Sayel Racing: Spotlight on proud Palestinian GT racing driver Saad Salman

Sayel Racing: Spotlight on proud Palestinian GT racing driver Saad Salman

Dubai Oct 2010 –  We took some pre-season time out to chat with one of the most pleasant and articulate racing drivers in the GT class, Saad Salman who told us about his brand new GT racing team fielding the beautiful KTM XBow this opening round of the UAE GT Championship: and how proud he feels to be able to fly the flag of his homeland in such an inspiring way. He has surrounded himself with an incredible team, taking great care to cultivate his relationships with both media and other drivers and teams, always smiling and willing to promote thier team at every level, they are definately bound for great sucess.

Saad Salman, always smiling, and looking forward to the first race

What does image Sayel Racing portray and how is it different from any other racing team?  Sayel Racing embraces the Palestinian identity and brings it into the motor sports scene in a professional and modern light. The team is a group of close friends and family that feel its important to gather and unite Palestinians and other Arabs in not only supporting the Palestinian team but also the Palestinian heritage that we aim to promote and keep alive. 

What does the future hold for Sayel Racing? Sayel Racing sees itself as a Palestinian ambassador in the motor sports world. We feel it is important to show pride in our nationality through racing and will start of in national and regional championships with the goal of building a strong and competitive racing team that can compete on the international scene supported by like minded sponsors and fans.

Do you, as a team, have what it takes to compete against the other teams or are you in it just for the fun? To us at Sayel Racing, we have fun at competing. We definitely have what it takes on and off the track, with a strong team behind us and a determined driver behind the wheel, and a passionate pride in what the team stands for, we are bound for success. So keep an eye out for us in upcoming race seasons.

Who are the current members of Sayel Racing? Currently Sayel Racing team consists of: Saad Salman, Team Principal and Driver, Mounir Habib- PR, Sima Farouki- Coordinator, Zeid Salman- Marketing, Reef Urfali- Assistant Marketing, Ziad Mikhael- Visuals

Saad competing in the Ginetta at Yas Marina

Tell us about the driver for the team, what are his qualifications and whats with the kufiyeh pattern? Sayel Racing’s team driver is Saad Salman. He has completed extensive training and achieved the relevant certification and licensing throughout many years of development and experience: Racing license certification (National Class),  Porsche Cup car race 09/10 (UAE),      Ginetta G50 national racing 09/10 (UAE), KTM X-Bow race circuit training courses (Austria), Full ‘open wheeler’ race circuit training program (Dubai),         Porsche Carrera and KTM X-Bow open track training (Dubai and Bahrain),        Extensive go kart racing and training (Spain, Canada, and UAE)

The Kufiyeh is a symbol of Palestinian heritage and an important beacon of Palestinian opportunity. With this as our teams’ symbol, we hope to encourage pride in the hearts of Palestinians. We are entering the motorsport world and we are brining our kufiyeh’s with us. 

GT4 homologated 2010 KTM X-Bow

Why this car? The car we will be racing and developing is a GT4 homologated 2010 KTM X-Bow with a curb weight of 850kg, carbon fiber body, and adjustable racing suspension.

The Sayel team has chosen the KTM X-Bow because it is new, powerful, advanced and we believe it has the potential to be competitive on track. We have gained experience testing and training in the car for the past year now and are ready to start developing it to suit the championship regulations and be competitive. It also helps our cause that the car’s design is very unique and attracts a lot of attention. 

When can we expect Sayel Racing on the grid for the national races? Sayel Racing as a team will debut during the upcoming season that runs from Oct 2010 until April 2011. With races divided between the Dubai Autodrome and the Yas Marina circuit. Come join us during our first official race on 22nd October 2010 at the Dubai Autodrome.

For more information or details about the Sayel Racing team you can view their website ( and follow the link to our Facebook Fan page.

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Next year, same situation, but the other way around, Vettel pushed Alonso off the track.

