Karting: RTKF-SODI Team Triumphs at Le Mans 24hr for second year in succession

Team Sodi win Le Mans 24hr

Sep 2nd 2010-For the second year in a row, SODI chassis has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the most prestigious karting endurance race in the world.

In attendance were several prestigious teams and some of the best drivers in the world, the longest and most difficult event on the karting calendar witnessed once again the triumph of an extraordinary team, RTKF-SODI, led by Claude Jamin, on the Alain Prost circuit. Driven with great ability by the quartet of drivers –Abbasse, Lecarpentier, Poulain and Fiault.

For the second year in succession the Sodi team triumph

When the chequered flag was waived, the whole team exploded with joy after a new success at this 25th edition of the 24 Hours. Claude Jamin, Team Boss, found it hard to conceal his excitement, but took the time to analyse the performances of the No. 1 kart he is in charge with.

“It is a great satisfaction for RTKF, for which I would also like to thank the Sodikart Group. Their know-how and the quality of their products gave us incomparable help. While many teams had to face numerous problems, we ran a clean and fast race. Kart components such as the rear shaft, the suspensions or the steering column are under heavy stress during the 24 hours, but they held on just fine. The same can be said about the tubing. I am also proud to announce that the winning chassis here at Le Mans will be used again at the end of the Euro Endurance Series 2010”.

The Sodi/Reedster worked like a clock from the beginning to the end of the race. Always in the lead group during the first hours, the RTKF-SODI Team took as few risks as possible, before they inexorably shifted to higher gear to build a solid advantage lap after lap. At mid-race they already had a 9-lap lead over their nearest challenger. And on Sunday, at 3 p.m., Anthony Abbasse crossed the finish line with a 12-lap lead, with RTKF-SODI kart no. 72 driven by the American Andrick Zeen on his side.

“It was a tribute I wanted to pay to Sodi”, Claude Jamin continued. “The kart that won in 2009 was side by side to the one that has triumphed this year and the two karts where driven by the two Sodi official drivers who are with us”.

Quick team action in the pits helped maintain the lead overall

5,80 seconds to re-supply (change of driver, refuelling, greasing of the chain and check of safety elements) and 1’10” to change the engine, the brake pads and the tyres: this gives an idea of the hard preparation work made by RTKF together with Sodikart. This second victory in a row for Sodi ST32 did not come by accident for a brand that continues to win on all fronts, from Mini-Kart to KZ1, from speed to endurance races!

Thanks to this new success, the RTKF-SODI Team has already secured the Euro Endurance Series title for itself.

“Sodi gives us performances and reliability, so our goal is to win all major endurance races in the World. Grand slam in sight! Claude Jamin concluded, exhausted but happy.

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