Dubai 24hr: SVDP – Racing around the Clock Again

Dubai 24hr: SVDP – Racing around the Clock Again

SVDP Racing celebrate their podium placing

SVDP Racing the Dubai based racing team have entered the 2012 edition of the Dubai 24hr race where they will be racing their BMW 120d. This will be the teams 3rd 24hr race after competing in the Britcar 24hr race at Silverstone in 2010 and the 2011 edition of the Dubai 24hr race. The team and car finished a creditable 34th overall at Silverstone (the teams 1st ever 24hr race) and 2nd in class in the 2011 Dubai 24hr race.

The team has been competing the UAE racing series under its various guises for the last 5 years where they enjoyed success as class champions in the 2006/07 season and finishing 2nd in class in the 2010/11 season.

After attending the 2010 Dubai 24hr race the team decided to investigate the requirements of entering into endurance races themselves. After considering various cars, a decision was made to purchase a race prepared BMW 120d from a UK based team  who used to race 1 series BMW’s in the British Touring Car championship and thus knew how to made the cars quick and reliable.

The SVDP BMW 120d on it's way to a podium finish last time out

The Silverstone race was held in predominantly wet conditions, which, for the Dubai based drivers, was something a little different and didn’t have too much practice in. Despite this the car ran reliably and saw the team cross the finish line ahead of numerous quicker cars.

The 2011 Dubai 24hr saw the team fighting tooth and nail with the 3rd placed car over the last couple of hours. A heroic last stint by Chris Wishart saw him overtake the 3rd place car on the last lap of the race. The team was later promoted to 2nd in class when the winning car was disqualified.

Since last year’s race, the car has gone on a diet, replacing the standard bonnet and doors with fiberglass items saving 90kgs alone. All unnecessary brackets and plates have also been removed. The car currently weighs 1,070kg which is 30kg under the weight limit. This enables the team to place 30kg of ballast where they want in order to help improve the balance of the car. The air intake system has been improved and with a slight modification of the exhaust system the power and torque levels have risen.

The team comprises of Team Manager Ian Rodgers and drivers Spencer Vanderpal and Chris Wishart. They are joined by Jonathan Mullan (who competes in the UAE Touring Car Championship) and Peter Moulsdale (experienced endurance driver and ex Bahrain Touring Car Championship competitor). The mechanics and support team are all volunteers who willingly give up the time to help out and participate in the event.

Team Manager Ian Rodgers states “the objective is for the car to spend as little time in the pits as possible so that we are out on the track racking up the laps and to get the car to the finish. We will seek quick but consistent lap times from the drivers so that we are not overstressing the car.”

Sponsorship and product support helps the team compete. The team are very grateful for Table 9 at the Hilton Creek who will catering for the team, FibraFoil have agreed to wrap the car again, Four Graphics for providing additional graphics, Black Pepper for the team clothing, Valvoline for lubricants and Alex Renner  Motors. The team are still looking for additional financial support and they can be contacted via

Celebration time for the whole team after a great performance

The 2012 Dubai 24hr race will run between 12-14th January at the Dubai Autodrome. Entry is free so why not go down and support the team…

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