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Cheeky? Definitely 🔥
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Awesome? Absolutely 😍

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Rich Dawes, car looks mean

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Back in 1986, onboard cameras were *the* cool new thing in F1 🎥

And in Australia, Johnny Dumfries showed everyone why 🤩
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Some of current F1 drivers are not able to keep the nowadays car straight even with all those gizmos, all controls and people instructing them. I just wonder that they wouldn't be able to exit the pit garage driving those beasts of the past.

These guys were a class apart. Like Nelson said, having to muscle the car around the corner with one hand while changing gears. This was driving, with full respect to nowadays drivers.

Love the way people always go on about the past in F1. Road cars are now safer because of the advances in technology from F1, the road cars from the 70s & 80s were a load of crap, now you are driving much safer cars

At :50, does anyone know if that was fuel dumping on him from another car, a broken coolant hose or...?

He took a shower of gasoline from the ahead car,when you see that the camera goes white, imagine that while have to deal whith a manual gearbox monster

That's what an engine should sound like..... Driver drove the car without outside interference. Ahhh - happy days.

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There's some right nostalgic bullshit being posted on here! F1 drivers of today would have been just as quick as these guys were and vice versa. Anyone thinking today's cars have traction control, launch control or abs - they don't.

Changing gear and clutch proper driving plus proper cars whe f1 was great not like the scalectric cars of today

So awesome to see them actually having a shifter and having to control the car with one hand while shifting continuously each lap...

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Would love to see the PS generation drive those cars! 😊

Imagine people’s reactions for the first time they had this angle. Stunning footage. What happened at 50 seconds? Lens cleaner or fuel leaking??

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What was the average speed during this races? And I would like to see how they drove that thing at Monaco..

Amazing they didnt think sooner to have shifters on the steering wheel.

From a time when drivers drove and pilots flew planes, stunning footage but what happened at appx 50 seconds 🤔🤔

Love the old F1 videos! Keep bringing back the vintage F1 races.

You should use much more onboard on F1 transmissions. MUUUUUCH more.

No electronic aids, no flappy paddle shifters. These cars had to be driven, manhandled, beaten into submission until tamed. And only the best could truly tame these beasts.

The era turbo: simply, cars were beasts. And these drivers were superb!

would like to see Gerhard Berger handling a 1000 horsepowers Benetton-BMW on a qualifying lap. This turbo engines were killer.

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The next hero in a long line of American motorcycle racing talent? 🇺🇸

Go behind the scenes with Joe Roberts racer in this exclusive documentary as he sets out on his path to take a nation back to the top ✨

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Moto GP needs Americans riders like Americans riders need motoGP. So happy if you can get strong again. Strong,brave and funny. We need you.

Great young man and Hopkins will be a good coach for the team.

Saw my first moto race and Joe Robert's started on the pole in Qatar! Was a blast but wish MotoGP could have been there. Maybe the Texas race will be the next one.

Us American fans can only hope. It’s been a long time since the golden age of American riders that I grew up watching.

Gosh, that livery is amazing. LOVE the helmet!

There is an American in super sport.

It's time to rise again USA 😀

Wish ya was racing at home this weekend!!!

All the Best💥..

Long line ?

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Javier Castro 🚀🇺🇸🇺🇸

La famille roberts Grand nom de la MotoGP du père kenny Robert puis kenny Robert jr champion du monde avec Suzuki et maintena t le fiston! En lui espérant la même carrière que ses aînés!

If the season would get shorten this year. I do believe this would be a great chance for Joe to capitalize on it. If Quartararo & Lecouna made it. He could do it too. But first, I can't wait to see him polish a few mistakes he & his team had in the first race. 😎

Use the front very late along with the rear you moron

Right on! We’re with you and watching.

Hate it when you do this, he has 1 podium and now all eyes are on him so he is gunna feel a mountain of pressure and if he fails that's the end of his career you guys got to stop making a big deal so early all the time what if he can't take the pressure of everyone focused on him 😒

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