UAE Karting: Al Ain Superprix awards Al Dhaheri and Al Rawahi brothers

UAE Karting: Al Ain Superprix awards Al Dhaheri and Al Rawahi brothers

The second round of Al Ain Raceway’s Ramadan Super Prix Challenge 2010 took place on Friday 20th August. Twenty three drivers raced the 900m National Circuit configuration.

The practice and qualifying sessions provided the masses with some blistering times, with the Oman Karting Team, Sanad and Abdullah Al Rawahi setting the pace at 44.87s and 44.92s respectively. Mohammed Al Dhaheri was next in line posting third fastest time overall with a 45.26s, closely followed by Mohammed Al Mutawaa and Hussein Umid Ali with 45.38s and 45.40s respectively. 

The first of the three point-scoring heats saw the Oman Karting Team lock out the front row, and at the lights instantly stamped their authority on the race.  Sanad had the edge and, over the course of the 10 lap race, was able to build himself a comfortable 4 second advantage right up to the chequered flag. Behind him, the battle for second place was hotly contested by his brother and team-mate Abdullah, Haytham Al Ali, Mohammed Al Mutawaa, Khalid Khalifa Al Nahyan, Hussein Umid Ali and Atef Al Barwani.  The train of drivers fought nose to tail, often trading places, but it would finish in the aforementioned order, covered by little over 2 seconds.

Heat 2 as even closer, Sanad Al Rawahi would again begin from pole position. Alongside him was Mohammed Al Dhaheri with Mohammed Al Mutawaa in close proximity from third. At the off, Sanad maintained his station, but was hounded all the way to the line.  The top three raced line astern and side by side, passing and re-passing and would cross the line together, separated by just over a second, with Sanad heading home Al Mutawaa and Al Dhaheri.  The fight for fourth was just as close and no less entertaining, Haytham Al Ali eventually fending off advances from Michel Karam, Atef Al Barwani and Patrick Jarjour.

Heat 3 matched the trend of the previous, Abdullah Al Rawahi converting his pole position into a crushing win, leading the field by over 8 seconds when he crossed the line and took the flag.  Behind him, Hussein Umid Ali was fighting hard for second place with Khalid Khalifa, Mohammed Al Dhaheri and Michel Karam. The National Circuit’s fast but short nature makes it easy for trains of karts to follow each other closely and, yet again, all top 4 karts crossed the line, parted by little over a second!

Without too much hesitation the 20 minute Final was underway and crowds were treated to a supremely close race.

Mohammed Al Mutawaa and Mohammed Al Dhaheri were in close proximity, and hounding.  Followed by Mohammed’s, Khalid Khalifa, Michel Karam, Haytham Al Ali, Atef Al Barwani, Patrick Jarjour and Hussein Umid Ali.

Patrick Jarjour innocently clipped the rear left of Mohammed Al Mutawaa at the first corner, sending Al Mutawaa into a spin and starting the mother of all come-back drives. At the head of field, Mohammed Al Dhaheri had made full use of the back-markers to close the gap to the Oman Karting team and the front three, soon found themselves with a 3 second lead. 

The final furlong was monstrously intense, and on the run to the flag, Mohammed just got a nose ahead of Sanad and took the victory. Sanad, focused on Mohammed didn’t realize Abdullah was alongside him and lost out to him also. Mohammed, finished 0.08 seconds ahead of Abdullah, and 0.52 seconds ahead of Sanad.

Next across the line would be Karam followed by Al Ali, Al Barwani, Jarjour, Al Mutawaa and Al Baloushi in quick succession.

As impressive as Al Dhaheri’s win was, Driver of the Day went deservingly to Mohammed Al Mutawaa whose inspired fight back from 21st place after he was forced into a spin on lap 2 earned the respect and plaudits from all concerned.

Result:                                                                 Best:                 Ga:

1st           Mohammed Al Dhaheri                     45.152s           19:51.932

2nd          Abdullah Al Rawahi                           45.063s           +0.08s

3rd           Sanad Al Rawahi                                45.265s           +0.52s

4th           Sheikh Khaild Al Nahyan                      45.310s            +4.43s

5th           Michel Karam                                             45.517s            +8.97s

6th           Haytham Al Ali                                        45.742s            +13.85s

7th           Atef Al Barwani                                    45.583s            +13.98

8th           Patrick Jarjour                                      45.531s            +14.62s

9th           Mohammed Al Mutawaa                      45.554s            +16.76s

10th         Hussein Umid Ali Al Baloushi           45.913s            +19.33s

11th         Harsh Rajpal                                  45.760s            +20.14s

12th         Saad Salman                               46.463s   39.83s                                              

13th         Basil Dahan                                          46.640s            + 1 lap

14th         Raymond Walsh                                   46.811s            + 1 lap

15th         Saleh Al Khouri                                    46.822s            + 1 lap

16th         Badr Al Suwaidi                                   47.283s            + 1 lap

17th         Fadi Bikawi                                          47.949s            + 1 lap

18th         Jonathan Mullan                                    47.484s            + 2 laps

19th         John Williem                                     48.082s            + 3 laps

20th        Sheikh Shakboot Al Nahyan                  46.944s            + 4 laps

21st         Thomas Buro                                        48.002s            + 4 laps

22nd         Mohammed Mazen                               52.182s            + 10 laps

23rd         Sultan Al Kindi                                       46.745s            + 13 laps

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