V8 Chevrolet Supercars Middle East receive major upgrades package for new season

V8 Chevrolet Supercars Middle East receive major upgrades package for new season

Bahrain International Circuit, ‘The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East’ and the organizers of the Chevrolet Supercars Middle East Championship, revealed today the 2010 Supercars technical specifications.

During this current off-season, a huge amount of development and testing has taken place to improve the reliability and durability of both the SC09 and SC06 cars for the 2010/2011 championship. The new developments were based on the feedback of drivers from the previous season, as well as the data gathered by championship officials throughout the year.
Several changes were implemented in both car categories, and the developments promise to add to the thrill and excitement to what is already the most popular motor racing series to come from the region. Changes to the elite SC09 Supercars included the engine, suspension, cooling, and wiring. Following is a detailed description of each of the alterations made:

ENGINE – The engine has been changed to the all-new GM LSX 376, which is a purpose-built, high-performance engine offering 50bhp more than the previous engine. Track testing has proved its reliability and performance.

SUSPENSION – The suspension has been re-designed with steel spherical joints replacing the rubber bushes of the previous model. This increases rigidity for more consistent suspension angles. The suspension track has also been increased 20mm on the front axle for greater stability, and adjustable anti-roll bars have been added for drivers to fine tune the car to their driving style.

COOLING – Higher capacity water/oil radiators combined with aerodynamically enhanced ducting has been installed. They provide a much higher cooling capacity over the previous model for lower operating temperatures and increased endurance.

WIRING – This year, the vehicle chassis loom has been completely re-designed, incorporating military standard connectors for bulkhead locations and a simplified all-in-one electrical centre for quick and simple fault finding.

Meanwhile, changes to the older SC06 cars cover the suspension, gearbox, in-car lap timing and braking. Following is a detailed description of each of the alterations made:

SUSPENSION – This year, the 06 class cars have received up-rated and lowered coil-over suspension units, as well as re-engineered suspension geometry. These give much improved handling and tire wear over the previous model and all suspension bushes have been replaced with up-rated urethane components for further handling enhancement.

GEARBOX – All gearboxes have been modified with new internal components to improve shift quality and durability. Incorporated with these modifications is a custom short shifter, which brings the shifting position much closer to the steering wheel for easier, more precise gear changes.
IN-CAR LAP TIMING – All SC06 cars now feature an in-car lap timer to allow the driver to see his best lap time and the time of the lap just completed during the course of a session. This is beneficial to the drivers as they may now analyze their own performance while competing.
BRAKING – Braided brake hoses with Teflon liners have been added to reduce pedal fade and improve driver braking feel.

Such are the major developments carried out on both the SC09 and SC06 challengers for the new season, as BIC gears up for yet another fantastic season in the Chevrolet Supercars Middle East Championship.