Radical UAE: 2011-2012 Radical Cup announced as series gets new promoter and new revised format

Dubai Mar 14th, 2011 – Following five years of successful Radical Sportscar racing in the UAE, the Radical Cup is set to improve for the 2011/2012 season with the introduction of a new format with mini endurance races.

Introduced by AUH Motorsports, the new organisers of the series, there will be increased track time, opportunities for drivers to share cars, and more trophies. With over 1000 Radicals sold globally and multiple national championships, Radical Sportscars are now one of the most successful race car manufacturers in the world offering unbeatable performance for minimum cost.

Designed for drivers of all ages and experience, the 2011/2012 Radical Cup structure has been formulated to allow all participating drivers to maximize their race day experience and gain podium positions.

With the incorporation of the Novice Cup, two driver cars, and a driver grading system, the series will offer extremely cost effective racing and will be competitive at every level.

Whats NEW

– Six race meetings held between Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina

– Three cups to race for: Drivers, Novice & Team plus additional awards at each event for GCC Nationals, Seniors and Driver of the Day

– Five or more hours track time at each meeting incorporating two 45 minute races with pit stops and driver changes.

– Restrictions on tyre usage – limited to one set for qualifying and races.

– A driver grading system of Gold, Silver & Bronze with restrictions on driver pairings.

– Hospitality for drivers, their guests and sponsors.

– An optional three further races in Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The new series is being promoted for the first time by AUH Motorsports who aim to breathe new life into the Radical Cup using their enthusiasm and experience of racing Radicals internationally. The team won the coveted title of “Best Team” in the Radical European Masters 2010 and their drivers Bassam Kronfli and Christophe Hissette were Radical SR3 champions in the same series during 2009 at the teams first ever attempt.

Carl Rolaston, Chief Executive of AUH Motorsports commented “ I am extremely excited about the prospects for Radical racing next season. Already we have drivers of a very high calibre who have confirmed their entries and we also have several newcomers who have expressed strong interest. Unlike previous years, we will be encouraging other teams to run Radicals and we have received support from many local teams who have offered to run Radicals as part of their race programme. A list of these teams will be distributed shortly so that drivers can make a choice.

The longer races with the pit stop add an exciting new dimension to the events and with the Gold, Silver and Bronze driver grading, it will really be anyone’s race and anyone’s championship.

We also hope that the relatively low cost will encourage more drivers to switch to the Radical and take part in what is sure to be a fun and exciting season.”

AUH Motorsports, who are the Radical representative in the UAE have produced a detailed brochure on the Radical Cup 2011/2012 which can be downloaded from the following link. Here.

For further information on the Radical Cup 2011/2012, please contact Carl Rolaston on +971 (0)50 6443585 or email carl@auhmotorsports.com


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