsport-credit AmeliadeJongPhotography

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1 hr ago


163 points after the #JapaneseGP 👏

Fabio Quartararo heads to Australia as the 2019 Rookie of the Year! 🏆

#JapaneseGP 🇯🇵
... See Less

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Rossi needs to retire and give this much more talented rider his seat Rossi is 4th fastest Yamaha rider in 😂😂😂😂😂

Congratulations! Well deserved 💯

Bien trabajo muchacho.. felicitaciones

Good job



Well done Fabio.World champion of the future.



Good job el diablo

The only one that can beat marquez . Congrats

Well done fabio x

Some riders are meant to ride a MotoGP bike. Very good job #FQ20

Good job Fabio rookie soon champ 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

Well done Fabio 👍

And his bike has less rpm than the other Yamaha’s. I would like to see him be upgraded to be equal with the other m1’s!

Only 13 points behind to 3rd place in championship. How things are going it looks like he can secure 3rd spot overall at the end of the season. 👍

Well done Fabio xx

Spectacular. The factory Yamaha's not even close.

Just amazing!

Fabio said will set new goals next year.yes that's true.your new goal for the next year is to become world champion.but after all it all depends to Yamaha machinery.more HP on the straight.thats it.because the bike already good user friendly at the corner.

Fabio rocks. Now he needs a winning bike. Marquez needs at least one great rider to spa with.

Bravo Fabio l’unico a tener testa al mostro MM .. ti meriti la moto ufficiale.

Grande Fabio!!! Félicitations El Diablo!! ❤️❤️🏆🏍️🏍️🏍️


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2 hrs ago


A champion crowned, and an incredible race in the history books... 😍 ... See Less

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For a moment i tought i missed a race. My heart skipped!

Congrats Hamilton for fifth titles.

Can’t wait for the race. Mexico is a great track. I just hope the bulls can make some magic and Ferrari with their pace can give us some fun

good 2018 was circuit green 😀 .. This year Leclerc will very enjoy the track 🚀💪 wishing luck for Renault they was so bad luck 🤞

What a race, super Max!

Love Mexico on the calendar, it has such a great atmosphere!

Big Max!

Guys, next Monday Will be the last day for me on Facebook, coz I Will be travelling to England on Tuesday to study Law. Will be there for four years. I'll miss you all so much. May God be with you all. Please forward this message to all those know me. I've just forwarded as I received it and I don't know who is travelling.

Gosh I miss those days already and it's only been a year

That was outstanding. How could anyone hate this man Hamilton??? He’s amazing!!!

Nevermind. Let them happy this year. Next year will be year of Lecrec 😙

God watching this makes my heart break for Danny Ric even more 😭 Just could not catch a break

A happy day for me AND Billy Smith

🖤I Love U Guys🖤


Can’t wait, just 4 more days!!

And the fifth title 😍😍

So what did Will Smith taught Hamilton? 🤔🤔🤔


since 2014 the FIA Mercedes team is winning all titles , nothing is new

People seem to forget it was down to vettel ferarri lost

Must feel good becoming champion again with a far superior car for years and f1 easier than ever less demanding tracks overtaking assist computer assisted cars no wonder kids are filling the grid

Boring sunday without race 😪

Still should be back on free to air TV


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1 day ago


Daniel Ricciardo set a new lap record and his third career pole in Mexico last year! Jump onboard with the rapid Aussie 🔥 ... See Less

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I love this circuit. Go Max!

My favorite driver as a person. He deserved a better car than a Renault

Guys, next Monday Will be the last day for me on Facebook, coz I Will be travelling to England on Tuesday to study Law. Will be there for four years. I'll miss you all so much. May God be with you all. Please forward this message to all those know me. I've just forwarded as I received it and I don't know who is travelling.

Absolutely stunning! And the radio message sums it up perfectly 🤙

Great lap indeed !!! But im here to show the badge 😎😎

Great driver, always enjoy watching him. I was surprised how much the car was bottoming out on the lap, never paid attention to that before

I was soooooo happy when he did this. Max just wasn't fast enough and Vettel still youngest pole sitter 😂😂😂😂😂

And Austin Texas Grand Prix???

wou finally a great brand opens its eyes to the great corridor that is ricciardo 🏎🏎

This was just a fucking tragedy of a weekend, pole to yet another mechanical dnf. Thanks for all the broken engine components RB. They call that particular move the Horner Special.

Daniel will always be one of my favourite drivers.

Really miss seeing ricciardo at the top

Won’t be doing that this year. Sadly. Such a bad move.

Feel bad he moved from red bull deserves so much more of a better car. Would love to see him in a silver arrow

Last sector is one of the trickiests of all the circus... brilliant drive by Dani!

Will he ever experience these highs again, I’ve been a little deflated with the f1 thing this year because of this Renault thing, damn you max

Long straight will provide the advantage for Ferrari. Medium and slow corners would be Red Bull and Mercedes territory. Will be fascinating race.

Interesting to see how this year's Renault engines will cope with the Mexican altitude, last year they seemed the most efficient in the Red Bull car but who knows, just wishing for a Danny Ric podium again

Poor max almost cried after that one. I’m sure he did behind doors on his daddy’s shoulder. 😭

He's a great competitor ,Ferrari should hire him for next year to be in front againd

I don’t know anyone who does not like this guy. He’s fast and has amazing race craft. Its a wonder why he isn’t in a top team as the number 1 driver 🤔

Is this the pole he robbed crashy and Jos of their record?

all to give it up in the first `10 meter the next day

Jenson Button made the claim that Max was the quickest driver ever in F1 history yet Danny Ric had 3 poles while partnered with Max and Max had none This isn’t a dig at Max who I like a lot but a dig at how much shite Buttons talks

I miss Daniel Ric in the Red Bull plus the names of the tyres. These days tyre names are so boring.

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