Drag Racing: Pro Drag at Yas kicks off with a blast in first of four rounds for 1.4m aed purse

Drag Racing: Pro Drag at Yas kicks off with a blast in first of four rounds for 1.4m aed purse

Abu Dhabi, 29th January 2011 – Pro Drag Racing kicked off with a blast at the Yas drag racing centre on Friday.

Spectators witnessed leading drivers from across the GCC going head to head in the first round of the ultimate test of speed, across seven classes of professional racing including: Pro Modified; Outlaw 10.5; Super Eliminator (7.50 Index); Pro Bike; Super Street Bike; Pro 6; and Super Street 8.

The pro drag racing is comprised of four races with a grand total of AED 1.4 million in prize money up for grabs.

Day one of the Pro Drag Racing Series kicked off at Yas Drag Centre last night with time trials and qualifying. Some seriously fast times were recorded, in particular the Pro Modified class, with A. Al Kaabi recording a time of 3.87 seconds, 309.48 kmh. Equally impressive was newly trained Yas Drag Centre graduate S. Tammour, posting 4.8 seconds, 201kmh. See highlights of the first day of Pro Series Qualifying.

Fastest qualifying times for each class:

Pro Modified
A.   Al Kaabi – Elapsed Time: 3.87 seconds, speed: 309.48 kmh
Pro 6
F. Al Shamsi – Elapsed Time: 5.52 seconds, speed: 212.99 kmh
Pro Bike
M. Bourashid – Elapsed Time: 4.192 seconds, speed: 261.44kmh
Super Street 8
H.Mohammed – Elapsed Time: 4.93, speed: 228.45km
Outlaw 10.5*
Y. Al Ali – Elapsed Time: 16.31, speed: 73kmh
Street Bike*
M. Al Turki – Elapsed Time: 4.75, speed: 248kmh
F. Tammour – Elapsed Time: 4.88, speed: 201kmh

*Outlaw, Street Bike, 4.80 Class ran one round only of Qualifying, as opposed to every other class that ran two


Full list of results below:

Pro Modified
Winner – Entry #302 A. Al Kaabi, ET 3.90 seconds, 303kmh
Runner-up Entry #300 K. Ali, ET4.02 seconds, 295kmh

Super Street 8
Winner – Entry # 378 H. Mohammed, ET 4.94 seconds, 227kmh
Runner-up Entry #380 A. Abdulla, Stage Foul (no times and speed)

Pro Bike
Winner – Entry # 404 M. Bourashid, ET 4.20 seconds, 259kmh
Runner-up Entry # 407 A. Al Nukhilan, ET 4.48 seconds, 252kmh

Outlaw 10.5
Winner – Entry #317 H. Mohammed, ET 5.94 seconds, 206kmh
Runner-up – Entry # 318 Y. Al Ali, ET 12.26 seconds, 93 kmh

Street Bike
Winner – Entry #418 M. Al Turki, ET 4.76 seconds, 248kmh
Runner-up – Entry #420 F. Al Hamoud, ET 4.96 seconds, 252kmh

Super Eliminator 4.80
Winner – Entry #336 F. Tammour, ET 4.80 seconds, 225kmh
Runner-up Entry #334 H.Mohd, ET 4.81 seconds, 227kmh

Pro 6
Winner – Entry #367 F. Abdullah, ET 5.31 seconds, 216kmh
Runner-up Entry #356 F. Al Shamsi, ET 5.80 seconds, 212kmh

PRO Drag racing Series Dates –

28 – 29 January
04 – 05 March (Yas Drag Racing Festival)
18 – 19 March
29 – 30 April

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