DMX: Holeshot with Sam Smith

DMX: Holeshot with Sam Smith

Oct 1st – Jebel Ali Dubai, Round 1 –Today didn’t really work out as I had hoped & planned! “Lying on the floor at turn one with Mark Ackerman next to me I realized it was going to be a tough day at the office”

During the mornings practice and qualifying I felt really good; the track was nice and had a few good lines forming as the sessions went on. Also, my KTM felt good and I was getting loads of traction from the new tires which I had just fitted after being supplied by Sandstorm Motorcycles. Qualifying in fourth I was able to get a decent gate choice…Things were looking good!

Race one – From the start I got out of the gate clean and we all charged into turn one, I was on the inside and thought I was going to get through without incident, next thing I was laying on the floor after a coming together with Mark Ackerman. By the time I got to my feet and got the bike started again I was dead last! I got my head down and pushed as hard as I could, making up position after position over the next four laps. I got myself back into 5th place and was pushing hard to get 4th place but, my wrist which I broke in the off season began to ache and I was having trouble holding on. I decided that I would back off and try to finish the race without crashing. I eventually dropped back another position to 6th Not exactly what I wanted but something to build on for race two…

Race two – Another clean start and this time no first turn tumbles, I got away well and was in second place as we headed out on the first lap. I really pushed hard again as I wanted to try to open a gap to the following riders as I knew my wrist would eventually be the weak link again and I would have to back off the pace a little. I settled into a good pace and rhythm and felt like I was riding smooth but, as expected, by the 7th lap my wrist again started to give me problems and I had to back off the throttle again. It was very frustrating dropping back down a couple of positions and finally crossing the line in 4th place. This gave me an overall result of 5th on the day so not too bad considering!

My lap times show that I can run at the same pace as the leaders but also, I do need to get my fitness levels up and my wrist back to 100%

My next outing on the bike is for the first round of the new Arabian Enduro Series which will run from the Umm Al Quwain track. Bike is finished and ready to go with it slightly bigger fuel tank and new gearing…Bring it on!

Finally, I would like to thank Jonathan & Christine at Sandstorm Motorcycles for their support once again…Cheers guy’s


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