Bikes: Qatar Endurance Racing Team achieve Supersport class victory at 24H Moto Le Mans

Bikes: Qatar Endurance Racing Team achieve Supersport class victory at 24H Moto Le Mans

2014 24h Le Mans Podium

Le Mans Sunday 20th Sep 2014 – Qatar Endurance Racing Team (QERT ) has won the final round of Superstock  category in the 24H Le Mans. This achievement is proudly added to the chain of achievements scored by QMMF head by Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Attiyah.

The QERT team is composed by Anthony West, Alex Cudlin, Mashel Al Naimi and Saed Al Sulaiti and were the best qualified in the starting grid in the super stock category and 7th overall in the start of the race, which started yesterday Saturday at 3.00 pm France, 4.00 pm Doha time.

QMMF President, Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Attiyah expressed his full pleasure for the title among the hardest competition. Al Attiyah also stated that “such achievement is absolutely considered a real indicator of the team ability to achieve the best results on the international level, and no doubt that Qatar Endurance Racing Team now has a special experience would inevitably lead the team to achieve more achievements in the name of Qatar, which is our utmost objective behind this participation and the other future ones’.

2014 24h Le Mans Podium_

Al Attiyah stated that the integrated performance of QMMF racing team headed by the team manager Rashid Al Sulaiti came against all expectations, as the team kept balanced since the early beginning of the race, in spite of the hard weather circumstance and the rain fall, which was hard enough for anyone to sustain the top, but QMMF team for endurance did it.

Al Attiyah indicated that the main reason of such successes is the staying of the Qatari management behind QMMF which was and will still the main supporter for the team to achieve more and more Qatari Victories as a team, and a future vision to us as a union. He also added that this achievement and others will be reflected positively to us as a union, and no doubt that the name of QMMF now became brilliant enough in the world of motor sport.

From his side, QMMF Team Manager Rashid Al Sulaiti expressed his full trust of the team members Anthony West, Alex, Mashel Al Naimi and Saed Al Sulaiti. Since their performance was distinguished for the whole 24 hours, and they were responsible enough to achieve this honorable result in the name of Qatar.

2014 24h Le Mans TEAM

Al Sulaiti stated that since the beginning, the team was doing well up to the 8th hour of the race, and stepped back to the 2nd position for a while, then restored the top again at the early hours of Sunday. Al Sulaiti resumed his statement saying that

“there was a hard competition among 32 participant teams at this round, we were monitoring this competition closely, Junior 72 team was deemed the strongest revival to QMMF, but due to the team experience and the application of the plans and strategies which was agreed before was a good guarantor to achieve the victories of the day. Today we are celebrating this new achievement; as QMMF has a full record of achievements in this world championship, since the team won the cup 3 consecutive times in 2008 & 2009 & 2010 at the super stock class”.

2014 24h Le Mans Mishal_

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