SVDP-Racing: Against Cancer – Holland Assen TT Circuit

SVDP-Racing: Against Cancer – Holland Assen TT Circuit
Image supplied from Against Cancer Facebook Page

The 10th anniversary of the 'Against Cancer' event...

Today as the sun rose into the morning sky, it would shine that much brighter on a small corner of Holland.

The reason for the extra sunshine today in this small corner of Holland was a gathering of special adults and a large group of very special kids, all whom had come together under the banner of AGAINST CANCER!

The concept of ‘Against Cancer’ is for children who have this terrible condition and giving them a day out to remember. A day where they would have the opportunity to experience activities they would never normally have the chance to,  Making this day, unforgettable for both the children and adults alike. July 16th would see the 10th running of this awesome event and one which would once again, deliver a fun filled day to remember for all concerned…

These special people have arranged so many different types of vehicles for the kids to ride in, on and over. And what child wouldn’t like to be the soldier for a few hours riding around in a military vehicle. Or a honorary Policeman while cruising in the police boat or a Fireman in the very bright and loud fire truck. And then the excitement as the kids, some for the first time, get to drive a go kart or ride on a motorbike, sit in a race car or carry out a lap of two on a race circuit….

Image supplied from Against Cancer Facebook Page

Ready for the two wheeled dream to start...

SVDP-Racing also attended the day bringing out the mighty BMW 120d endurance race car, complete with an extra passenger installed giving the kids a chance to do hot laps with SVDP-Racings very own Wubbe Herlaar who would have the honor of driving the kids around the Assen TT circuit. And we were told that Wubbe had a bigger smile on his face than some of the children at the end of the sessions.

Image supplied

SVDP-Racing Wubbe Herlaar ready to deliver a few dreams and collect a few smiles

Maybe that was due the extra sunny day, but most likely, it was the huge smiles on the children’s faces as they were strapped into the race seat,  helmets secured and seat belts tightened up. Wubbe swears the BMW 120d enjoyed the day as much as he did and never missed a beat all day. Inside the BMW, not a squeak or clunk was heard, the racing tires didn’t wear out and if rumors are true the car did not use one drop of fuel. Wubbe states, “I believe the mighty little car was running purely on smiles the whole day”

All we know is that in this brightly sunlit corner of Holland, some very special people made a lot of dreams come true for some very special children.

Well done to SVDP-Racing, to Wubbe Herlaar & everyone involved in making a few dreams come true for these special kids….


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