Dubai: Logan Hannah poised for Formula 4 debut later this month at Yas Marina Circuit

Dubai: Logan Hannah poised for Formula 4 debut later this month at Yas Marina Circuit

Logan Hannah in action at Dubai Kartdrome

Dubai Oct 17th – Sixteen-year-old Logan Hannah is set to make her debut in an F4UAE Tatuus race car after confirming her first official test day Yas Marina Circuit later this month.

Hannah will debut with the SILBERPFEIL Energy Dubai team on October 27, which is the first official day of pre-season testing for the six-round 2017/18 F4UAE Championship powered by Abarth.

Having spent the summer months in the UK, the Dubai resident has been honing her race craft in a Ginetta Juniors testing and simulator program with Richardson Racing, Formula 4 simulator training at Arden Motorsport in Banbury with the YRDA (Young Racing Driver Academy), plus extensive karting racing in Scotland and at the UAE’s Dubai Kartdrome.

One week prior to her first test, Hannah is set to travel back to Arden for a full day of F4 simulator training, specifically on the Yas Marina Circuit configuration. This will assist in increasing the teenager’s familiarity and expectations of the circuit before sitting in the SILBERPFEUIL Tatuus race car for the first time on track.

Logan with her dad Graeme when she first started karting

“To be given the opportunity to test a Formula 4 car in the UAE is such a huge honour,” said Hannah. “Driving at Yas Marina Circuit, where I have been watching my dad race Radicals since I was 10 years old, is also something I had always wished for. So a big thanks to Kevin Day for giving me the opportunity to go out and show what I can do with the SILBERPFEIL Energy Dubai team.

“As a race driver I’ve always wanted to be recognised for my abilities and not by any boundaries that may define me, and without my family’s support and encouragement I wouldn’t be here. They’ve given up so much for me to be where I am now,” concluded Hannah.

With hopes to have a career in open-wheelers in the USA or Europe, Hannah will use the F4UAE test to help make her official transition from karting to single seater racing while setting realistic expectations on growing accustomed to both the car’s handling plus the unique track conditions in the Middle East. The 16-year-old will also look at other potential testing options in December at the Dubai Autodrome, which would complete the racer’s experience on both F4UAE championship circuits.

Logan Hannah

Team owner of the SILBERPFEIL Energy Dubai team, Kevin Day, welcomed Hannah back to the team in which she first began as a karter.

“It’s great for us to have Logan join us for the official test as she started her karting career with us a few years ago,” said Day. “We have always monitored her progress after she has raced across the UK and the UAE in karting and Ginetta Juniors. For her to come back to us for her first single seater test is an honour.”

The F4UAE Championship kicks off at the Home of F4UAE, Yas Marina Circuit, for the official pre-season test on October 27-28, before the first round of the Championship begins in anger as a support category to the Gulf 12 Hours on December 13-16 at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 circuit.

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New look ✅ New features ✅ Bigger prizes ✅
F1 Fantasy is BACK for 2020!!! 🙌 Pick your team for Melbourne now >>

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Can't pick any team since Melbourne isn't going to happen because corona.

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Americans and their daily fantasy sports 🙄. I sure do hope F1 gets bought by some other entity right about now. Heck, I’d welcome Bernie back with open arms

Fantasy for the most predictable of all Motorsports? $$ subscriptions must be behind it..

Ed Simbol. We getting in on this F1 fantasy or what?!! Lol

Tony Fletcher lets see if we can do better then last year 😂

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Liam Stapleton, might have a go this year, how hard can it be? 😂

Laurens Verkerk

Andrew Mono challenge accepted

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Cool Done!

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Something BIG is about to happen💥

WorldSBK kicks off this week! 🤩
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Over 48 hours since I paid for Videopass and still no access and no response from customer service! Come on #motogp you're killin' me here makin' me wait!!

Let’s hope it is close racing this season.

(y) good times 🙂

Hâte que ça reprenne

Andy Evering

Yes..iam Like

Moto gp é mto top 1°




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The first red flag of week two 🚩 ... See Less

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I sincerely hope that they are holding something in the locker. Because if they don’t and this is all they have to show for. I predict a very very tough season ahead. Which would prompt me to say that Binotto’s position is unattainable. Time to find a clear leader. Maybe even a Flavio Briatore.. Who might be an idiot at times, but has enough to get Ferrari where they need to be.

Well i don't blame him, because i have spun out of this corner million times in f1 game, it is very tricky corner indeed. Besides he was probably testing where the limits are.

I've never driven one but they must be really easy to spin with the amount of power they put through there rear wheels. Give the guy a brake I know for a fact any of us wouldn't be able to get past turn one.

The car bottomed out on the gravel and he spun. What’s the big news? Stop depicting Vettel as bad driver people.

If you aren't testing the limits of the car during testing, you may as well pack up and go home. Unfortunately he gave himself a bad rep for a habit of spinning so people will bash him for it. I actually hope he gets some confidence back and makes the season entertaining for the right reasons. But I still also think Ferrari got rid of the wrong driver.

I don't know about you. But I really believe in these red cars this year.

Total HILARIOUS meme to be had here.. Until you realise he's about the 10th driver to spin out so far this year and all that joyous meme humour fades away

Doesn't deserve to drive for Ferrari anymore. He definately had his best days. He's still a good driver, but that's about it.

Dunno if you can call this sandbagging anymore, prancing horses are looking worse and worse each year. Something needs to change for them and yesterday.

I mean, you have to practice to be as good at those spins as Vettel is. Might as well use testing as practice! 🙈

Best spin vettel had on his career

There goes Max Verstappen agai... oh no, it is another top driver.. see, little kids; more good drivers spin. It's part of the game. No go and contemplate the failures in your own life. (I did and I am far from perfect)

I wonder how vettel feels about all the critism of him spinning . I bet he wouldn't even attempt a spin move on the dance floor.

He has been in a habit of spinning the last few years, i dont know whats going on. Perhaps this cars design does not suit his driving style, but you gotta adapt.

Well one things for sure if you could be a world champion for spinning off the track with no other cars any where near you then Vettel would be a three time world champion in that category !!

This is literally so easy to do lmao it's called taking to much speed into a corner then hitting gravel with one side of the car causing those tyres to get dirty. This happens in any kind of motorsport to any driver chill out

He’s not going to be using that “lack of rear grip” excuse again this season surely? Any other top driver would work around that to suit their driving style

Certainly one of the grid's most consistent drivers.

Omfg 99% of people in comment section never drove a focking kart in their life but still talking about a 4-time world champion driving a Ferrari that is 1% of what it really was 20 years ago

Ferrari: "Vettel future it's in jeopardy this Season" Vettel: *spins like an idiot*

Unless you were sitting in the car, you have no idea what happened. It spun. End of story.

Just seb doing Seb things. It's really time he stepped to the side so someone can challenge Mercedes for more then every 3rd weekend

Bold prediction guys - this season Ferrari will be last years Williams, Williams will be top 5 team this year.

Vettel taking the SF1000 for a spin. Literally.

Best advantage for Sebastian in 2020: starting by underestimated. I hope he will shut up every keyboard's "king-lion" here.

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Wing Wednesday! 🏎️

#thisisendurance #24HSERIES #24HSERIES2020 #TCRSPA500 #motorsport
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