Australia: The Brit Abroad with Mark Abram…….

Australia: The Brit Abroad with Mark Abram…….

Mark Abram....Oldhams finest !

The Brit abroad…and welcome to CPD Mark Abram !

Some time ago we were introduced to Mark Abram, a Brit abroad. Not quite sure how it all came about but we seem to remember it being through social media (responsible for many new friendships around the globe and, dare we say, quite a few break ups too!)…….

Mark, hails from Manchester in the UK, Oldham in fact, the same place that gave us Mark Owen from boy band ‘Take That’….Needless to say, Marks path to Victor Harbor, Australia where he now resides and has done since 1995, was somewhat different and no, it didn’t cost him 10 quid !

Mark is a devout motorcyclist having owned 68 to date with his greatest love being from the early two stroke era (ours too). Along with his passion for all things motorcycle related, Mark was/is a keen photographer and hence how we became friends, sharing the same pastimes and hobbies, most of them at similar times/events in the UK many many moons ago!

Having worked for many years as a freelance photographer in the UK covering sporting events and reaching the heady heights of working for the Manchester Evening News covering the ice hockey matches (not an easy sport to shoot also) in the golden years of film, Mark found other ways and means to earn an honest living and gave up the camera.

Old bike, new technology...Bit like Mark then !

Now after 15 years his early passion has returned having finally been won over by the digital era…Mark, by his own admission, a technophobe, he wasn’t too keen on the digital revolution in the beginning but soon realized that by not having to spend money on film, he could put the pounds saved towards his other love, beer & pies!

New school tricks for the 'old school' lad

Trying to get his head around photographic related software tools is his current headache now that he has finally taken the digital plunge and set up his own photographic business in Oz. Looking at his latest work, it is clear to see that Mark hasn’t lost any of those early skills and can be found most weekends (work & wife permitting) hacking around the circuits in and around the surrounding areas. Track days and race meets covering mainly bike events are where you will find him and his trusty Canon gear in action. Now his next objective is to cover all the big bike races around Australia and hopes to get official accreditation for the new season of WSB (World Superbike) & Moto GP….We wish him well with that quest here at Circuit Pro Digital and look forward to next season with our local man on the ground….

Want to see more of Marks work then check out the link below...

Mark is available for freelance work, drop him a line and he will be glad to help you out. If you want to see more of Marks work, check out his link here>>>

10 things you don’t need to know about Mark but we’ll tell you anyway;


1, Where were you born – Oldham in Lancashire – England

2 Fav film – Silver Dream Racer – David Essex & Beau Bridges

3. Fav Actor/actress – Jack Nicholson / Dianne Keaton

4. Fav food & drink – Bangers Mash & Baked Beans with HP sauce – Pepsi Light / miller Genuine Draft Beer

5. Bikes or cars – Bikes, but cars are a necessary evil with all the camera gear

6. Canon or Nikon – Canon

7. Fav piece of camera equip – Canon 70-200 2.8 L Series II

8. Old school film or New school digital – Old school film, but I am muddling my way through the new technology

9. Cats or dogs – Dogs, I have 2 – Biaggi & Mollie

10. Fav ‘one liner’ from any film or person – “Wait till you see God then go for the brakes” – Kevin Schwantz #34



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Formula Gulf Academy

Testing Opportunity on the Yas Marina Grand Prix Circuit
19th and 20th December 2018.

GulfSport Racing announces a unique opportunity for experienced racing drivers to gain amazing seat time in their 186bhp slicks and wings single seater race cars alongside European F4 drivers preparing for UAE F4.

You will drive the floodlit circuit on two evenings. On day 1 you will get familiar with 12 corners of the 2.36kms South Circuit then move up to the full 21 corners of the 5.5kms Grand Prix circuit on day 2 on new tyres. You will work with top international driver coach Andy Pardoe in all sessions using data and video and you will be engineered by GulfSport’s Martin Hope. Using the same Hankook slick tyres as the F4 cars, on a lighter chassis and with more power, lap times will be comparable.

Over the course of two days you will have up to 360 minutes of track time to use. FIA homologated racewear and HANS required.

This testing not run under an FIA Race permit so there is no need for you to request Start Permission from your home ASN.

Limited availability. For more information please send your details to or call Martin on +971 50 2725091 or Barry on +44 7517 335172
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